Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Having one of those days

Do you ever have one of those days where you wish you could crawl back into bed and start the day over? Or maybe just forget the day ever happened? Pull the covers over you head and pretend you've been there all day long?
Well thats kinda like what my day was today. 1st I started out a 5:59am with a migraine headache. I managed to get back to sleep and by the time I woke again at 8:30 am my headache was a dull roar. I'm taking a new med for heartburn and some how I'm thinking this is one of the reasons why Im getting headaches again.(I also had one Sunday morning but it didnt go away as fast as todays did).
One of my favorite writers passed away back in Dec, but I'm just learning about it now.
Now maybe thats not interesting to you,but it's one of the reasons why I started to blog. I'm not a writer by no means and I have never had anything published(except here on the blog).
But he inspired me to talk about past times and memories as kind of a theraputic measure to help me over come some trouble childhood problems.
He told me that even if no one ever read what I worte I could get my feelings out and maybe understand why I felt a certain way about stuff, and why I had difficulties accepting stuff.
Then we had made plans yesterday to go out to my sister's this afternoon. But Mr Gab worked the overnight shift and just couldnt get to sleep right away so by the time we were suppose to go he was snoring away and I just couldnt wake him.
We also have had enquiries about selling the house in SD. Now here it gets sticky. I want to sell cause I want to move to FL. But I love that house and I truely feel at home there. Like Ive said before I've never felt at home in MN even though I was born and raised here. And every time we go back to check things out I cry when we gotta leave. That upsets me that much. So yes I want to sell for the right price of course...and that is another thing that is bothering me. The realtor over there says our garage is worth 20,000 and the land is worth only 10,000 for a total of 30,000. WHAT???????? We bought that place 10 years ago @ 22,500. just because the house isnt in the best shape should it not be worth more than that? In fact the realtor said that farm land is going @ about 2,700 an acre so why would land in town be so cheap? My house sets on 2 acres of land in town!yeah yeah I know when you put it that way 2,700 x's 2 is less than 10,000.
See why I have a headache?
Then on top of all this we are being sued again. Non payment of a bill. It's not that we dont want to pay it its just we cant. So what are we going to do? Call they people and make monthly arraingments again. This ssame place sues us at least once a year. Now what I dont under stand is why go through all the trouble of getting a court order. when they know they are going to set up new payment plan with us? Why cant they call and set it up with out going to court? We always comply, and make the payments but they set them up for only a year at a time and then sue us again! To me thats a waste of money and of course you know who gets charged for that? WE DO! ahh crap! Enough bitchin from me. Hope you week is going well.

now that your done reading about me bitching please jump over and read Robin's life. The link is over there on the right under Robin. I wrote this one in great honor to my cuz!

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Walker said...

I have a few. some turned into years.

I hope you get the house sold for a decent amount and you cant move to Florida :)