Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Well I went to the doctor's today for my MRI of my neck.....after wards the tech told me she had great pictures for the doctor to check out and he will get in touch with me in about 2 days.
Next week on Friday I am not looking forwards to that appointment at all. They will be sticking electrodes on my fingers and toes on my left side and then putting a needle into my muscles to give me little shocks to see how much I can feel. See last week at my Doctors appointment I had a follow up with another doctor and she was sticking my feet with a needle well right side I felt most of the time left side not so much! In fact about 1 in every 50 pokes I sorta felt. Sometimes I knew she was poking me but it didn't feel sharp when it should have. it will  tell them one way or the other if Ive damaged nerves or pinched
Either way just not looking forwards to it

Friday, April 05, 2013


Well it looks like Walker! Except he's all white! I guess thats what happens when there is too much snow? HEY WALKER WHAT HAPPENED?

Thursday, April 04, 2013

I've been..................

Loosing weight! Yay me! growing my nails! Yay me! and finally following Doctors orders........(not gonna toot my horn here lol cause it's something I should do period!)

Ok Lets start with the weight loss.
So remember way back several months ago I had a bad headache and went to ER? And I was very dehydrated? And I had bladder and kidney infection? And I was told I had to drink water? YUCK WATER!

Yeah that's was my feelings back then Yuck water.....I hate water! really and truly. And for me it was almost like gagging when I did have to drink some. I would take the smallest of sips and when no one was looking dump the rest out and say ok I drank it. (yes I would) But with the threat of a hospital stay hanging over me if I didn't drink water for real and lots of it I had to some how force my self to actually drink water. People say to me well just add a lemon or lime to it and give it flavor. BUT PEOPLE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND I DON'T LIKE LEMONS OR LIMES EITHER!
So I got home from ER and I got a glass of Ice water and started with small sips and kept drinking smalls sips till I realized the glass was empty. So I got up refilled the glass and kept taking small sips. Now I did this for several days in a row till it all of a sudden became a HABIT! 1 glass of ice water with small sips turned into several glasses of ice water all with small sips. Some how I told myself a small sip isn't very big and I can get by it. When we went out to eat I only got Ice water. I used a straw and it was still like small sips and low and behold I'm drinking water all the time. And while I'm drinking this water I'm not drinking the pop. At first I had just 1 bottle of pop that would last me all day in between these sips. Then it was soon I opened a bottle of pop and I would drink some and that bottle sat there and all of a sudden it would take me two days to finish it. then three days to drink it. Now I have a bottle that has been sitting here a MONTH and I haven't even wanted to open it. not even in the littlest way have I wanted it. instead I reach for my glass of Ice water!!!! That folks is part 1 of my weight loss!
Now part 2:
I can't exercise! not at all. Why you say....well because of the car accident I cant stand or sit long enough to do any exercise. and when I do what they gave me in PT I end up hurting myself even more so they told me to Stop! that's where the pain pills came in....they wanted me to take them while doing PT and I did but then I over did it because I didn't feel the pain but couple hours later when pills wore off I did and couldn't move at all! Poor hubby would have to pull me up outta chair and drag me to the bathroom undress me help me get on the toilet and redress and drag me back to my chair or to bed and either push me into one or other said before item (chair or bed) and it got so bad for him that he hurt himself and he said NO MORE! So PT stopped and the only exercise I get is walking from bedroom to living room to bathroom and back again each day. and of course Doctors appointments and a few dinner dates out. Which I had a couple BAD experience's there so it got harder to get me to even go out! Well I had read and listened to all they people who talk about how your suppose to loose weight and 2 things stuck in my head. 1 was eat less and 1 was as soon as you start feeling full stop eating. So ok I can do that all by my self I dont have to go to weight watchers to do it. I dont have to buy special food I just watch wand listen to my body.
So I tried it. I had some spaghetti here at home. I took a normal sized plate and I put a scoop full on like I normally did and sat down to eat. But as soon as I started to feel my stomach get full and uncomfortable I gave my plate to my oldest grandson and said take it to the kitchen and leave it on the counter. He said dont you want it? I said no not right now I dont feel very good my tummy hurts. Well yes in a way it did but not really like sick sick. he says ok if I have it? Im like sure. (he hadnt gotten a plate yet so instead of getting a new plate and more food he finished mine)
Ok that was a start I felt full and my stomach felt uncomfortable! Now before I always had thought it was gas or some thing that made me feel uncomfortable, but I think now it was a way of my stomach saying really your gonna put more food here where am I suppose to put it? and then it grew! So I got to a restaurant and order a meal and I eat some till I get the full feeling and I say I need a take home box. I usually never get to eat the stuff I bring home.......either hubby eats it or grandson eats it! I DON'T CARE REALLY AS LONG AS I'M NOT EATING IT! I now hate going to a buffet because its a total waste of money I get 1 plate full and I cant even finish eating that and they wont let you take even that home so I try to avoid those kinds of restaurants now.
I will now find some carrot sticks or some fruit to have as a snack if I do get hungry in between meals but it rarely happens now that Im drinking more water Im usually not hungry between meals like before. AND We arent eating just before bed any more either.
So with all that said Im loosing weight! it was a big surprise the first time I was at the doctors and found out I had actually lost some weight But I had my suspicions. mainly because my pants were falling off me!
as for my nails well getting them done as one of the things hubby forced me to do to get out of the house they have finally grown out and Im not biting them. I still put them up there like Im gonna so its good thing they are   acrlic on top other wise I might have them down to nubs again my now with all the stress that we've had in between getting out truck and my Durango falling apart.
Now first off I have to tell you the truck is a 2003 so its already 10 yrs old. it dont look 10 yrs old inside or out it was kept that nice let me tell you. Yes we got a carfax on it so we know there was NO REPORTED accidents with it. and it was UNDER $10,000!!! Oh yeah under baby under. and we took all of my rent money after we paid taxes and we took Mr Gab's bonus from work and put down on it. But first we had to see if we would qualify for a loan to buy it even with our down. They did finance us. which was a super big surprise. So we put our money down and we have 3 yrs of payments of 188.00 a month. it works out to just 9,999 total then with finance charge but we had to finance the last 3,000 of the truck we just couldnt pull together the rest of the money. And Mr Gab wanted that truck so badly he said ok. NOW WE CAN PULL OUR TRAILER!  and that folks was the biggest problem we had with the Durango it wouldnt pull the trailer!   Yes I am a little worried about the fuel expense but again gas is just as high so no matter if Im  driving an F150 using gas or our F350 using diesel its gonna cost us an arm and leg. But we're gonna be comfortable!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

How in the hell do these fools

I watch Duck Dynasty once......that's as much stupid as I wanna be!
How in the hell do these fools run a business? I sure in the hell wouldn't buy from them! They claim the show isn't scripted, if that's true these people are really stupid. and I don't even want to think of doing business with them.

YOU GOTTA ACT (or really be that stupid) to run a company and make a million dollars!

I don't know but let me tell you something. If I owned a million dollar company and they put me on TV and I acted that stupid and foolish I'd be afraid people would stop buying from me. I mean really. I wouldn't want to show my face any where in public after acting like that on TV.

So I'm guessing the TV station is paying them big bucks to act that stupid. If that's the case hire me I can be stupid too.

I can't understand

What makes a person go back to a person they know has done bad things before? Just because they say they have changed? Well ok some do change But honestly to put your whole life into their hands to claim to love them and possibly want to marry them after all the dirty crap they have done to you? NO NO NO!!
AND BIG SURPRISE he does it again.....................Leopards cant change their spots and he wont change either.
Now your life is in the crapper and you have to dig from the bottom again and this time its not only you your pulling up from that bottom it you and four more.
And of course we sat here telling you no dont do it. but of course you didnt listen and now your crying on our shoulders and the stress is hurting both of us and you. Some times I know you gotta let them fall and pick themselves up and fall again BUT GOOD GOD SAME PERSON? again and again? Sigh.....................I need a vacation