Friday, March 13, 2009

In a Whirl

Sorry Ive been gone so long but stuff has been happening here and my live has been hectic. Yeah I have spent more time on Facebook than here but it was because of a game they call "Hatchlings". But lately the game has gotten boring. It would take too long to tell you why so lets just leave it at that.

My girlfriend from high school has written a book and has had it published. You can find it at Barnes and Noble. The title : Time for Reflection and Healing.
I dont want to give anything away but its mainly about a girl who was abused. Its a very good book. One that of course that got me thinking about my own childhood. Which of course is one of the reasons why Ive been so up and abouts in the air.

Yesterday was my dad's 90th birthday. I went there to celebrate and now Im more up and abouts. My sister is in charge of dad but right now Im thinking neither of us are doing right by dad.

Today is my daughter's Birthday. Happy Birthday T. Love ya.