Monday, August 06, 2018

Good Bye to another dear friend

Angels came yesterday and claimed another friend of ours. Barman earned his wings. It was very sad to learn this. But I guess his job was done here on earth. R.I.P. Barman you will be missed by many.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Good bye to a dear friend

I know I said I wasn't coming back.
But today I learned that a very dear Blogger friend has passed away.
He was witty and wise and oh I don't know just the kind of guy whom you warmed up to right away.
I never met him personally like some of my fellow Bloggers got to.
Oh how I wish I had.
Today is(was) is 65th birthday.
From what I understand he was at work yesterday and had a massive heart attack.
To leave this world the day before your birth, just some how doesn't seem right yet in many ways for him it does.
SO Good bye G-man. You will be missed by so many.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Just good bye

The time has come to just say Good -bye. that is all. Gab and Mr Gab over and out.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Lets start with do you remember me? LOL
Grrrr I was having so much trouble with my password even though I've had the same password like forever.
And I have all my passwords written down and what each one is for.
But for some reason every time I tried to sign in here it kept telling me wrong password.
SO I would reset it. couple times it told me I couldn't use same password. So I figured ok I know what it is and I would go try it and nope it would let me in. So I would re-set it. And write it down again and again I would try to get in and no way it would tell me wrong password.
Anything to piss me off I think. I set it back to my first ever password and it wouldn't let me use it cause I've used it once. So I thought and thought and thought what would be a password I've never tried that I could use and remember? I finally picked one wrote it down tried it and SURPRISE it worked and let me in. Lets hope next time I want to log in here to write on my blog it will work again.
Ok so what has been happening in Gab's world?
Month of July. Well first off July 4th was my 60th birthday. And I originally did not want my kids here because it seems every time they get together they fight. and I wanted a nice day for my birthday. Half way through the day I broke down told them ok come on down. should'va stuck with my original plan. Yup you got it daughter and youngest son got into major fight. and it seemed like the more I yelled to shut the F up the louder they got.
Finally they quit but day was ruined.
Then the next Weds I had my first surgery on my right eye. Cataract. Went good. Then the next Weds I had surgery on my right arm. I had a lump on my arm. it would swell up so bad that Mr Gab would have to take a scissors to cut off my shirt. And hurt OMG Hurt!! So I finally got a Doctor who listen to me and agreed to remove it. Then the next Weds I had surgery on my left eye. So every Weds after my birthday I had surgery! All went very well. My eye sight right after surgery was 20/20 Doctor said he never had anyone be that good right after surgery. It is still 20/20 for far distance but for reading and using computer I need readers. Which is ok with me.
During the month of July our daughter and her 3 boys moved in with us. The original plan had been we would be gone and she would get the house. But low and behold when we discovered I needed surgeries and all in month of July well we ended up staying. (which I really don't like very well but I will deal with it for now)
Now let me also tell you that Mr Gab has also been in terrible pain. And to get this man to go to a Doctor was impossible. BUT when I finally found a doctor who agreed to remove the lump (after several years of asking 5 different doctors to remove it) I was on top of the world so I told Mr Gab go see my doctor. and he did and guess what? Mr Gab likes him A LOT.  The doctor set him set up for surgeries right away. So first Tuesday in Aug. Mr Gab had surgery on his right shoulder. Now let me tell you when I had my surgeries I couldn't drive and Mr Gab needed to be home to take me to my appointments and then take care of me when I got home. Eyes were fairly simple 1 day each but my arm was couple of days. So Mr Gab didn't get a whole lot of work in and he had taken almost all of June off from work to work on house in South Dakota. So we are like so broke it is unbelievable. Every thing we had set aside we have already used. Now what is worse. Mr Gab thought he was going back to work 4 days after his surgery. BUT he was told not to go back till he went back to his recheck and got a note from his doctor. So he had another long vacation. Then he talk to HR and learned he better not have his next surgery till after he has been on the job a year or he wont be covered for short term disability pay. Because his boss put him as a new hire instead of rehire back other wise he would have been covered. SO the surgery he had scheduled in Sept for surgery on his hip is now scheduled for Nov. So we will be here for well I'm thinking all winter because he will need about 2-4 months rehab before he can go back to work. as for his other shoulder? I'm not sure if they are doing it now or not. Our doctor went on vacation his self so we gotta wait till he comes back.
Now a small tribute to Mr Robin Williams:
What a terrible and sad day to learn that Robin Williams had passed away. and even more sad to learn that he had hanged himself.
I have read so much about Mr William's and his death. There was so much about his depression. some about his addictions. Then came the news about him being diagnosed with  early stages of Parkinson's disease. Then all kinds of different things started to come out. One said he died because of the medicine he was taking to slow down the Parkinson's. Side effect was suicide. One said he committed suicide because he didn't want his career to go into the toilet like Michael J Fox's did after he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. I don't think any of us will ever know the real reason why, because of course Robin Williams is gone and can't tell us. But I can say we lost one of the greatest artist our generation has known for a comedian. He was so talented. He made so many great movies. And I can't even begin to name them all. Some of my favorites are:
Mrs Doubtfire. Patch Adams. Jack. Birdcage. Hello Vietnam. Jumanji. Old Dogs. Rv Happy Feet. Aladdin.
 Bicentennial Man. Nine Months. and so many more. Then of course the tv show where is all stated Happy Days then Mork and Mindy. 
You will be so very missed.  I'm so sorry that you couldn't figure out a way to over come what ever it was that bothered you so much that you had to end your life. My prayers to your family.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

No, I do NOT have the answers...Ask God

The other night my friend and I got into a heated discussion. She claimed that all people are born perfect and that we ruin our lives by the way we eat and live.
I said how do you explain the babies that have birth defects? Or the ones who have problems when they are born?
She said it is the fault of the parents. God made us all perfect in his eye and if there is a problem it is the parents fault.
I don't agree. I don't think parent can stop birth defects, I don't believe that parents have the choice to have a child that has cerebral palsy or downs syndrome. I also don't believe they choose for their baby to have a cleft mouth. nor twins born connected. or any of the millions of things that happen to babies who have millions of different problems when born and not perfect.
She claims it's the way they (the parents) live. She says if they don't live the pure life god wishes them to live then god will not bless them with a perfect child.
I said I know way to many people who lived a terrible, fast and bad lives and they have perfect children so that can't hold true.
She said sure they are born looking perfect but they will mess up in life and be a bad person and that will prove they are NOT perfect in god's eye. She said look at all the kids who look perfect as a baby and little kids and maybe even young adults. Then look at those same kids as they get older now they are suffering from ailments and its because they are not perfect. God gave them those ailments later in life to prove they didn't listen to him.
I gave up.
What she said could very well be true. All I know for sure is she is not perfect. to me she has a black heart.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Good Bye old friend

This week hubby,youngest son Tim,2nd oldest grandson Aaron, and 3rd oldest grandson Jeremy(Aaron's brother) started tearing down the house in South Dakota.
This is a far as they got when a guy from town came and made a deal with hubby. He would tear down the rest of the house, get rid of debris and fill in hole all for the measly cost of all 5 of my tractors.
Oh how I cried. Loosing my tractors is almost as bad as loosing my house. 2 John Deere tractors that are really worth a pretty penny.............if they were restored! But thing is hubby and I have no time to restore them. Nor the money if we had the time. Then hubby called after the deal was made and guess what? Some one had stole some parts off the tractors! ALL OF THEM!
Well the guy still wants them so the deal still goes through. This has been really hard on Aaron as well. He came to live with us in this house when he was 2. This is kinda his house too. His oldest brother Tj was already living with us when he arrived. We did so much together, delivered newspapers to our side of town. Walked to grocery store pulling wagon with Aaron in it then had to put Aaron on top of all the groceries because we didn't have a car, grandpa had only car we had and he was a Over the road trucker and he picked up his truck in Sioux Falls, SD which was a 3 hours drive from our house, so he took the only car we had. Then when we did get a car it was a car that every time you sat in it you weren't sure if you were gonna fall straight through to the ground. The kids and I played beauty shop in that house. We had "fancy dinners" the 3 of us even fancier ones when grandpa came home! They got pooh and tigger while living there. They each had their own cat and the cats looked so much alike couldn't tell which was which! Had our first family Thanksgiving there where everyone could actually sit at same table! (except kids lol they were at kid table)
So now I have to figure out Do I rebuild? Do I sell? What do I do? I loved that house more than this one that we have lived in for 34 years. 5 years in SD and 1 year in apartments = 40 together!
And this house has history behind it.
I think I might have mentioned it before. But one of my dad's old girlfriends lived in it. Right after we moved in dad came over for a visit and he was I like I know this house I've been here before He walked all over the house and outside and said YUP I KNOW THIS HOUSE! Then told me all about the girlfriend who used to live here. Then that night I meet that girlfriend! Small small world!
Good Bye Old friend. I loved you more than any other house I have lived in! and this is tearing me apart!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

July 4th The good The Bad The Ugly

Hey every body. Sorry I haven't been around much. We have been packing and cleaning this house plus we had to tear our home down in SD so been busy as heck.
But I wanted to update you a little bit.

First off a belated birthday wish to Fellow Blogger Barman whose Birthday was July 1st. Which is also Canada Day.

Then as you may or may not know July 4th is my birthday. I turned 60 this year.

And yeah it was not a birthday to remember.

I had gotten upset with my kids day before my birthday so I text them all and said DON'T BOTHER TO SHOW UP. I didn't even want them to come over for my birthday. And by the end of the day I wish I had stuck to that!

Birthday morning I got to sleep in. Hubby is on vacation so we lazed around till about 11. Then We got up got dressed and both got on our laptops. Well with in 10 mins I was crying all upset. 1st I get a text from youngest son saying I took this day off just so I could be with you yada yada yada. Then I read a post from daughter making me feel even worse for telling them to stay home. So after talking with hubby we say ok we will invite them over but tell them there is no food. Because you see every time these kids get together with us they never bring food or money and we end up buying every thing! So I let them know they can come over but I will have no food. They tell me no problem they will bring food. Ok I will accept that.

So they come over every thing is going good. Then youngest son says mom can you watch the kids for a little so his girlfriend and him can go over to the store and come right back? Ok I agree.
Well his kids are awful. They don't listen they don't mind and even when you spank them all they do is look at you say I hate you then keep right on doing what they just got spanked for. In other words the spanking didn't even faze them. (we yes we spanked hard)

Daughter finally called her brother she ends up hanging up on him. He walks in about 2 mins later and the screaming match starts. And goes and goes and goes. Hubby and I are screaming GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR HOUSE NOW. But they ignored us and kept right on yelling. Finally youngest son went outside he and his family was going to go home. Great! We haven't eaten cake and I was hoping to go to fireworks. Next thing I know daughter is also out side and they are yelling and swearing again. Where all my neighbors can hear. REALLY? WAY TO WREAK MY BIRTHDAY KIDS.
Oh did I say my oldest son didn't even bother to show up? Yeah he stayed home and went fishing. Actually THANK GOD! if he had been here who know what would have happened. He drinks heavily and uses drugs. So I guess I'm glad he stayed away.
About 2 hours later they finally settled down daughter apologized son apologized and we ate cake. We didn't get to go to fire works though. I was still so upset. I just couldn't go. I had cried and cried but these two just kept going. Now the thing is our daughter was right her brother and his girlfriend did nothing to discipline those kids ever and they ran amuck all the time. And they just didn't give a crap. But of course they didn't want to hear it they wanted to call her kids perfect. and when she said his kids were upsetting mom and dad because they left them here they go what about you you leave your kids every single day. They just would not see that they were wrong. Yes she leaves her kids every day I take care of them while she works. She doesnt make enough money for day care, like he does. Plus there are two of them to just her raising her 4 boys. and yes he had 4 kids too. And they both have jobs. So its really unfair. Totally a big night mare. So yeah I don't want to really be reminding of my 60th birthday. They all said they loved me and they were sorry but yeah Im still very hurt.

Monday, June 16, 2014

I think I understand anorexic people

Now I think this might draw a lot of criticism for this blog post.
But now I do believe I understand anorexic people.
They look in the mirror and see them selves as fat.
Well, I can now understand that. Especially if they are over weight when they start out.
I weighted in at 260 lbs.
I was hurt in a car accident, and can't do any form of exercise. I hurt so badly. When I spoke to the doctors they all said same thing if you lost some weight it will help your knees, hips,feet even though I still have arthritis but would hurt lots less.
My first problem was when I became dehydrated. The nurse wanted to put me into the hospital right at that minute. I said no I couldn't I had to babysit grandchildren. she said she would let me go home only if I drank lots of water. But I told her I hated water. She said either I go home to drink water or go straight into the hospital.  So I went home got a glass of ice water and took small sips. Soon I was emptying glass after glass of ice water.
Then I cut out soda pop. Oh I still drink some when I get really stressed, but for the most part I've given up pop.
That was when I noticed I lost some weight. and so did my doctor.
My next small victory came when I got sick. I couldn't eat. and by the time I was back to almost myself again I couldn't eat like before. As soon as I felt full I stopped eating. Mainly because my stomach was still on the touchy side so I just couldn't eat much.
And I lost more weight.
I had to go out and buy some new clothes.
BUT ................when I looked at myself in the mirror I couldn't see where I lost any weight. Oh I knew I had the scale said so. I actually lost 69 lbs. But looking in the mirror I couldn't see where. Which makes me want to eat even less and try to loose even more. That is sort of the mind set of an anorexic person. They can't see that they've lost weight either so they eat and throw up. I want to loose more weight as well BUT NO WAY WILL I EVER EAT THEN THROW UP! Even though I CAN'T SEE WHERE I'VE LOST ANY WEIGHT.
I will continue to do the same thing I am doing now I will drink more water, eat less, and cut back more of the junk foods, I still have been eating things like Ice cream and Cheetos. Once I get them out of my diet I think I will loose even more. In my head I have a goal of 160 which is only another 30 lbs to loose.
But I really really want to get all the way back to 130 lbs. Then I will be happy once again.
Oh yes and the doctors were right, even though I have arthritis and still hurt, loosing this weight has helped my knees and hips and feet!

Monday, May 19, 2014

We are getting our vacation


we just have to take care of a few small business matters and then we are off. For about 12 days. IN FLORIDA! Sun, sand, water and beautiful warm to hot temps! OH YEAH!.

We are doing a vacation/honeymoon/anniversary trip.
Vacation because we haven't had one in awhile.
Honeymoon because we
Anniversary just celebrated our 40th wedding Anniversary together!

and oh yeah while we are there we are going to look at a place called The Villages. and see what is what. Then we are also gonna take some time to talk to our realtor and see a few places as well! We are covering our bases and getting some major stuff done! Oh yeah I am so looking forwards to this vacation! Warm warm weather! HOT even will be ok. I don't care as long as no snow is involved! Hubby has asked for time off from work, I am getting other stuff put together. And we are sitting down and planning it out. (NO NO NO we are dreaming it out) no plans. remember every time we plan a wrench gets tossed into it!? So no plans just dreams! I will dream about this when we arrive!

Monday, May 12, 2014

In my opinion about Gay

Ok Michael Sam is gay great! and he was just picked in the NFL draft! Super! here is where I'm sure I'm gonna get a lot of flack.

He kissed his partner on TV.

right? or wrong?

Several are saying he should not have!


people please this is my opinion and I have a right to my opinion and the right to voice my opinion with out you all YELLING AT me.

In my opinion if you are gay great. you have a partner great. BUT KEEP YOUR PERSONAL THINGS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

and if and when I kiss Mr Gab in public it is NOT a frenchie it is a quick peck!


Friday, May 09, 2014

What a horrible yet wonderful week

So we were suppose to go to South Dakota this week. But on Sunday our truck broke down.We actually had to be towed 4 blocks home 4 BLOCKS!!!!That's how close to home we were when we broke down. Hubby learned just how expensive a diesel can cost to repair.  So by the time he finally got it running we were pretty broke.

Then on Tuesday we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary! YEAH 40 YEARS! Mr. Gab and I have been together that long! That's a major deal for us who fight at a drop of a hat! LOL.


and no not because of the truck. I got sick. and what's today Friday May 9th? yeah today is the very first day I'm not running to the bathroom to be sick!

and my wonderful sweet hubby tried his best to keep me happy. He ran to the store and got pudding for me when he really didn't want to because he was dirty and tired after working on the garage all day. and he would check on me every hour or so to see if there was any thing I needed. Oh yeah poor guy, what a way to celebrate 40 years together taking care of your sick wife! But its all in that sickness and health thing right when you take your marriage vows? But I didn't expect him to remember that after 40 years! But then again he's a good man like that!

Then yesterday in the middle of me being sick I got some flowers for Mother's day. and this shocker of shockers they DID NOT COME FROM OUR DAUGHTER!
Nope our oldest son sent them! What a surprise that was and it made me cry! He hasn't ever sent me flowers! (and he will be 40 on his next birthday)

Monday, April 28, 2014

New and Improved

Have you seen the latest New and Improved Mc Donald's Yet? No? Well don't hold your breath because I for one think it's the stupidest thing Mc Donald's has done yet! They changed the outfit Ronald wears! TO an almost like 3 piece suit. He now wears a vest? A VEST? are you kidding me? OMG. This whole new outfit looks so DUMB. Here take a look:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2 post in 1 day wholly cow

Ok this is not normal for me BUT I have something I need to get out here. I know I still have a few readers so I would like their opinions.
I just read about Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott about how he cheated on her. SO OK here's the question. Dean was married before what broke up that marriage? He had an affair with Tori. So he cheated right? Ok so now he's married to Tori and he has cheated again with some one else and he has admitted that sex is like a drug or alcohol.  So what does that mean once you cheat your always gonna cheat?

round two:

Two different people
Girl is with guy guy not only cheats but steals and lies.
They break up she put out restraining order against him for 2 years he cant come any where near her.

couple years later their paths cross they stop chat he says he has changed they start dating again. Everyone warns her dont get involved once a cheater always a cheater.

she dont listen they move in together  and buy some expensive stuff. 6 months later she learns not only has he once again lied but cheated.

She is hurt and heart broken again.

I say if a guy has cheated once he will do it again. they just cant seem to stay in one relationship. Do you know of any one who has cheated and is now in a relationship and HAS NOT CHEATED? DO you think once they cheat they will always cheat? OPINION PLEASE

May can't come fast enough

Ya know I'm getting sick of this damn cold weather and now they are talking snow again? Come-on it's April for god's sakes let it go lets have spring.
Well any ways I hope May gets here soon as we have a trip planned home. And I for one can not wait to get home. OK WELL OK THERE IS ONE PROBLEM, NO HOUSE!
We do have the camper but now there are a few small problems with that as well. SO I have been looking on-line at Drive able RV's. and have seen some that are oh so very nice but oh so way out of my reach. Then of course the ones that I could buy are so ummm the only word I can think of here to use is junky. or as bad as the one I have now with problems galore.
I'm still trying to get hubby to make up his mind on this should we sell the farm or not.
So let me start sorta at the beginning.
It all started when we were living in South Dakota.
Our house was an older house but in pretty good condition with just a small problem with a leak in the roof. Well hubby re-roofed it and we had no problems.
I got the call about my dad. He had a heart attack and the doctors didn't think it look good. So I made arraignments for the grand kids who were in school out there to stay with some teachers till grandpa came back home as he was driving over the road. And I took off and came back to Minnesota to see my dad.
Well he was home and weak but they needed some one to stay with him 24 hrs. Well hubby brought the kids here to Minnesota to their mom and he came up to my dad's. We talked it over with my sister and her husband and my dad and it was decided I would stay dad would pay hubby his wages so he could stay home and boys finish out the school year then he come live with me and dad.
It was settled!
All was a go till after hubby moved in with me and dad. Then he went home one weekend to get some of our clothes and came back and said we have a leak again. Well he was going to go back during the next week because it was suppose to be slow at his trucking company and he was gonna fix the roof again. But they got busy. By the time he got back it was raining daily and he fixed the roof but it wasnt as good a job as he wanted. SO after 4 years of NOT getting home at all. when we went back what a big surprise we had. Hole in dining room where roof caved in.
This is fan in dining room. It looks like we had a fire. But its water.

here we are tearing the back part of house down. We took out the back porch where the washer, dryer and water heater were plus my extra shelves for can goods and the back room that we used for computer room. this opening you see here is going into kitchen. It isnt torn down yet but it has to go as well as bathroom dining room and small bedroom which is room Mr Gab and I slept in. Well except now I'm thinking just tear it all down and build a whole new house. and put a basement under even if I cant get down it (it will be there if there is a bad storm and I have to get down one way or another.)
Thus reason for selling farm. 
But Mr Gab really doesnt want to sell the farm either. and in a sense neither do I. I begged my dad not to sell it and to give it to me because I love that farm. I'd rather be there than any play on earth (well maybe not the Bahama's)
BUT.....Mr Gab is already 62 (till June) and I'm 59 (till July) and this farm is 18 miles from a town and the closest neighbor is a mile in any direction. So is it a good idea for us to be out there? OR should be rebuild in town and stay there? Very good questions and things we really need to think about. That is why May has to hurry up!
Either way if we live in South Dakota in Summer and drive to somewhere warm during the winter months till we no longer can drive or maybe just sell it all and move south now I don't know for sure but we gotta figure it out.

Monday, April 21, 2014

So many questions

I've been almost glued to the TV as of late. Watching first looking for an airplane. Wondering if it really is in the water or if there is someone laughing their heads off because they are holding everyone some where on some secluded island, waiting for the right time to let us know that they have them. Then watching the ship that has sunk with all those students aboard. Now this one bothers me the most. WHY? Because my grand kids are getting of an age where their schools take trips and they of course want to go. A Bus trip Oh yes did you see the Fed-Ex truck that hit that bus with those kids in? AGAIN another tragedy with young people, off to a collage. My grand kids so far have taken a bus trip to Chicago. Ok yes they did make it there and back with out incident. BUT there are other grand children still coming up and other trips. Especially a trip with the band and they usually go to Florida then take a "boat ride" over to the Bahama's!  So that's 1 airplane ride to Florida and then 1 Boat (ship) ride to the Bahama's then back again. and anything can happen. NOW I KNOW WHAT YOU ALL ARE GONNA TELL ME, IT CAN HAPPEN RIGHT HERE WITH ME DRIVING (as we already know it has) Yes your right but trips with the schools taking these trips and stuff happening and your suppose to be able to send your child off to school daily to learn not to "travel" and possibly be hurt or worst.
I watch those poor parents who are waiting by the sea who are praying that there might be a small chance their child is still alive. then the pain when they bring several children's bodies up and they find theirs as one of those who didn't make it and I hurt right along with them. I am a mom. I know their pain even if I haven't lost a child. (I've only lost one before they were born). But I feel their pain and I cry right along with them. and I wonder why? why in the world did the captain not get those children up to the top of the ship instead of saying stay where you are(or in your room)? Do I think he should be held responsible? YES! Do I think he should go to jail for murder? YES! I listen to his explaination and think I'm sorry even if they were in the cold waters and swept away (which may not have even happened) would that not have been better than a child being alive in a room hoping they will get out because the captain said stay, and they trust the Captain? And then they drown? I mean if they had been up top and had on life jackets and had washed over board there would have been a smaller knowledge that they might not make it. But at least they would be given a better chance I believe. I know everyone says it's God's will but I'm sorry I think this Captain is more at fault than God's will.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

4 years ago today 4-5

4 years ago today 4-5 2010 my father passed away right here in my living room. He was 91. He also was an an abusive man. But he was my dad and I loved him.

one of the many things he taught me was my love for fishing. Every weekend in the summer we would drive over and would barely get there and I would be racing to grab my cane pole and say lets go fishing. Uncle Harold would tell me to go find some worms and off I would go pitch fork in one hand and pail in other. and I could sit for hours fishing. Oh yes I could bait my own hook it was taking the fish off that stopped me. A fish bit me once when I tried to take a hook outta his mouth and that was last time I ever tried to take a fish off a hook.
That was another thing dad taught me to sit still and just watch....................nothing.
Well ok maybe not nothing, I could watch the wind blow.......the grass waving.......the trees (the ones I could see) dancing.....and the cloud rolling by. I also could picture the people from way back who walked the land before who worked their fingers to the bone yet could get together that night for a barn dance because they helped a neighbor or a neighbor helped them.
Another love is rocks.........Agates, quarts, opals I have loads I collected as a child some my dad already put into a coffee table for me. others Im waiting for Mr Gab to make into matching end tables.
and collecting old stuff. OMG do I love collecting old stuff. Gas engines. is one of my favorites. I still want to own a Rumbley Oil pull that would be my dream come true! It would also be in honor of my dad! He always wanted to get a steam engine as well.
Dad taught me to drive, yeah not a stick though that was Mr Gab. Dad tried to teach me a stick and I got so upset at what he was trying to say he yelled at me to never drive a stick and get the hell outta the car so we could go home. Mind you he was trying to teach me at the end of a long work day.
But he taught me to drive and then Mr Gab had enough patience to teach me stick. and whoo hoo when I learned stick I thought I was all it!!!
Back to dad though we would go to South Dakota and he would let me drive over there. And he would stop and buy chicken and we would eat and drive and keep on going because you must understand we would leave at about 4:30 am to arrive at my grandma's house around 1pm if we were lucky enough! So to be hungry we didn't stop in a restaurant and eat we keep going. And boy do I remember the first time my mom rode with us. I was driving dad gave me some chicken and mom yelled she can't eat and drive and I told dad to tell mother to shut up I know what Im doing you taught me to eat and drive. And dad said ma just watch her. well mom watched and after about 20 miles and the who piece of chicken she was ok with me driving and eating. Sandwiches were easier of course and we ate many of those too but oh the day we ate chicken and I told dad to tell mom to shut up!!! LOL
And when I wasn't driving I was looking out the window for fly wheels and when I seen them I would shout dad fly wheels. and dad would hit the breaks say where and I would tell him and we would back up to where I seen them then we would get out look at them and if dad was interested he would go find the owner and see if he was willing to sell. Now this some times made for a very long trip home. what usually is an 8 hour trip could now stretch into 10 or more. I usually didn't mind because finding fly wheels for dad made him happy. and Fly wheel were usually on some kind of gas engine. it didn't have to be running, it could be rusty as hell but dad didn't care if he wanted it we usually brought it home.
Another thing I remember when I was a kid was when I was really little mom raised labs. Not any labs Yellow labs and Chocolate labs. Then we had a Black lab for a pet. Now King was a super cool dog. He would get out and be gone and we could whistle and call but no dog. But you open that garage door and he would come from outta no where. Why? because when we opened the garage door it usually meant we were going to SD. and King always went to SD with us. That dog was a great traveller.....till he farted!!! then it was OMG please open the windows! The day we lost him over The Rainbow Bridge was the day I said I would never get another dog. Till I met Pepe. Now Pepe (my name for him) was a BIG white German Shepard and I mean all white!! And I have no idea where the name Pepe came from but that was his name. And the day the lady ran him over on purpose I swore then never to have another dog! Then I found Rex. Now Rex was German Shepard and Lab mixed and I got him when I was still single....and in an apartment! When Jack and I got married he said the dog has to go. It wasn't he didn't like Rex he did just not in apartment. So I took him to dad's. And dad of course said only till you get a house. One year later we got that house and we bought our Rexy home! and he was the best dog ever! and Ive never had another! But Rex wasn't a traveler. He was how ever a great watch dog and watched over our children.
We had Lady. She was our traveler. and what a traveler she turned out to be. Dad got a little upset that we brought our dog with us on trips but I reminded him of King and he stopped complaining.
Dad Liked to pheasant hunt as well. and one time I asked if I could shoot the gun? so they set up a target and showed me how to shoot and then gave me the gun! DARN STINKERS DIDN'T TELL ME THERE WAS A KICK BACK!!!! I was on my ass so fast and my shoulder hurt so bad I never wanted to try that again. Course dad and my bother both laughed at me.
One thing dad didn't teach me that Uncle Harold did and that was to drive a tractor. I was 5. I watched my older sister drive it into the corner of the barn, my older brother drive it into the coal bin attached to the chicken coop and I wanted to try. Well of course they laughed at me I'm only 5. But Harold thought it would be ok as long as he rode along side of me. Well he got it started showed me how to put it in gear showed me the breaks and off we went. I drove it all the way down the hill to the water tank next to the pump and didnt hit a thing. Ya know it still gets into my siblings gull that I could drive with out hitting a thing at 5! and my brother was about 13 at the time and my sister was 15! LOL showed them I did I did!
Yup dad taught me a lot. Hurt me a lot too. but I got over it. (mostly) I'm still here. I can mostly remember the good things with dad with out getting angry. I do love him. and Miss him.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Shhh hear that?

My house is empty! It is mine again!

Nikki her two boys and Waffles formally known as Bob and our oldest son have moved into their own place. And I miss them.

Yep sure do. Once you have some one living with you for awhile and you do things together and have a blast doing them well when they leave its like a big let down.

Thing is I can still call her and still get together with her. But now there is a difference. I don't know if you can quite understand but it's a girl thing I think.

and of course thats the other reason she had to move! Because 2 women living under the same roof dont always work either and after awhile tempers flare. Maybe not at each other but at our respective loved ones. I cant really say spouse because she isnt married to our son. although she is much like a daughter in law as any could be.

But we all know its time for them to move forward and us to move forward and each go on with our lives (I still wanna go to FL)

So here's a toast to you Nikki in your new home. May you have much happiness there as you did here (maybe more so with out me around LOL)
this is my toast to you enjoy your new home!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Our grandson moved out earlier this year. Oh how I cried, and cried. You know this is the one we raised since he was a baby. He's 18 now and yes I know its time for him to be on his own. BUT he's not finished with school yet so I didn't want him to leave just yet. 
well, things were going along we were talking to him and every now and again we would have to either go get him and take him to work or pick him up from work and take him home. Now taking him to work wasnt so bad as that was usually early in the afternoon around 2pm. BUT going home at night was after 11pm and we were usually in bed by then.
One day he was visiting me and he goes he would like to come back home and Im like ok. and he was like but there will be a visitor. and Im like ok. and he said a dog. UT OH grandpa doesnt want any more animals! Period! So I said ok well your gonna have to talk to grandpa about that. Well we went to lunch and he went to the bathroom and I quickly call Mr Gab and I told him. and he hesitated. and I'm like but honey I want him home. We then hung up.
Grandson came out and he took my phone and he texted his grandpa and told him he wanted to come home but he had a dog that had to come too. Grandpa texted back and said "your welcome to come back at any time you want I love you and the dog can come too." and Grandson texted back "good to know Love you too" and with that grandson moved back home the very next day.
and with him he brought Bam Bam
A choc lab pit bull mix.
Bam thinks he is a lap dog. and Mr Gab is the lap he likes! Mr Gab is a softy for our grandson. and the dog. We don't like the fact he is a Pit Bull. but he seems to be a good dog....grandson rescued him from some abusive people so Bam is a little skittish and he gets a little over excited and pees but other wise he has moved in and joined the family with very little problems......well Ok Lucky and Waffles don't like him But what cats like dogs? Well they do after they get to know each other but so far they are still in the growling stage!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


I have found the condo I want to buy in Florida. Now to get Mr Gab on board! Never mind that we will be leaving the grand kids I will get over it. Never mind I will be moving thousands of miles away from my family and friends There is face book and cell phones. I want warm weather and beaches I want this condo. 3 bedrooms 3 baths and all on a golf course. Ah hell that doesn't matter to me. I just like the 3 bd 3 bth part all for one low price of well wait there are 3 available 2 at $149,900 and 1 at $155,900. I don't know why the one is more than the other 2 when they are all in same building but I DON'T CARE I WANT ONE! And I better hurry cause they look like they are in a good spot! wonder if my realtor in SD has sold my farm yet?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I don't understand

I am just a little unhappy right now. and I guess pissed off. Mr Gab and I had gone out last year to buy a F150 pick-up truck and ended up with an F350 his dream truck. we paid it off this year so its all ours. Great I am happy. EXCEPT I'm still driving my Durango that is falling apart. I have to put in power steering fluid every day and oil ever week. The muffler is loud and we've already been pulled over for it. So today I started to look for a new car. I found something I like (well ok I seen something I might like because I've only seen it online) Its a 2006 Cadillac Escalade 4Dr AWD
and Right now its something I think I will like to drive. and it's cost is only $4,000. more that what we paid for Mr Gab's truck! But he's upset that I want that kinda car. He wants me to stick with something like another Dodge Durango. I like my Durango but good grief why can't I have something I want for a change? Last time I got the exact car I wanted it lasted 3 months because we hit a deer and totaled it. So yeah I want to get another what I want kinda car. Doesn't mean we are gonna hit another deer with it does it?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Not A lot yet at this end

That's new. Oh wait yes there is I got my hair cut today....AND the big news is ...............DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......................... THEY ARE MOVING OUT THE 28TH OF THIS MONTH! YAY!!! I can't wait to have my house back. (they being our oldest son his girlfriend and her two boys)
I've got  Tonya's two youngest boys over night tonight. She took a last minute job at Pizza Hut working till close. she thought that Shawn who usually comes to take the boys off my hands at a decent hour would be taking them but alas he worked tonight too. So grandma comes to the rescue again. I just had them this past weekend for the whole weekend too. Well Friday night and Saturday night then they went home about 11am on Sunday morning.
I wasn't suppose to even have them at all this past weekend But I opened my big mouth and started a fight with Jeremy's other grandma and the bitch that she is she then said fine you keep him then I never want him again! Well what the hell kind of grandma are you? So ok now I have Jeremy. Then around 4pm on Friday Tonya calls me and says Logan's dad is sick could I drop him off there? I'm like oh hell no Logan is staying with me. There is no reason to take Logan out to his dad's if his dad is sick!  So now I've both boys. REASON: It was Tonya's Birthday on Thursday and she went out to play bingo Friday night and then she "supposedly" went to work at PH Saturday and worked till 3 am Sunday morning so instead of getting boys so late she wanted to just leave them. so ok she did and I said now you owe me big time and I want a weekend off SOON! Yeah and here I am on a Tuesday babysitting again! and you know she is still dropping them off in the morning and I send them off to school and then they come here after school till she gets off work at 4:30pm. Monday through Friday and any day there is no school I have them ALL DAY LONG!
I am counting the days till June. April. maybe even May! I dont know which month it will be Mr Gab can't seem to make up his mind either but one of those months we are leaving.................and baby we aren't looking back

Friday, March 14, 2014


Hello....been awhile..........Well lets see I did all those tests the doctors wanted both the head doctor and the heart doctor. and all they could find wrong was in my left ear Ive got fluid in the middle ear. and they said yes that can make me fall down ...........A LOT! So told me to take Sudifed.

Now we are to this weekend. Yesterday was our daughter's birthday. She turned 37! she was pushing it by saying on facebook she was almost 40! HER OLDEST BROTHER WILL BE 40 THIS YEAR NOT HER! I said stop trying to push me into the grave!
And today and tomorrow I have her 2 youngest boys. Jeremy who is 11 and Logan who is 7. so far we have been doing computer stuff. Tomorrow I have outside stuff planned as well as possibly a movie! not sure what one yet but I will see whats out there in the morning.


On May 3rd we are heading home! yes HOME! To South Dakota. with no one but hubby and me. AND WHY IS IT A SECRET YOU ASK.
well remember last summer when hubby retired? and remember I announced it all over facebook and here? Yeah remember what happened next? We ended up with our granddaughter! Yeah so not telling anyone this time. Oh and dont worry about it being here. No one who is gonna wreak our trip will read this. they are on face book but NOT HERE! I'm safe! (I hope anyways)
and if things work out the way we hope we will also go home the first week of June and first week of July! Then we will decided from there what we will do. We have signed the papers for this house so hopefully we will save it. and if we do come June our daughter and her boys will move into this house and hubby and I will be on our way to well we arent sure yet.We keep fighting about this. To make a long story short even though I want to go to Florida where its warm I think we may end up staying here just buying a condo here (or one of those 55+ places and being next to our grand kids. They have been so much a part of our lives Im not sure we can leave them. But thats still up in the air. for now we are working on SD! and deciding what to do there!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

I'm an old lady what the hell do you expect?

So I went to my neurologist today and he wanted to know why I was falling down a lot. I said I don't know but I was hoping he could tell me. He asked about my recent falls and I said well I knew why I fell about 2 weeks ago it was icy and I fell. Hit my head on the sidewalk. Then this week on Tuesday I was standing outside of my car when I next realized I was under my car on the ground. So he ordered some tests. He wants an x-ray on my left hip to make sure I didn't break anything. and he wants an MRI on my head for the fall 2 weeks ago. Then Im gonna get a 48 hour ambulatory EEG. when all that is done with I get to go and meet up with a Cardiologist. and get my heart checked out. When He asked me if I had a cardiologist and I said no he said well we are gonna get you one because your at that age where you will need one. SO now I've got a regular doctor, a rheumatologist, a neurologist  and now a cardiologist! 4 doctors just to keep me going.

I'm now officially OLD

Friday, January 31, 2014

are we stupid people?

So the other night I was cruising the internet, and this title caught my attention"people you are stupid"
So I stopped to read it.
It talked about we already have the cures for all major disease. And to give money to any of them is a waste of time and your money.
I was like WHAT? So of course I had to read on.......
The person who wrote this said think about this if you will, think of our president our congress well for that matter any government official do you ever hear about them getting sick with major disease?  NO YOU DON'T!!! This is because they already get the cure for anything they could Get sick with.  Now think about this why does our presidents need  secret service after they leave office......1) so they can keep reciving any medicines they may have gotten while in office to keep their health so no one ever finds out. And 2) so they never disclose that these cures exist. Then when they are up in age where it is more approperate for them to get sick n because of age die sooner then they no longer feel they are a threat.
Now this got me thinking....could this be true?
And so off went my thinking.....and trying to cruise to see if I could find anything to back it up. I found nothing plus I lost the artical which I read this.

OK now here is my I got a tablet! I am having fun learning how to use it........BUT I should have gotten a keyboard!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Any time now Enough is Enough.

Below home from school.......bundle up so you don't freeze.....when the hell is it gonna end?
We don't have a lot of snow maybe about 3 feet. But it is so damn cold. colder than I can remember and I remember a lot!
I am NOT one of those people who go around saying I remember when I was a kid I had to walk 10 miles to school in 30 below and 8 feet of snow. LOL no that would be my dad. Now granted I don't know for sure if he ever had to do that, but he sure like to make that point a lot because I would ask him for a ride to school and my school was only 1 mile from our house and I could have walked or even taken the bus. Well except if you had ever been on our bus you'd know why 3/4 's of us walked! our bus driver was a manic. she would pull out in front of on coming cars and say well now they better stop because I'm bigger than they are and the bus will do more damage to their car than their car to the bus and crap like that! and then their was a guy who drove it before her and he would leave his pipe in the bus and she would toss it out the window and say stinky shit. so disrespectful! Plus she liked to see how fast she could get the bus going from one corner to the next then slam on the breaks!
So most of us walked rather than ride with her.
So asking dad for a ride in the winter got you a long winded story about how he had to walk to school in worse weather than what was going on that day!
He always gave me a ride but I always got a lecture too.
Dad had his rules:
Dont drink, Dont smoke, Dont swear, Dont have sex, Dont get pregaunt while in school. Funny thing was he was giving me "Bock" beer when I was 12 so dang there went that one! and the swearing well....I did but not around dad till I hit 15. The rest I did really well on I never did smoke and the sex waited till I was 18 same with getting pregaunt. I was 19.
I wonder what dad would be saying about all this cold weather? I know he would have some answer to why. He always had an answer. it might not be right but he had an answer!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I think every thing is going to hell

You know we see more and more about people going off the deep end and going out and shooting up places and killing innocent people. and everyone blames guns.
Then you see things like nurses who are stealing drugs to either support their own habit or to sell for big bucks. Who do they blame? the drugs and a lot of these nurses are put back into the system and are still working.
Now today I read something that turned my stomach so bad that I hope to hell that I NEVER EVER LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO BE IN A NURSING HOME.
The nursing assistants are abusing the residents. WHAT?
I remember when I was a nursing assistant. I was there to care for those who could no longer care for themselves. I took pride in being able to do for them what they no longer could do. In fact I was embarrassed when I had to wash a man's private area. I would say something like "ok I'm going to wash your family jewels now ok? Some would laugh at me others were grateful I didn't just grab and start washing. like some of the other girls did. In fact I was requested more and more by the men and women there because I was careful and because I was embarrassed and because I RESPECTED THEM!
That was the big thing I RESPECTED THEM! at all times. it didn't matter how far into their dementia they were I still respected them. I would talk to them as if they were still with us.
My feeling were these older people were people who went before us. They knew of harder times than I will ever know. and sometimes when they had good days they told stories. it didn't matter to me that they thought I was their daughter or granddaughter I listened and sometimes cried.
I RESPECTED THEM I honored them.
So to know that there are people out there now who are abusing residents bothers the hell out of me. What are these people thinking? and for gods sakes what are they getting out of it?
I know the frustrations of changing an old persons diaper and being upset that it was icky. But it was part of my job and I knew that going into the job.
and I also knew about those with dementia being combative and can possibly hurt you but you know that going into the job as well. SO if you already know this and this is why you are now hurting them or abusing them then God help you! Because I knew and I accepted it and when something got to be to much I asked for a quick break and walked away because I cant blame them. They no longer know what they are doing. and those who do don't you think its an embarrassment for them to have a young person change their diaper? don't you think they would rather die than live like this? But they are still here because God hasn't called for them yet. And they have to rely now on you to take care of them and they don't like it any more than you do. But if you have compassion and respect for these folks you can make it through the job. But to Abuse them NO NO NO.
I hope I never ever have to live that way. I hope God takes me long before I need to live that way. I pray for that.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our summer was our insight

I was out at the store yesterday shopping for a few groceries when I over heard a couple of guys talking.

1st guy) Yeah this summer was our insight to this winter.

2nd guy) What do ya mean?

1st guy) well hell our summer was so damn hot this year it had to follow that our winter would be so damn cold!

2nd guy) oh yeah that seems about right. Hey ya know I heard that it's gonna get cold again this week down below zero.

1st guy) see what did I tell ya. It's not gonna let up. We will end up having the coldest winter in history.

2nd guy) why didnt we take that offer to go over to Hawaii? this is BS!

I had to think on this one a bit. Was our hot summer an insight to our freezing winter? I know Mr Gab had seen all the beaver houses way out in the middle so he knew it wasn't going to be an easy winter.
But does our hot weather have anything to do with our cold freeze our asses off winter this year? I dont know but I tell ya what had I known that the hot weather was an insight to a freezing cold winter I WOULD HAVE BEEN IN FLORIDA! THIS CRAP ISN'T FIT FOR MAN KIND!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

11 days in Whats new?

We are 11 days into our new year. Whats new?
Our oldest grandson is talking of moving out at the end of this month. I AM NOT HAPPY!
He is moving out mainly because Mr Gab has NOT kicked out our oldest son and his girlfriend and her two boys who were never to be here to begin with (the boys not the other two they were told they could stay 30 days well their 30 days expired 5 months ago but for some reason Mr Gab isnt doing a damn thing)
And speaking of THAT! I have threaten to move out myself. He says GOOD BYE
I dont think he believes I ever would.....well I would if the weather was better I would go home to South Dakota. I would live on the farm in my camper. I would figure out what to do by next winter if it went that far! BUT I WOULD DO IT!
Not just threaten because Im damn sick of this crap they dont help clean they cook but they make all the food so damn spicy I cant eat it. When I bitch and complain they "forget" the next time....and when they cook they dont clean up I have left dishes for 3 weeks (ISHY)
Finally I yelled at my oldest son You can never ever cook another meal in this house I dont give a damn if you f***en starve! He goes why. Mr Gab goes because your mother and I are the only one doing the damn dishes for more people than we need to be doing dishes for. He goes well gee all ya gotta do is ask. F**K do you know how many times I have asked? and asked? and asked? And he has never ever come out of his bedroom to do dishes!well that night he did dishes. then made spaghetti and didnt do the dishes afterwards! GOD I AM REALLY HATING THAT KID OF MINE!!!!
I told everyone that if they arent out of my house by the end of this month the sheriff will assist them out. and Im sticking to it.


Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Celebrity Deaths 2013 Full Year


Good afternoon, and Welcome to Flight # 2014. We are prepared to take off into the New Year. Please make sure your Attitude and Blessings are secured and locked in an upright position. All self destructive devices should be turned off at this time. All negativity, hurt and discouragement should be put away. Should we lose Altitude under pressure during the flight, reach up and pull down a Prayer. Prayers will automatically be activated by Faith. Once your Faith is activated you can assist other passengers. There will be NO BAGGAGE allowed on this flight. The Captain has cleared us for takeoff. Destination GREATNESS. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013






Monday, December 23, 2013


I will be very busy next two days as I have been very sick. I've had phenomena.
And it wouldn't have been so bad had I just had Phenomena no no...I couldn't keep fluids down either, and so even though I had a script for a med THAT was to help me keep stuff down. my body rejected it. Yes Some days I really hate my body! it wont just let me be sick with a cold or Phenomena no no it has to take all the fun out of it so that why I am coughing my damn fool brains out, I'm also tossing "my cookies" as they say. Thing is there were no cookies involved just water and the more water I drank the more I tossed it!!! and of course in the dire need of being hanging over the porcelain throne wouldn't ya know it diarrhea!! I don't know how many times I missed due to the fact I couldn't turn over fast enough and I'm super PO"D at whom ever took the Bucket outta the bathroom so I wouldn't have these ghastly mistakes. Oh and let me tell you one more thing before I waddle my way back to bed! Imodium AD didn't help one damn bit! took 8 of those suckers in 4 days and still have a waterfall going! CHRISTMAS BAH HUM BUG!! phfffffffff