Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lucky part 2

So now you've all met Lucky. He is a cutie. Pumpkin isn't to sure about him just yet, but with a little time and love I will have them best friends.
So in the mean time let me tell you Lucky's story.
Mr Gab drives to WI every day to do pick-ups for places like eye doctors, and Veterinarian's.
One day he came home and told me about these three little kittens at this one veterinarian's office. He said there was a white one a tiger (grey and black strip)one and he never told me what the third one was. I said bring home the white one. He said no, we cant afford any more pets.
The next day he came home and told me how the tiger striped one recognised him when he walked in and came right over to him. This went on for about two weeks, he would come home and tell me all about this little kitten. Then I said to him one day "you should see how your eyes light up when you talk about this kitten" I said" she must remind you of Frisky" He said" yes in a way he does." You see Frisky was a kitten born in our dresser drawer. She was the runt of the litter. In fact I had to take the other 3 kittens out of the drawer put Angel and frisky in the drawer and close the drawer to almost shut in order to get Angel to feed her. She was the last one to open her eyes but the first one to figure out how to get out of the drawer. Then she climbed up on our bed and slept with us. She was so small she fit into the palm of Mr Gab's hand. In the middle of the night Mr Gab yelled turn on the light I think I killed her. I turned on the light to see him holding this little kitten and she wasn't moving. But I ran my finger down her side and she lifted her head and meowed at me. I laughed at Mr Gab and went back to sleep. Those two also played a game at night. He would try to beat her to bed and she would always win. Some times he would say Frisky lets go to bed and then they would "race each other" She was my cat in away but mainly she was his. We had her for 16 years and let me tell you Mr Gab cried when she was put down due to her health. She was suffering so it was best way to do it but either way it made us both cry.
So when he started to talk so much about this kitten I knew he was hooked. I finally said bring him home. He said he's not the one you want. I said "it doesn't matter I'll love either one and you know that."
Well a few days went by and then came Monday. First Mr Gab was late getting home. No problem that occasionally happens. The I checked one bank and found out we were in the hole and it was more than the check I was expecting back. So I called Mr Gab to ask him about it. He asked me how much and I said well I wasn't sure it wasn't listed. Well he goes to late bank is closed, we will just have to pay the 35.00 over draft fee.
Well then I decided to check bank number 2. And what do I see? A transaction for 31 something to a Valley View Vet's office in WI. Bingo!!!! Light came on and I knew.
When Mr Gab finally got home he opened door slowly and seen we were all in the living room and he was trying to hide what he had in his other hand by keeping it outside. I said "you might as well bring him in I already know. So he brought him in then asked how did you know? So I told him it was already out of the bank. He said "damn you for checking the bank when most of the time I forget"! LOL
Well first thing he wanted to do was name him 007. I said no!
It took me about 2 minutes to name him Lucky. Lucky because he made Mr Gab fall in love with him and buy him and bring him home. After all Mr Gab was very insistent that we were not getting any more pets.
I then kissed him and said I guess I don't get the dog I want. He said No not this year. Oh well I love Lucky and enjoy teaching him all the little things a kitten should know!
Oh hey BTExpress, I love both cats and dogs and if I had my way I would have 2 of each at least!

I had to have an MRI done today. The guy doing it was so young I thought he was an intern or something and here he was the Doc. lol. Anyways I wont know how my back and neck are doing from the accident until next week so I'll keep ya posted!


BTExpress said...

I know you do. I just can't get into cats.

Walker said...

You named him right Lucky to find a caring family to join.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Lucky to ;)

robinslife said...

Happy Thanksgiving Gab!

barman said...

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. And yes, Lucky is very lucky indeed. I do not blame Pumpkin. Give Pumpkin a little time and they will be buds. What a nice story.

I love cats and dogs as well. But dogs are closest to my heart.