Monday, February 25, 2013


I am a real person!
I have real feelings!
I cry!
I Bleed when cut!
I eat I breath air I get dressed most every day.
How dare you treat me like shit
How dare you think you can walk all over me.
I will not stand for it
I will not lay down and take it
I will however tell you this:

The next time your in a jam DONT CALL ME! I wont be there
The next time you need money DONT ASK ME! I'll be broke every single time.
Next time you just need a friend or shoulder to lean or cry on DONT LOOK FOR MINE it wont be there!

Yes I am being a bitch I learned from the best wanna know who?  GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I think we are almost to the end of raising another child

Our oldest grandson is 17 already. He will be 18 this Nov. He also has one more year of school left. Today he took his written drivers test and passed. Part one done and down the drain. We are almost done raising another child. We have had him pretty much since he was a baby. We are pretty much his parents as his grandparents. And now he can start driving. Behind the wheel of a real car. OMG my oldest grandson is now old enough to drive! waaaaah. I feel very old right now.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Well it does matter to someone

The lies, the back stabbing, the stealing all of it matters to someone. They may never say so, but it does. And the worst part is when its your own family doing it. AH yes family. They are the worst in doing things to hurt others.
I've learned with my own children just to let it go because no matter how many times you say anything to them they will deny it PLUS then they will go home and talk behind your back bad shit about you and say oh your crazy and shit like that. Sisters and brothers do it too.
I always wonder about these families who spend so much time going to church how they all feel when it them who lie? or steal? How do they justify it? to them selves? to god? to the ones they do it too? The voice of experience tells me its gotta hurt like hell either way whether your the one doing it to another or the one who its being done too.
It's too bad they can't just come forward say I'm sorry lets fix this. But nope most times it splits them apart to where most of them never talk to them again! Then when they pass they stand there saying shit like oh I wish we had the chance to make it up I so missed them! DO IT NOW STUPID!!!!!  Dont wait till its too late,  FIX IT NOW. because it someone....................and they probably are it's up to you to fix it...fix it now....................

Saturday, February 02, 2013


Well, its been a few days. I've had a few things going on. Back at the beginning of Jan (very first weekend in fact) I had to go to the ER. I knew I had a bladder infection but got a shock to learn I also had kidney infection. After I took all my meds I was have several great days so great I actually was able to stand up and do dishes a couple of times. Then we went out one night for dinner just the two of us and during dinner I needed to go to the restroom so I started to get up and go and BOOM I fell flat on the floor. and it take several tries to get me up. I then wobble my way to the restroom go and start back but cant walk all the way to our table. I'm in such bad pain......I thought kidneys because that seemed to be where the pain was. So we go home drop off groceries and find grandson and go to ER again. THIS IS NOT HOW I WANT TO START OUT MY NEW YEAR! They did urine, blood tests and then a CT. all came back ok, the Doctor on call told me it was spasms. And they were caused by me when I over did the days I felt good. So he gave me some pain pills and sent me off home. When I was in ER they gave me Morphine to take the edge off the pain so that they could do the tests. Well it made me goofy and really yucky. I went to bed fell asleep only to wake up and run to the bathroom to be very sick. I was up rest of the night sick. Then I slept the rest of the day. and most of the next night. They wanted me to go see my own doctor 3 days after I had been in ER and I said well that's good cause I had an appointment that Friday morning. Well Friday morning came and I went into see my doctor. and WOW I had some more surprises in store for me. First they weighed me, I never look so I didn't see what it was. SO when my doctor started to questioning me over it I was like WHAT? are you sure? So when I was done with my exam we redid my weight and YES she was right I went from about 242 down to 213! Now while that doesn't seem like a lot to you for me it is. I can't exercise like everyone else can, I 'm not really mobile at all so to actually loose weight well that is great. The other thing that was a super big SURPRISE was my blood pressure. it had been in the 100's both top and bottom numbers sometimes the top number hitting over 200's. well Friday she noted that all three of my visits were normal not high at all. YES!!!! I finally am doing stuff right. SO I AM VERY HAPPY. I will keep eating the good stuff I have been cutting way back on the sweets (I pretty much stopped eating donuts) I am drinking only one can of soda a day and hoping to stop all together. AND I'm drinking more water than ever before.