Friday, June 21, 2013

Ok waiting for number 3

Well you know the old saying bad things come in 3's? We my last post was about our friend who was also our oldest son's god mother. Well Today was my aunt's funeral. She was only my aunt by marriage.. She married my mom's brother Charles.
She had MS. And she fought a hard battle and lost it on Weds of this week.
So I'm now waiting for the other shoe to drop the number 3. In secret Im hoping and praying that maybe it will skip the 3rd one. just once I'd like to not have to have bad new come in 3's! PLEEEEASE

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Saying good bye is so very hard to do

This morning Mr Gab woke me up with the worst news you could possibly wake up to. One of our friends passed away yesterday! She was our oldest son's God mother. She was too young to go. She had ALS.
Then comes the hardest part saying good bye to a friend that you are very close to, had loads of fun with, share much with and lots and lots of laughter.
Mr Gab knew her way before I did. They met when Mr Gab was in the Army. I met them when we got married. The same week we got married he called them to tell them he got married. They couldn't believe it because he said he was never getting married. So we drove all the way up there to prove it! Oh and then came the next surprise.....I was expecting......first thing out of her mouth to her hubby was "I wanna baby" that caused a big fight that weekend. But in the end they had 2 boys. She was about 6 months along when we got our son baptized and she had to hold our chunk of a son who at birth weighed in at 9 lbs 1 oz so by the time he was baptized he was a whopping 20 lbs and here she is bigger than a house trying to hold on to him. But it worked out and they became his god parents and life went on. And now we are saying good bye to her. We have our memories of course we will never loose those, and many pictures and many stories. But it just seems totally impossible that she is gone. We love you Marilyn and will miss you very much! May god hold you in his arms and take care of you till we all see you again.

Thursday, June 06, 2013


This is what I posted on Facebook today:

I wish I could think of a song right now....something cheerful and pertains to my post! NOW MOST WOMEN would NOT tell you their weight But I dont mind one bit and I will tell you why! I started this journey some time last year at 261lbs. and off and on you have seen me post that I've lost more and more weight. Now this is a terribly BIG thing for me because I CAN NOT EXERCISE at all nope nada cant do it! So today when I went into see my neurologist for check-up they put me on the scale! (Now mind you I have had a few set backs or so I thought because I had some candy some pie you know stuff that would put back on the weight) SO when my weight came up on the screen I screamed and everyone rushed out to see what was wrong! I almost started to cry I was soooooo HAPPY! This lady has made it to 202! I'm a short 3 lbs from my original goal of getting under 200lbs! I can now set my next goal of 175 my finally goal is 130-140! I just can't believe Ive done it! But the doctor said once I gave up soda (well I have one every now and again but not like I used to) and DRANK WATER! that was my biggest help! If I could reach my back I'd give it a big pat!!!!

Yes I am one happy person right now! I was kinda mad at my self at the doctors office I had hoped by the time I seen him again I'd been under the 200 mark "missed it by this much" lol
Three whole pounds! That was all I needed to be to be under! But its ok Im happy Im still loosing!
AND My bp was good in fact it was very good!!! hasnt been that good in years!!! I truely am a happy camper!

Little Man Graduated today!

Our little man has graduated Kindergarten!
 we are so proud of him! He is Our daughter's last baby, so there is no more! Thank goodness lol. Oh there is another grandchild to get to kindergarten but she is only 3 so there is a ways to go and we probably wont be here for her granduation!