Saturday, May 31, 2008



Here is Puff all streached out relaxing. But see those Orange and white paws back there? They are ready to pounce and ruin that nice relaxing pose.
Pumpkin and puff asleep on the back of the couch. You see these two are very close so Im not sure how well pumpkin will do without his buddy.

The grand Puff! Doesnt he look regal? He looks nice and big and healthy! Now try to imagine him and bones. Thats what he looked like when he died skin and bones. Not like this grand picture.

Here he is in one of his last days. He still looks good, but he has started to loose weight.

PUFF Sept 1996- May 2008.

Sorry just cant talk about it right now.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Did you wonder?

About the previous blog posting? There are more and more places putting those signs in their windows. Some start out with "sorry we are closed" usually followed by "going out of business" and lastly followed by "For sale"
And do you know what makes me the maddest of all?
Some of these signs are on brand new homes. The big home builders are failing as well, they build these million dollar homes which no one can afford and then they cant pay those bills so they now are out of business. Now here is where I get really teed off. More and more families are losing their homes some like us have lived in their homes for many years and can no longer afford them because of higher prices for necessities. ie gas, electric, phone etc etc!
So we have more and more people living out on the streets in their cars or in shelters. People who are proud people who don't deserve to be out there but are because prices keep soaring but wages don't. And here is the kicker.......we have all these homes empty (some built back in the 1900) and then we have lots and lots of the million dollar homes empty as well yet what do I see? They are still building more of these homes. some aren't Million dollar homes but they are over 200,000. and folks cant afford those either. Another thing that gets me, is that there are these spots that you would never even believe building one home let alone 50 yet now there they are. example.....Out by my dad's where I grew up, are several spots that were swamp land. Notice I said were. Yes you got it. They pushed in a little dirt and built homes. I'm sorry but once swamp land always swamp land. You know in the future something will happen and those homes will sink or something equally disastrous will happen. You can't pay me to live there. Another spot? Driving into Mpls there was a spot that was industrial now you know where there are industrial stuff there will be seepage of junk into the ground and they are now building homes there. Aw come on what kind of crap are they pulling? Anyone who has lived here for awhile knows what all has been there. But see that's what they are counting on "new people" people who haven't a clue what was there before. Be it swamp or industrial. They are counting on the fact that these new people won't know anything and will buy these homes and move in and have a happy life hopefully for 30 or more years. But will those homes last 3o years without problems? Either way I just am not happy. If our economy is to ever get better they need to stop raising prices and stop building homes no one can afford so they can stop putting signs into their windows.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Whew Thank goodness

Well after several trips to the ER Lj is on the road to recovery. They were afraid at one point that his kidneys were failing. (after all he went over 15 hours without going) They put another IV in and after almost 2 1/2 bags of fluid he started to go.
Today was his runny day. Every diaper was a runny stinky diaper. I didn't care that he had the runs all I was concerned about was that he was wet every time.
And today he ate without being sick afterwards. So I was doing the "Happy Dance".
And just in time for him to go see his daddy again.
and as for me, well I'm still hurting....back of my legs and hips still bothering me. But again it was worth it. I so enjoyed taking the boys. When Mr Gab went to work last night, the guy who brought in the tickets came by and Mr Gab thanked him profusely. He said we usually buy nose bleed seats when we go so this was a very nice treat. He said he was glad that didn't have to go to waste because he wasn't able to go. Mr Gab was it was a real nice treat for the two oldest grandson as well as his wife. After talking for awhile Mr Gab said thank you again and went back to work. Our youngest son was a little mad because he would have like to taken his two boys but he had to work that night so he couldn't go.
You know sometimes when things like this fall in our laps, I have to stop and say a small thanks because as of these tough times we could never afford to even take the boys to a game, not even the cheap nose bleed seats.
Now could someone drop a washer in my lap?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a nice surprise

Yesterday our phone rang and it said Holiday Station and I thought "oh no". I passed the phone over to Mr Gab and said "it's for you". Well he answered and I hear this" Tonight? No nothing, Yes what time?" And I'm sitting there going "NO NO NO" I did not want Mr Gab to work because he just came off two 16 hour shifts and I knew he needed rest especially as I knew he was working tonight. When he hung up I said in a not so nice voice...What was that all about? and Mr Gab said well T (his boss at Holiday) said that one of their very good customers came in with some baseball tickets for the game between the Twins and The Red Soxs. And I said when and how many. He said 4 and tonight. Oh no I said not tonight the 2 oldest boys all ready have things going on for tonight. He said cant they cancel them? So I called the youngest grandsons big brother big sister and asked if they could make it a different night. I told them we had gotten tickets for the baseball game for that night. They said no problem. Now I had to wait for oldest grandson to come home from school to see if he could miss his event. When he finally got home and I asked him at first he's like No I cant. then as we said ok we would have to take his other brother he's like no no I want to go. So I called our daughter and told her what was going on. But see in the mean time there was some other stuff going on. Baby Lj came home sick from his daddy's on Friday night. Saturday he wasn't much better and daughter took him into emergency room. They put an IV in and pushed in fluids. They said he had the starting of pneumonia and a urinary tract infection. But he was still throwing up on Sunday and wasn't drinking anything. So she took him back and they did another IV. Then on Monday, we kept checking his diaper and he was dry. this is now 15 hours later and he hasn't wet once. So daughter came home early Monday and she took Lj and went and picked up JJ from school then took him back to the hospital. Mean while we got Aj from his bus and took off to go pick up tickets at Mr Gab's job and then off to the game we went. We get there and find out we are behind 1st base and in row 15 seats 1-4. These are great seats. We also noted that the person who bought these tickets paid $55.00 a piece! WOW very nice indeed. Biggest problem was me. First we had to park a little ways away from the dome. So I had to walk a bit. Then we get up there and had to walk to elevator to go down. But then came the worse part of all...........a million steps! Well, ok not a million but boy it sure seemed like it. I got down and said I hope I don't have to go to the bathroom because I cant go back up. So there we are watching the game and every now and again daughter is keeping me posted on Lj by text messages and a couple of pictures. It was kinda hard to focus on the game and worry about the baby but I did ok. Then it happened. Now mind you I didn't buy anything to eat or drink. I knew there were those million steps and I didn't want to have to try to make a trip. But, as we all know your body has other ideas. I told Mr Gab to stay with the kids(after all that's one place you really don't want to leave them alone) and I would try to make it by myself, I had my cane. Well, I got up the first 20 steps and stood there almost in tears. Legs were shaking, hips were screaming and back said your gonna be sorry tomorrow!. A very nice guy came and asked if I needed help? I said yes please. So he held out an arm and up we went one step at a time. I finally made it back to the top took a breather till my legs stopped shaking and wet off to find the ladies room. I was lucky it wasn't that far. Coming back I was wondering how I was going to get back down, When I had gone about 5 steps I heard Hi neighbor. I turned to look and there were my two grandsons who also had made the trip to the bathroom. So I told oldest grandson to help his grandma back down to the seats. Actually going down wasn't as bad as going up. So now I'm back watching the game and I tell Mr Gab I'm not going to be able to go back up again. He says don't worry we will figure out something. As it turned out Mr Gab helped me all the way back up. Getting to the car was painful as now Ive done much more walking than I'm suppose to and even with the cane I'm hurting in places I didn't know existed. Finally found the car again and headed for home. I was never so glad to know we were on our way home when I could use a heating pad! Oh and Yes the MN Twins won the game 7 to 3!
Today I get up and again Im glad I have a heating pad for my poor back. It was great fun and I'd do it again, but oh my it sure was painful.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


To all the mom's out there here is a single red rose. You are the best.
And let me share the flowers I got from my daughter and grandson's who live with me.

Gotta join the crowd in bloggedin

So you all go check this out and maybe just maybe you can win $100 gift certificate from Target. Heck ya Im in lol. There is a link below... see it? ok then go check it out what ya waitin for?

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Photo hunt-share any picture

This first photo is of us as a little family just starting out. Our oldest son is about 3 there and yes I'm expecting our daughter in this photo. See my nice long hair? And Mr Gab has a mustache, and this is also pre-glasses era. How do you like our son's curly hair? Every one kept saying our little girl had most wonderful curly hair. Should have seen their faces when I said he was a boy!

Here we are with all three of our kids. Our family is complete. My hair is shorter, Mr Gab now has glasses. Oldest son lost his curls. youngest son is bald!

Here is what oldest son now looks like @ 33 years curls there.
Daughter now @31 years old
Youngest son @ 29 and yes he's still kinda bald, thats why he's wearing a baseball cap!
Here I am, no long hair for me any more.
And Mr Gab. This was taken just before his eye surgery. Try to picture him without the glasses and you will have what we all look like today. The before and after pictures! Hope you enjoyed them.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Do I need a car?

Well, I'm sure by now you've all heard about my dilemma with my car. But I've got more oh yes I do.
I got my car back today again. This time it cost us almost $900.00 more. Our bank account said we had like 500.00 something. well it now says I have 4.08 left! And yet again Ive not paid mortgage payment.
BUT GET THIS..................................................
Mr Gab brings home my car and he is gonna go work on the breaks and rotors. And all of a sudden he comes and knocks on our bedroom window and tells me to come out.
When I get out side he says to me go look at your windshield.
ITS BROKE! I say well the dealership has to pay for it. He says we are covered. I say oh heck no because why use our insurance when they broke it. So we waged a battle for awhile and tomorrow I will call and find out what they want us to do.

And we still don't have a washer. We will need to go to the laundry mat for awhile. (did you know they aren't very cheap?) I could get another one off craigslist for free but who wants one that's gonna need work(after all that's why they are giving them away on craigslist for free).
Some one in MN won the big powerball Sat night but it wasnt me! (dang it)
God I really hope I get some good news soon.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Well lets get the bad news outta the way first.
My Durango is back in the shop. I went to walmart on Sunday and it died. Some nice young men pushed me off the main line of traffic and then with a lot of tugging until we got the steering wheel turned they got me into a spot. I called Mr Gab told him then I went in to shop. I came back out and tried it again, it started but wouldn't stay running. So Mr Gab came over. After 2 hours trying we gave up and left it there in the parking lot overnight. Monday the dealership came and towed it. When they called back they said it was a sensor that would cost us $500.00!!!!!
They had to order it so we are waiting.

NOW THE GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and many more.

AND VERY LAST.............
it's mine and Mr Gabs 34th anniversary today. Happy anniversary Hon I love ya.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Photo Hunt - time

Well I "lost" my time this week as well as a lot of money. When we were going to go up to hubbys meeting on Weds I was taking my camera up to my dad's to snap a picture of some of his clocks. Dad has a lot of clocks.
And as you all know our Durango broke down. We managed to get it over to the dealership Thursday morning and they ran diagnostics on it. They came back will a lot wrong with it, but the main two things were the fuel pump and some valve that tells you the engine needs attention. So with that in mind they said $950.00. YIKES! Well, there went this months house payment! DANG. I wanted to try and stay ahead of the game. sheeze.
So Mr Gab said fix it. We borrowed daughter's mini van and did some of what we needed done Thursday. On Friday morning after I took daughter to work again so I could take Aj to his Doctors appointment. I had just barely gotten home after dropping Aj off at school, when the phone rang and they said our Durango was done. Total $ 975.38. Taxes I think. So I drove over to daughters office and gave her the keys to her mini van much to her delight.
And Mr Gab called about front brakes and rotors and promptly spent another $114.98. But he will install these himself when he has "time" off this week. If by chance I some how get up to dad's and get a photo of his clocks I will add it later. Hope your having a great weekend.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


I quit I quit!!!!!
Lets see where do I start? I had some good news that was good then turned bad. Why because now my friend calls me like every 2 mins. Its like she doesn't have a life. Ive gotta get her to understand one way or another I DO HAVE A LIFE AND I'M BUSY.
Then we have 4 computers in this house and 3 of the 4 don't work. GREAT!
Then yesterday hubby and I started out to go up to his job because he had a meeting and then we were going to eat out. On the way the Durango stopped right in the middle of the road. We called for a tow truck. They said 45 mins. We tried others got the same response. Then the durango started. So off we went. For about another 20 blocks. Then right in the middle of a left turn lane IT DIED AGAIN! This time we were there over 1 1/2 hours. No police or even other drivers stopped to help. Worse part about it is that other drivers would pull right up behind us honk scream obscenities and then drive around! We not only had our emergency flashers on but the hood open.
Daughter finally came to get me and kids and we went home. On our way back past hubby we seen he was off to the side of the road and a police car was in front of him. Whew that's better.
We get home daughter is off to work at the hut. Kids and I waited for Mr Gab to get home. Soon he is home and we want to go out to eat, but oh crap wait.....we cant all fit in our stationwagon. So I called daughter to borrow her mini van. Which she had driven to work but took her stationwagon to deliver pizzas. Confused? LOL I know that feeling well. Ok she borrowed her station wagon to a guy who also works at Pizza Hut. He cooks, she drives. So he gets there parks and then when she works she drives her mini van to work and then takes her wagon out on deliveries. Understand?
Well, she couldnt come to get me, so she sent a friend. I went over then had to wait awhile for her to get back to give me keys. I finally get them head home pick up everyone else and go out to Applebees. We had a very nice dinner (last one we will get for a long long time)
Now today......I take daughter to work so I can use her mini van. Mr Gab manages to start the durango and drives it over to the dealship to have them look at it. I went and picked him up. On our way home we stopped at a few garage sales.
Once home we waited for them to call about the car.
When they called the news was there was a lot wrong with the Durango. We told them to fix the main two things wrong which was fuel pump and some valve. For a total of 950 bucks! YIKES
Mr Gab said ok go ahead and fix just those two things.
Then he went downstairs to wash another load of clothes for me and started to yell. I waited I knew he'd be up to tell me soon enough. I figured kids probably left toys on the floor down in front of the machine and he stepped on it. What I wasnt expecting was what he said......Well there goes that we dont have a washing machine now either. DANG WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS!!!! Now what?
I have another washer a brand new one in SD. But of course I need the Durango to go over to get it. why me?
All donations gladly accepted, lol
OH and to make matters worse? On Tuesday May our grandson Aj's 9th birthday and mine and Mr Gab's 34th Anniversary. Im not going to worry about me and Mr Gab exchanging gifts but what about Aj? We will be able to find money for a gift? And of course house payment is due. Oooooooh my aching head
Good gosh I hope your week is better.