Monday, April 21, 2014

So many questions

I've been almost glued to the TV as of late. Watching first looking for an airplane. Wondering if it really is in the water or if there is someone laughing their heads off because they are holding everyone some where on some secluded island, waiting for the right time to let us know that they have them. Then watching the ship that has sunk with all those students aboard. Now this one bothers me the most. WHY? Because my grand kids are getting of an age where their schools take trips and they of course want to go. A Bus trip Oh yes did you see the Fed-Ex truck that hit that bus with those kids in? AGAIN another tragedy with young people, off to a collage. My grand kids so far have taken a bus trip to Chicago. Ok yes they did make it there and back with out incident. BUT there are other grand children still coming up and other trips. Especially a trip with the band and they usually go to Florida then take a "boat ride" over to the Bahama's!  So that's 1 airplane ride to Florida and then 1 Boat (ship) ride to the Bahama's then back again. and anything can happen. NOW I KNOW WHAT YOU ALL ARE GONNA TELL ME, IT CAN HAPPEN RIGHT HERE WITH ME DRIVING (as we already know it has) Yes your right but trips with the schools taking these trips and stuff happening and your suppose to be able to send your child off to school daily to learn not to "travel" and possibly be hurt or worst.
I watch those poor parents who are waiting by the sea who are praying that there might be a small chance their child is still alive. then the pain when they bring several children's bodies up and they find theirs as one of those who didn't make it and I hurt right along with them. I am a mom. I know their pain even if I haven't lost a child. (I've only lost one before they were born). But I feel their pain and I cry right along with them. and I wonder why? why in the world did the captain not get those children up to the top of the ship instead of saying stay where you are(or in your room)? Do I think he should be held responsible? YES! Do I think he should go to jail for murder? YES! I listen to his explaination and think I'm sorry even if they were in the cold waters and swept away (which may not have even happened) would that not have been better than a child being alive in a room hoping they will get out because the captain said stay, and they trust the Captain? And then they drown? I mean if they had been up top and had on life jackets and had washed over board there would have been a smaller knowledge that they might not make it. But at least they would be given a better chance I believe. I know everyone says it's God's will but I'm sorry I think this Captain is more at fault than God's will.

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