Friday, November 28, 2008

A Late Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday to my brother

Hi everyone hope your Thanksgiving was good and that you all had plenty to eat. Hope you didn't stuff yourself too much. I was up at about 5:45am and started the turkey. I then did some dosing,in my chair until daughter came over to pick up the pie that I had forgotten to bake night before. Mr Gab worked the overnight shift and had gotten home at 6:45am and went right in to bed. He needed all the sleep he could get before they all showed up. When daughter and youngest son and family had gotten here, daughter had asked me if I had called her older brother. I said no. Well she tried and got a message that he was out of minutes. So I said don't worry if he isn't in jail he will be here its free food. Sure enough about 1/2 hr later he was here with his girlfriend. We ate about 1:30pm and then we just all kinda sat around doing the memory thing about when my mom was still alive.How she always cooked goose and I never had an actual Thanksgiving turkey dinner until Mr Gab and I had been married about 10 or so years. We talked about the scalloped oysters that grandma always made and how that was one of the things we carried on.
Our Daughter's cell rang. She was like now what? She answered and soon she was very mad. And when she got off phone she was yelling. What we all got was that baby L who was with daddy had gotten hurt and was on way to hospital. She had thought "daddy's" Motorcycle had fallen on him.
So while we all waited and worried she had gone out there to see what happened and how bad he was hurt. 2 1/2 hrs later she called to say it was "daddy's" Mountain bike that fell on him and he had 4 staples in his head. Awwwww poor baby!!!!
Any ways she got back (without the baby) and they stayed only about an hour more. I had fallen asleep in there during that time and I think Mr Gab might have been asleep as well.
So everyone went home. I said to Mr Gab "wow I think that's the first time in years that we've had a Thanksgiving dinner and no one started a fight" I had to tell youngest son only twice to lower his voice. Daughter called back at about 9 and said "did I just dream that or did we make it all the way through dinner and the day without anyone fighting?" I said yeah amazing huh?
Lucky spent most of his day in the kennel. There were way to many people for him and he started to have accidents alot. So he stayed hidden.
When we got into bed all of a suddened I realised that it was also my brother's birthday.
So I had to call him today and wish him a happy late birthday. He had had a busy day yesterday and said I may have not even gotten him. So I guess forgetting until so late was a good thing.
I didnt shop Black Friday. Heck I dont like getting up early as it is and I never have money to go shopping on Black friday. What I did was go to my chirpractor's and came out feeling somewhat better. The pain is still there almost as bad as day of accident. But I have my good days and my bad, more bad than good.
So there ya have it I truely hope you all had a good turkey day. Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lucky part 2

So now you've all met Lucky. He is a cutie. Pumpkin isn't to sure about him just yet, but with a little time and love I will have them best friends.
So in the mean time let me tell you Lucky's story.
Mr Gab drives to WI every day to do pick-ups for places like eye doctors, and Veterinarian's.
One day he came home and told me about these three little kittens at this one veterinarian's office. He said there was a white one a tiger (grey and black strip)one and he never told me what the third one was. I said bring home the white one. He said no, we cant afford any more pets.
The next day he came home and told me how the tiger striped one recognised him when he walked in and came right over to him. This went on for about two weeks, he would come home and tell me all about this little kitten. Then I said to him one day "you should see how your eyes light up when you talk about this kitten" I said" she must remind you of Frisky" He said" yes in a way he does." You see Frisky was a kitten born in our dresser drawer. She was the runt of the litter. In fact I had to take the other 3 kittens out of the drawer put Angel and frisky in the drawer and close the drawer to almost shut in order to get Angel to feed her. She was the last one to open her eyes but the first one to figure out how to get out of the drawer. Then she climbed up on our bed and slept with us. She was so small she fit into the palm of Mr Gab's hand. In the middle of the night Mr Gab yelled turn on the light I think I killed her. I turned on the light to see him holding this little kitten and she wasn't moving. But I ran my finger down her side and she lifted her head and meowed at me. I laughed at Mr Gab and went back to sleep. Those two also played a game at night. He would try to beat her to bed and she would always win. Some times he would say Frisky lets go to bed and then they would "race each other" She was my cat in away but mainly she was his. We had her for 16 years and let me tell you Mr Gab cried when she was put down due to her health. She was suffering so it was best way to do it but either way it made us both cry.
So when he started to talk so much about this kitten I knew he was hooked. I finally said bring him home. He said he's not the one you want. I said "it doesn't matter I'll love either one and you know that."
Well a few days went by and then came Monday. First Mr Gab was late getting home. No problem that occasionally happens. The I checked one bank and found out we were in the hole and it was more than the check I was expecting back. So I called Mr Gab to ask him about it. He asked me how much and I said well I wasn't sure it wasn't listed. Well he goes to late bank is closed, we will just have to pay the 35.00 over draft fee.
Well then I decided to check bank number 2. And what do I see? A transaction for 31 something to a Valley View Vet's office in WI. Bingo!!!! Light came on and I knew.
When Mr Gab finally got home he opened door slowly and seen we were all in the living room and he was trying to hide what he had in his other hand by keeping it outside. I said "you might as well bring him in I already know. So he brought him in then asked how did you know? So I told him it was already out of the bank. He said "damn you for checking the bank when most of the time I forget"! LOL
Well first thing he wanted to do was name him 007. I said no!
It took me about 2 minutes to name him Lucky. Lucky because he made Mr Gab fall in love with him and buy him and bring him home. After all Mr Gab was very insistent that we were not getting any more pets.
I then kissed him and said I guess I don't get the dog I want. He said No not this year. Oh well I love Lucky and enjoy teaching him all the little things a kitten should know!
Oh hey BTExpress, I love both cats and dogs and if I had my way I would have 2 of each at least!

I had to have an MRI done today. The guy doing it was so young I thought he was an intern or something and here he was the Doc. lol. Anyways I wont know how my back and neck are doing from the accident until next week so I'll keep ya posted!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hi everyone, my name is Lucky and I just joined gab's family yesterday. She will tell you all about how I arrived later. Sorry about dark picture it's my human mom's cell phone.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Long long ago

Way back many many years ago....My mom and I started to write to pen-pals. One day my mom got a letter from her pen-pal in Michigan. She was a young mom with two children the youngest a boy of 5 months. I was about 13 or 14 years at the time. One day mom was reading a letter from her pen-pal and she made a comment that this pen-pal said about me. Well one thing lead to another and soon I was writing this same woman in Michigan, as well as my own two pen-pals.
Over the years we chatting about everything under the sun. Of course when mom got a letter from her she usually said something about me and mom had to share. Funny now that I look back it almost seems strange that mom and I wrote to the same lady and we were all very good friends.
Any ways time went on I got married started a family and only kept in touch once in awhile as my mom was still writing every week, I didn't have to update as often. Soon I didn't hear my mom talking about her much, I knew she was still writing to her, but we didn't talk as much as we used too. Once in awhile mom would say oh her daughter did this or her son did that or her hubby said this or did that. We had always thought one day we would all drive out there to visit and meet in person. Yes we had sent pictures over the years but it would have been so very nice to actually meet.
Then of course mom got sick and it wasn't long before she passed.
I often had thought about Dawn and her family during the funeral and next few weeks. Then one day as we were cleaning out mom's junk drawer I found an old letter to her.
SO I wrote to let her know her old friend had passed. The letter came back. NFA (no forwarding address).
About a month went by and I got my mail one day, and in it was a magazine about gardening.
Now mind you I never read front cover to back cover in one sitting as I usually don't have time. But this day I sat right down and went page by page. I got to the back and they had a section from other subscribers asking for seeds and such in exchange for different seeds that they wanted. NOW I NEVER READ THIS SECTION!!!! But on this day I started to read what everyone was looking for and thinking that maybe I had something from my garden I could share.
And all of a sudden I came across this lady who wanted Horseradish roots. Well low and behold I had some that I could share. Then my mouth dropped open. This lady had the same name as the pen-pal my mom and I had wrote to so long ago.
So I wrote to this lady and said yes I have horseradish roots that she could have. Then I asked if she might be the one that we wrote to so many years ago and that I had some news.
Well, she wrote back all excited and said yes it was she and she hoped that it was good news.
I wrote back and said no I'm sorry its bad news then proceeded to tell her about moms passing. Well we got right on the Internet and started to chat. I told her how I never ever read that section of the magazine but did that day.
She told me it had to be my mom's doing that she pushed me to read it,because she knew that Dawns request was there. It was just meant to be.
So after all these years we are back in contact and making plans to now actually visit.
And just when we thought we had it figured out her hubby dies. But she told me tonight that he couldn't believe that we got back together over horseradish roots! Yes indeed it is a funny thing to bring us together again, but I'm sure glad it did.
I'm just sorry her hubby had to die, before we got a chance to meet. But I know for sure that my mom was there waiting for him and they are talking about old times and just waiting for the rest of us to catch up with them.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good bye to a friend.

Death is hard no matter what the situation. My dear dear friend that Ive know since I was about 13, hubby died this morning. They knew it was coming as he had had kidney failure and some other problems that usually take the persons life after awhile. He'd been going back and forth for 4 years now and I guess his body just couldn't take it any more.
I wish more than any thing if I could be there with her.The funeral is Monday. But she lives in MI.
I just don't have the money to travel out there to be with her. So I talk to her when I can on line and if she calls I'll be there for her too. I don't want to call her for fear that she might be in the middle of something like folks visiting so I just wait to hear from her.
Our story is very unique in the way we met and got to know each other through out the years. And one day soon I will tell you it. Its kinda funny and kinda strange.
In the mean time please pray for strength for my friend as she may be left out in the cold. She may loose her house and everything else.
I wish I was there but in the mean time I love you Dawn! and may god be with you in this time of need.

Friday, November 14, 2008


This week has been crazy....I've been sick with the most awful cold and sore throat! I missed most of my appointments with the chiropractor. In fact today was the first day all week that I was feeling good enough to go. When I got home at first I was a cussing out the Doc because he did an adjustment on my neck and at first I had the most awful headache,but after a short nap I felt a whole lot better.
My sister C called yesterday, my dad lost of of his cats.....He was so upset because he couldn't find any of them so he thought all 3 had died! After awhile one of the 2 still left came out of hiding and dad cheered up some. I told sister C that we should go get a cat and sneak it into the house and then when dad(if he even noticed) said hey what cat is that we'd say "Oh don't you remember ?" That's so and so. LoL
Our oldest son came and spent one night. I was sleeping in my chair while kids were at school and he did some dishes for me. Then yesterday while Baby was still with his daddy grandma did some oh man did I sweat it out. But I got a lot of cleaning done.
And all of the family has started to plan for Thanksgiving...I'm not really into it this year for some reason. Although I've started talking about decorating for Christmas already something I don't normally do until after Thanksgiving! So any way thats how my weeks been going...How's yours?

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Hey every one how are you today? Me I've got a cold that just won't quit!
But that is not the reason for this post.
First I ask a question, Have you ever had someone whom you loved that has passed? A mom, dad, sister, brother, wife, husband? or any other loved one?
Do you celebrate their birthdays after they are gone? No I don't mean a big fancy party or anything like that. Maybe just a quiet meal with other family members where you talk about old times good and bad? Or do you just remember in your own way by yourself?

Well, that's what I did on Friday. I did a post but I didn't mention that it was my mom's birthday on Friday and if she was alive she'd be celebrating 76 years. Its still hard for me to believe that our mom is gone. She only got to see her first great grandson for a whole year before she passed. But during that year she was so sick that I know she didn't get to enjoy any special time with him. At the same time my youngest sister had had her third child a daughter who was born 4 months before my grandson. So here she had two new members a new granddaughter and a great grandson and she was very sick. I know she tried in that last year to be a little part of their lives even though they were really to young to remember it. But it was hard for her to. Knowing as she did that she had lots to live for but that she wasn't going to make it. My daughter T was her only granddaughter for the longest time and now she finally had a second granddaughter. And her oldest granddaughter gave her her first great grandchild!
The thing is Friday was her birthday and yes I was busy with my life and grand kids and yes I remembered it I just wanted it to be a quiet day that was just for me to remember some of the things that I shared with my mom. Silly things, stupid things and OMG did I just do that, whats mom gonna say?
So I let the day pass quietly and did my own thing and thought of my mom all day long, and decided that I would post a little about her later when I was all done having her to myself(in a sense that day)as Im sure my sisters also had her in their thoughts that day too, as well as the rest of our family probably did.
It's really hard to say good bye to the ones you love especially when taken so young. And it makes it even harder when it happens around the holidays. I have vowed every year to try and keep traditions going and every year it gets harder and harder to do. Its to the point where I no longer want to even cook the Thanksgiving meal or the Christmas meal. It's like I would rather just take the time to be with my family so that one day they dont have to say I wish I had spent more time with mom/grandma at Thanksgiving/Christmas rather that her cooking and I come eat and go. Today I sit and think why is it so important to make a big holiday meal just to get family together and talk and maybe even disagree some and then go away till the next holiday? We are to busy in the kitchen preparing this big ole meal, then we are in the kitchen cleaning up and where or where did the time go? Why dont we have just a simple meal and then spend the rest of the day together and make memories?
But I know already I will be in the kitchen making that meal and sharing some family time.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Busy last few days & great news

Sorry I haven't been here for a bit...but yesterday I had a meeting to go to for my handicapped sister D. Both my youngest sister C and our dad were there too. After the meeting I dropped of Mr Gab and went back to my dad's where he took us all out to eat. Now by all I mean not only my sister and him but myself and 3 of my four grands that I babysit. The baby had gone home with his daddy yesterday.
After lunch we went back to dad's and chatted awhile then I took off to my girlfriend S's house. I didn't get to stay as long as I wanted because I had to have oldest grandson back here before 6(pm) as he was going out with his Big(big sister big brother program) And the other two boys were going to their mom's for awhile. After everyone was gone I drove back out to Fridley to pick up Mr Gab. Then we came back home. I had Mr Gab drive home because after I drove all day my neck and shoulders were hurting pretty badly. I was so glad I had an appointment for the chiropractor this morning.
Good News: Well while I was at my chiropractor appointment Mr Gab was here working on the Durango. Now it's not totally fixed but its fixed enough that I can drive short trips. Before Mr Gab went to work I said "hey now I have the car back but no money". He asked what I needed money for and I said I had wanted to take the kids to the movies as Madagascar Escape 2 Africa came out. He handed me the money and said have fun. SO I took the boys to see the movie. I haven't been to the theater in awhile, but hey even if its a kids movie it was fun and I laughed! Even if your all grown up this is a very good movie. Course it would help if you've seen the first one. Grandkids are still singing "I like to move it move it" Lol and I catch myself singing it too.
Have a great weekend everyone

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Let's all wish BTExpress

Happy Birthday.

In true Gab form

and many more.

Happy Birthday Tony, hope you had a good one here on election day. (Did those of you who can vote?)