Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just can't win!!!....update............ UGH!

UPDATE: I told you it was gonna is snowing here again. Dang it! I so wanted winter over. But see you brag too much about your nice weather and bam winter again. lol I checked the weather channel and we are only suppose to get about 1/2 inch to an inch so thats not to bad, I'm sure I can handle that!

You know time and time again things change. Change is good, well most of the time. This week Walker over at is talking about talking on cell phones while driving. I totally agree that people should keep their hands on the wheel and drive. That's what hands free devices were made for or Blue tooth. Get one of them if you have to talk on your phone while driving.
And there are many stupid laws out there like woman can't wear lipstick. (borrowed from Walker without permission)
So we all know there are plenty of stupid laws.
Mr Gab and I have been fighting the city for years.
It all started in 1975 when we bought this house. Our house is on a double lot on the corner.The city came to us shortly after we moved in. They wanted us to sell them one half of the lot so they could build another house. I told them no we bought this lot so we could add on to our house later on plus we liked the fact we didn't have neighbors sitting right on top of us. Well right away they got mad. They had thought they had a sucker and they were gonna make a bundle.
So first thing was any time we called 911 (like when a neighbor boy shot out my window of my car while my kids and I were sitting in it)They took their time showing up. When I had a small fire from our dryer and I called 911 it took almost 10 mins for them to arrive. Now mind you had this been a more serious fire where we would have lost everything I would have sued the damn city. The next thing was when we did want to add on to our house, everything we brought to them for approval was denied. Finally we cut down yet still made the house bigger and they approved it. Then when we wanted to add a garage Mr Gab went right to the city to find out how big we could go. They told him and he built a garage under the limits but it pissed them off because our garage is as big as our house. Next they complained of all the stuff we had in our back yard(well we really did have a lot) so they told us build a 6 foot privacy fence so no one could see anything in our back yard and we wouldn't have to worry. So we build a 6 foot privacy fence all the way around the back yard. What does the city do? Go aerial and now they are complaining about clean up your back yard. After we built the addition on the house we were still using the driveway in the front yard. They told us we couldn't use it. We said its a driveway it was there when we bought the house and we are gonna keep using it. So they "grandfathered" it in. Now they changed the variances and saying a driveway must be to a garage to be legal. So they want us to get rid of the driveway out front. They want us to return our yard to grass. I said that half of the yard was never grass it was a driveway from the day we bought this house and before. (yeah I'm stubborn and probably a little(alot)pig headed) But dang people get off our backs. What the heck ever happened to privacy? I mean really we aren't killing people or animals. We aren't selling illegal stuff. We are hurting no one yet they are constantly bugging us. Now they want to help us get a loan to improve our house. (didnt we do that when we put all new windows in and siding on)? Ok I agree we do need another bathroom in this house and if they are gonna give us a loan to use for improvment then we should get it right? It's one of those loans that they will give you for improvments and you dont need to pay it back as long as you live in th house. If you sell the house then you have to pay them back. Well, ok I can live with that. I believe that if there was 2 bathrooms in this house it might sell better. And it sure as heck can't hurt to have 2 while all 7 of us live here!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ahh Spring sweet spring

Here it is just the almost end of February, and people every where are getting slammed with snow, ice, sleet. And what do I have warm weather so warm I can open my windows during the day. 23* so far today. Heading up into the upper 30*. Ahh yessss! Opening windows airing out the house. After being closed up for a few months it is very nice indeed to open them up. And while I'm here enjoying fresh air in my house others are out there (east coast area) and bundling up against the elements. I'm sorry

Monday, February 25, 2008

I want boob reduction

Yes you read that right I want a boob reduction. I can hear all the men hissing and booing now, don't do it they are shouting at their computer. Even Mr Gab. I remember once time Mr Gab telling me anything more than a hand full is too much. Thing is Mr Gab has very large hands so to him its just right. But to me it's straps digging into my shoulders and pain. and now that they are starting to sag well.....let just say that small pert boobs are looking mighty good right now!
They say everything starts drifting south around the age of 50, and before mine drift too far I'd like to make em smaller.

Ok now for the bad news..........................................
I called the Dodge dealership and learned that what ever this thing is that's making my car not start will cost me 2 grand to fix! 2 grand? are ya kidding me?
I explained to her that when trying to start the car, the numbers flash(you know the mileage numbers)and then up comes something like no bus or no bu5. She explained that pretty much means that the engine computer isn't receiving any messages. Which means it doesn't receive the message to start! The engine turns over it just don't catch! Because the engine isn't receiving the message to start. Well now let's see 2 grand to fix the Durango or 2 grand to have a boob job? Which do you think I should spend the money on if I had it?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yes Virginia bad things do come in 3's

Well, let me tell ya the last 24 hours have been literally hell. I really don't have a photo for this sat's photo hunt so I won't be doing that. But instead let me tell ya what has been going on in the last 24 hours. Now you know our house was in foreclosure, and we spent over 4,000 to get it out of foreclosure. Ok so bad thing #1 right?

It all started out daughter was planning to go out of town yesterday. Her flight got canceled. But after some calling and what nots she was scheduled to be outta here this morning. Ok not my fault right? right! She made arraignments for 3 of her 4 boys to be gone leaving me the second oldest. Well that to was ok. SO she left last night to spend some time with friends and Aj wanted to go out and eat.

Soooo I took him out to eat. First mistake was thinking we could get into Red Lobster on a friday night. So when we found the wait was toooooo long we took off to find another place to eat. We ended up at Perkins (big difference huh?) and had the worse ever food. I complained but manager did nothing but look at me like I was a growth he was afraid to touch.
After dinner we headed home.
I walked in took off my jacket and geeeee it seemed really cold in the house. Oh wait I had the oven on because I made Banana bread. SO I sat down messed around on computer and then woke up Mr Gab. Geee it still seemed really cold which I told Mr Gab while he was shaving to get ready for work. I walked out to where our thermostat is and looked at it. It said 64* brrrrrrr.
SO I tell Mr Gab. He comes out and looks at it and says do we have a new battery? SO I grab a new battery. Heard the furnace kick on and some warm air and whoo-hoo I was happy............until
Mr Gab got done with his shower and went straight into the basement without putting more clothes on. Time ticked by and all of a sudden I thought gee he's been down there a long time and its the time he usually leaves for work and he's not dressed yet. So I Begin to worry a little and I got up and went to basement door to check on him.
I yell down the steps to make sure he's ok. He answers but then he goes hun you need to call the repair people to come fix the furnace tonight!!!!!
Tonight I say do you realise its after 9 pm and your leaving for work? Yes he says and it has to be tonight so the water pipes dont freeze and break.
SO I go and call # 1 ....which is CenterPoint Energy. They used to be minnegasco. I tell them I need my furnace fixed. They tell me We can't send anyone until tomorrow. Ummmm tomorrow is to late I need some one tonight. Call # 2 ..... a company listed in book in our neighborhood. Can you come tonight I ask. No sorry we don't come out after 9pm. huh? Are you kidding me?
Call # 3... another close in neighborhood but says they work 24 hours. Yes they can come out what kind of furnace is it? I say Whirlpool. They say sorry we don't work on those.
Call #4... Ok In not sure where they were listed but I called because they advertised 24 hrs all metro neighborhoods. YES they can come out tonight and yes they work on all brands......
but..............cost just to come to house was $109.00. then what ever parts cost. I say ok I gotta have it fixed .
So 11 pm guy comes looks at furnace and then says part will cost me $199.00 I say ok I gotta have it.
SO by 12:30 am I owe the guy $308.00. And I really don't have the money to cover it but some how I will find it I say before you deposit the check (after all I just paid for house remember?) Bad thing # 2

Now today ...........................
I get up early. I want to go out to see both of my sisters, my dad, my girlfriend from high school and our youngest son and his boys because I missed the youngest one's birthday (bad grandma)
And My one sister went to work at 12:30 pm so I had to really cram time. SO I got up took a shower got dressed and got Aj up. Then, Mr Gab got home so I kissed him good bye told him to have a nice sleep house will be quiet, set his alarm and off Aj and I went.
We stopped at sister number 1 who is handicapped. I spent about 1/2 hr with her.
Drove up to sister number 2. Now here is where it gets funny and I played a joke. I have been telling sister number 2 I was coming up several weekends in a row only to have been to tired to sick or whatever, and I cant make it much to my niece's disappointment. I wanted to go up when both my nephews were home being in collage and only home every so often and the other just busy working and being a teen. I would tell my sister I was coming then the day I was to come I'd call and say not this time. (my poor niece would get all excited then boom!)
So yesterday I call and say I'm coming up tomorrow. Ok its planned once again. Then this morning when I'm on my way to sister number 1's house I call sister number 2 to make sure she's up and my niece answers the phone. NOW MIND YOU I ALREADY CAN HEAR THE DISAPPOINTMENT IN HER VOICE WHEN SHE HEARS IT'S ME CALLING!
So I say to my sister she thinks I'm not coming again doesn't she and she says yes. I say well I am on my way but don't tell her lets surprise her. (aren't I a stinker?)
SO my sister agrees not to let her know I'm on my way she will play along. We hang up. While I go on to sister number 1's house sister number 2 is telling her daughter that auntie Gab might not make it. And niece replies So what else is new? lol
I get done with sister number 1 and call back sister number 2 and see how our little plan is working and she says she thinks your not coming. I say great cant wait to see her face.
SO I drive up get out go in and niece is totally surprised. So I spend about 2 1/2 hrs with sister, niece and her brother(not one from collage) we had a great time and I loved being a stinker! SO I head out to my dad's. But........................
here it come folks the dreaded number 3.
I'm stopped at a red changes I step on gas car dies. After a few tries I get it started.
I go to my dad's spend about an hour there then head to my high school girlfriends apartment.
I got there and why oh why I shut off the car I'll never know I can't get it started at all.
SO I call Mr Gab, then I call youngest son. And then my battery goes dead on my cell...OH AND THAT"S A LAUGH IN IT SELF! I was plugging my power charger cord into the one that you would use while you were driving not realising that I need the cigarette lighter spot to actually charge my phone. dumb dumb dumb and dang it I'm not blond! LOL
Well youngest son gets there and we are talking and I say oh yeah dad says to try turning the key over. SO he tries one side...won't start turns key over and what do you know it starts. SO I mark the side so I make sure I knwo which side to put in........but nothing is ever that easy. We all go out to a very late lunch. Talk laugh and eat. Then we go out and I take my girlfriend home and we head to where Mr Gab is working as I'm bringing him some lucnh too. Now mind you we get there and then I say ok lets go shopping for grandson's late birthday present. SO we get out to car....................................and guess what? it doesnt start!
SO I look at the key and yes its the mark so I flip the key over........but no still doesnt start. SO youngest son goes and gets his dad and Mr Gab comes out and he tries it. Still doesnt start. SO He takes his key out and tries it.......................and it starts. SO he tries mine again and it starts.
But Mr Gab now doesnt want me to be stranded up there so he says go on home and we will worry about grandson's birthday later. SO I start for home...with Mr Gab's key just in case. I only had a few minor non running incedents coming home but dang people enough is enough.
and how was your weekend?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hello again

Thanks to all who left a comment in my last blog who expressed that they would miss me and to not just give up. Because of you all I felt that after a small break I could come back and write more. See what you did? Now you asked for

So ok I took a small break. A really small break, but I'm back....sorta.
I came back to let you know house is not in foreclosure any more. Our daughter paid back the money she owed my dad and well I borrowed it from my dad. That with some extra money we had from trying to get caught up we paid our mortgage. to figure out where to get March's payment! lol
Mr Gab is hoping that trucking will pick up again. If not his plans are to keep working at the station, and get his eyes done. Lazar surgery. Then once he is back to work we will move on to a trucking company for over the road. He will be gone again but at least we will make enough to pay the mortgage on time. and maybe even pay other bills. lol
I'm not looking forward to it but, it will work out ok. I don't mind his being gone, its the worry about him driving on ice, getting in an accident all which can happen here even now just that he will be in a rig.
I went to the doc's again and He put me back on the steroids plus another pill. Now this new pill is kinda neat in one way, I only have to take them once a week. Did you catch that? Them?
I have to take 8 pills one day a week. At least they are small pills. So my arthritis is actually not doing so back....well except for today where I did some cleaning and dishes and other stuff (in other words I did to much all at once) But I'm feeling a whole lot better. And if you are all good and really want me to write more I will.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Saying Good bye

As most of you noticed I haven't been blogging much lately. My time is really spread thin here now that little man is walking. The other boys are also busy with different things and Mr Gab is working overnights when he does work. I have been trying to go through stuff to get rid of so that I can get my dream of moving to FL closer. As I go back and forth to the Doctors for this ache and that pain, I begin to realise that my life isn't streached out in front of me anymore. No Im not saying Im giving up but dang people I am getting old. I want to do some traveling before it gets too much harder for me to get around. I also just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it. That includes blogging. Of course my original blog that was lost in cyber space, I had many readers. Now I have a scattered few loyal people who stop by every now and again. So it seems that Im wasting my time writing for??? naught as my dad would say. This week we got a forecloseure notice that they started proceedings of foreclosure. We've had this house for 33 years and yes it should have been paid for by now. And yes this is the house I "hate". But even so I dont want to loose it to forclosure. I do have some semintaila feelings for this house after all it's where 2 of my kids were born (well not in the house but you know what I mean)and we raised all 3 of them. This house is also where the four grandkids have lived the most. The oldest two were born here and then they came to SD with us. And when we came back to care for my dad they came back here. So this is home for them as well. So I really dont care to just loose the house. SO Im saying good bye. I may jump in on saturdays to do the photo hunt, bust for now this is the end. Love to all.

gab has left the building

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Be Mine Teddy 1 Chocolate Valentine Be Mine Cupid Chocolate Valentine


Sunday, February 10, 2008

going crazy

I always go crazy in the years we have elections. Be it either goverment or presidential I get nuts.
I think one of the reasons why it drives me crazy is to see all the money these people use to campagine for themselfs. I on the other hand think the money should be used for something more important like finding a cure for cancer or something.
Then I sit and wonder why is it England has a King and Queen for years and years and we on the other hand elect a new President ever four to eight years. You'd think that we would settle with one for a little longer than four years after all when a new person comes in they either have to clean up a mess from the previous President or finish a job started by the previous President. Now if we were like England somewhat and left our Presidents in office for more that 8 years at a time maybe then something would get finished. As it is its like saying yeah ok we made a mistake lets try again. only to find out maybe this is a worse choice.
Dont get me wrong please Im just voiceing my opinion be it right or wrong. Like I said I go crazy this time of year. All the stupid ads on tv, heck Im even getting E-mails from canidates telling me why I should vote for them. Even my tv has a survey on what I believe is important then they match me up to the canidate that believes as I do.
And dont get me started on those coming to my front door or all the stuff in my mailbox! I see where all their money goes .....right into my garbage can!

Saturday, February 09, 2008


I was going to skip this week's photo hunt because I couldn't for the life of me find anything in my collection that would be considered heavy. Then low and behold my grandson(who's 11) asked if he could use my camera and take a picture. I said sure fully thinking he was going to take a picture of his baby brother doing something cute. But no he came back with this picture of our TV. He said you can use this for heavy. I said yes I can. Because if you ever tried to lift this thing by yourself you'd probably rupture something. HONEST this TV is heavy! When Mr Gab brought it home he struggled under the weight until our daughter grabbed a corner and helped. Once we got it in the TV stand Mr Gab said it wasnt going to be moved again until it died! (oooh I just looked at that picture and my is my tv dusty!)LOL

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Having one of those days

Do you ever have one of those days where you wish you could crawl back into bed and start the day over? Or maybe just forget the day ever happened? Pull the covers over you head and pretend you've been there all day long?
Well thats kinda like what my day was today. 1st I started out a 5:59am with a migraine headache. I managed to get back to sleep and by the time I woke again at 8:30 am my headache was a dull roar. I'm taking a new med for heartburn and some how I'm thinking this is one of the reasons why Im getting headaches again.(I also had one Sunday morning but it didnt go away as fast as todays did).
One of my favorite writers passed away back in Dec, but I'm just learning about it now.
Now maybe thats not interesting to you,but it's one of the reasons why I started to blog. I'm not a writer by no means and I have never had anything published(except here on the blog).
But he inspired me to talk about past times and memories as kind of a theraputic measure to help me over come some trouble childhood problems.
He told me that even if no one ever read what I worte I could get my feelings out and maybe understand why I felt a certain way about stuff, and why I had difficulties accepting stuff.
Then we had made plans yesterday to go out to my sister's this afternoon. But Mr Gab worked the overnight shift and just couldnt get to sleep right away so by the time we were suppose to go he was snoring away and I just couldnt wake him.
We also have had enquiries about selling the house in SD. Now here it gets sticky. I want to sell cause I want to move to FL. But I love that house and I truely feel at home there. Like Ive said before I've never felt at home in MN even though I was born and raised here. And every time we go back to check things out I cry when we gotta leave. That upsets me that much. So yes I want to sell for the right price of course...and that is another thing that is bothering me. The realtor over there says our garage is worth 20,000 and the land is worth only 10,000 for a total of 30,000. WHAT???????? We bought that place 10 years ago @ 22,500. just because the house isnt in the best shape should it not be worth more than that? In fact the realtor said that farm land is going @ about 2,700 an acre so why would land in town be so cheap? My house sets on 2 acres of land in town!yeah yeah I know when you put it that way 2,700 x's 2 is less than 10,000.
See why I have a headache?
Then on top of all this we are being sued again. Non payment of a bill. It's not that we dont want to pay it its just we cant. So what are we going to do? Call they people and make monthly arraingments again. This ssame place sues us at least once a year. Now what I dont under stand is why go through all the trouble of getting a court order. when they know they are going to set up new payment plan with us? Why cant they call and set it up with out going to court? We always comply, and make the payments but they set them up for only a year at a time and then sue us again! To me thats a waste of money and of course you know who gets charged for that? WE DO! ahh crap! Enough bitchin from me. Hope you week is going well.

now that your done reading about me bitching please jump over and read Robin's life. The link is over there on the right under Robin. I wrote this one in great honor to my cuz!

Monday, February 04, 2008


This is so true in many cases....although I know there are lots of women out there who love to cook.....but then again...........................
Top one is so damn true most woman everywhere just dont want to admit their age. Now I on the other hand will gladly tell you my correct age. Im 21!
Now the bottom picture is very true and myself having them since I was in my 40's (Whoops I just lied about my age) I perfer to believe that I'm on permitante vacation.

Yes this is so true and now that they say chocolate is good for you give me more!

Well this is true in some cases like if you married a man with lots of me for example Mr Gab doesn't have the money I do, And Im what you'd call a tight wad when it comes to spending my money! In fact when Mr Gab and I were married who do you think paid for the lisence? Not Mr Gab. (back then it was only $10.00 and I thought he was at least worth that much!)
So there ya have it guys the best way to understand woman! (and if you believe this I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell ya) HA HA HA HA HA
(now if you find spelling errors its because my spell check on top of this here post isnt working I dont know why but it just aint) (dontch love my english?)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Photo Hunt Sat - Narrow

This is my narrow garden. I have a larger one thats about 5 times bigger, but I heard these flowers grow any place so I planted them along side the garage. and believe me its a narrow spot. It actually looks bigger than it is in this picture.