Saturday, March 26, 2011


Our granddaughter is girl in the middle

Sunday, March 06, 2011

What ever happened to

going out to a dance to meet a person of interest? why are all these people using Internet dating? I myself did my searching the hard way! I was walking down the street where I grew up on and at the house where I babysat a couple of little girls there was a guy standing on the ladder scrapping off paint. SO I GAVE HIM A WOLF WHISTLE. You know the kind that men usually do to sexy ladies walking by. And when Mr Gab (well he wasn't mr gab then) turned around I said not you shipwreak the tree.(yeah I know not very nice right?) Then we would laugh our ass off, at our cute little private joke. In reality he was very good looking(or at least I thought so) and after awhile he came down off that ladder to talk to us. Well my girlfriend only stayed like 5 mins and then she said she had to wash her hair. Ok so now Im all alone with him(sitting on the grass in my front yard out in the open) and we talked for about 3 hrs. I learned alot about him(he was the brother of the father of the girls I babysat for)I also learned he was leaving for the army that week. When he did leave I wrote to him but he never responded. When I asked his sister-in law if she knew why he wouldn't answer me she said because he thinks I called him a Sh*t Brick. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants where did he get that from? SHIP WREAK and SH*T BRICK don't sound even close. So for 2 years I went about not dating anyone. Then Mr Gab came back from the army and the first chance he had he called me up and told me to come on over to his brothers house. Ok so this is like in Jan. COLD. so I bundle up trudge across the street. and these fools steal my jacket and throw me down on his lap where he wraps his arms around me and tells me hes not letting me go till I agree to go out with him. and there you have it we met under normal instances not Internet dating.
OH but I haven't told you why I even brought this up..............
Its so funny................ I can hardly keep from laughing now as it is...........
So Ok my daughter known to many as NY3Boys, decided to try Internet dating.
and I guess so did our oldest son. And she was here at the house and she decided to see if they had recommend someone for her....................................and yes they did................HER OLDER BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG are you serious? laughing my butt off falling off the chair..............
and then guess what? they sent same information to her brother and he like showed up and said your not going to believe this.......BUT OH WE DO WE DO LOL. He couldn't believe it they had both filled out their information like 2 days apart and the Internet dating place matched them up as a good couple. I was like cant they see you have the same last name? Daughter was like no mom we don't put last names right away just first names and email address. Our son was like when I seen ny3boys I thought gee that's sounds familiar. SO guess what they did next? they both went to another dating site filled out their information and gee guess what? they were matched there too as good matches for each other! yeah brother and sister gonna get right on that. SO I think they should both forget Internet dating and go look on their own. Like their dad and I did