Monday, November 27, 2006


As the time gets nearer, this grandma is trying her hardest to explain to the youngest grandson that he will soon need to share his grandma with yet another. I told little man that I will need to share my kisses with the new baby when he gets here and do you know what he told me? Babies dont like kisses. lol. I also told him I will need to share all my grandma songs and my love and hugs and kisses and he said"oh no your gonna run out!" He crakes me up. Thats one of the things about grandkids or really even little kids in general. They will come up with the darnest things. Oh the things they say. Now the other day we were sitting on the couch and he was right on the edge, his knees bent up and he was holding his knees with both arms and he goes Im goning to fall grandma Im going to fall. Then all of a sudden he did he fell off. I laughed so hard while he of course was crying. Poor baby. So I said come here let grandma kiss it for you. to which he said no crying all the harder. After a few mins of crying I finally said are you coming up here? To which replied NO! I asked why and he said(wait for it) Why did you "push me off the couch?" What? What? I didnt push you you fell you silly goof! But he insisted I pushed him. I called my daughter after awhile to tell her about it and she said that figures he just did the same thing with his brother yesterday. He fell off the couch after pretending he was falling then blamed his brother. He told his mom that his brother had pushed him. Thing is she seen what had happened and she said ummmm no it didnt happen like that. But he insisted! Ah little childern learning to lie. Anyways We are tring to adjust to the new little bundle of joy to arrive soon and then I get to hear some more interesting facts that I never knew once he is old enough to talk.