Saturday, April 10, 2010


I borrowed this from VE although I made a few changes. To me this Black Ribbon means death. I have just suffered through my dad's passing. Only to learn that my big bro may be next. He is very sick.
So while I am still adjusting to my dad no longer being with us, Im preparing myself just in case.
It seems really strange that I now can no longer call either of my parents. But in exchange for picking up the phone dialing and talking to them I just open my mouth and talk, just praying they are listening to me.
We all have questions why of course. We all know he was old as he had just turned 91. But he was a tough old bird and never let anything get to him. This man is one who would eat garlic (the whole clove) and rub vicks on his head in hopes of regrowing his hair, and keeping busy even though it was getting harder to walk. He has a brother in South Dakota who is 101. I was positive that dad would live that long as well. He would never let this brother out do him in anything.
That is one reason its so hard to believe he gave up.
But I console myself knowing that he is finally with mom. And maybe just maybe he finally got to meet his dad who died when my dad was only a year old.
R.I.P. Dad
I love you and will miss you very much. I hope you and mom are now up there watching over the rest of us till we get there as well.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Sad Day

Last night every 2 hrs I was up giving my dad his meds. @ 9:30 am when Mr. Gab got home from a doctors appointment, I asked him to keep an eye on my dad so I could grab a nap. I had been asleep about 10 mins when Mr Gab woke me to tell me my dad had passed. So dear blogger friends I will not be posting for a few days.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

short but not necessarily sweet

First the good note: HAPPY EASTER

Now the not so good note:
This one is short its one I don't necessarily want to write either.
My dad is dying. Here in my home.
my dad is 91 so he has had a good long life.
yet I don't want him to go.
I love my dad despite all the things "bad" that hes done to me.
He has made me strong. He has made me a fighter. He has given me a soft heart. And he has in his own way given me love.
Dad showed me how to be a carpenter I can go out and hit the nail on the head and not my fingers although I have done that time to time
dad tried to show me how to work on cars so I could fix my own......I can change a tire, check the oil and add if needed but thats about it now since most cars now a days have computer chips in them.
Dad showed me what the value of old things could be if kept nice Dont throw nothing away.
Dad taught me to drive and eat a piece of fried chicken with out ending up in a ditch or hitting someone else. (i'll tell you that story later)
dad is dad! everyone has one somewhere. Either in their lives or not they do have a dad. And its a possiblity their dad has passed too.
In my head I know its time. But in heart I want my daddy to stay a while longer.