Monday, February 04, 2008


This is so true in many cases....although I know there are lots of women out there who love to cook.....but then again...........................
Top one is so damn true most woman everywhere just dont want to admit their age. Now I on the other hand will gladly tell you my correct age. Im 21!
Now the bottom picture is very true and myself having them since I was in my 40's (Whoops I just lied about my age) I perfer to believe that I'm on permitante vacation.

Yes this is so true and now that they say chocolate is good for you give me more!

Well this is true in some cases like if you married a man with lots of me for example Mr Gab doesn't have the money I do, And Im what you'd call a tight wad when it comes to spending my money! In fact when Mr Gab and I were married who do you think paid for the lisence? Not Mr Gab. (back then it was only $10.00 and I thought he was at least worth that much!)
So there ya have it guys the best way to understand woman! (and if you believe this I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell ya) HA HA HA HA HA
(now if you find spelling errors its because my spell check on top of this here post isnt working I dont know why but it just aint) (dontch love my english?)


barman said...

They also refer to those vacations as mini power surges. I like the 34.99 sign, to funny. Hey you know in every relationship there needs to be someone that holds the purse strings and someone that is trying to spend the money. Sounds like you two work out just fine. And what a bargain for just $10.

Walker said...

21, you look younger :)
I say I am alot older when I am around younger women.
I also say I have 40 million dollars in the bank LOL

Little Wing said...

LOL, Gab, that Brooklyn bridge isn't there anymore they moved it!!!!
To California, Honest!