Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Well I went to the doctor's today for my MRI of my neck.....after wards the tech told me she had great pictures for the doctor to check out and he will get in touch with me in about 2 days.
Next week on Friday I am not looking forwards to that appointment at all. They will be sticking electrodes on my fingers and toes on my left side and then putting a needle into my muscles to give me little shocks to see how much I can feel. See last week at my Doctors appointment I had a follow up with another doctor and she was sticking my feet with a needle well right side I felt most of the time left side not so much! In fact about 1 in every 50 pokes I sorta felt. Sometimes I knew she was poking me but it didn't feel sharp when it should have. it will  tell them one way or the other if Ive damaged nerves or pinched
Either way just not looking forwards to it

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