Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a nice surprise

Yesterday our phone rang and it said Holiday Station and I thought "oh no". I passed the phone over to Mr Gab and said "it's for you". Well he answered and I hear this" Tonight? No nothing, Yes what time?" And I'm sitting there going "NO NO NO" I did not want Mr Gab to work because he just came off two 16 hour shifts and I knew he needed rest especially as I knew he was working tonight. When he hung up I said in a not so nice voice...What was that all about? and Mr Gab said well T (his boss at Holiday) said that one of their very good customers came in with some baseball tickets for the game between the Twins and The Red Soxs. And I said when and how many. He said 4 and tonight. Oh no I said not tonight the 2 oldest boys all ready have things going on for tonight. He said cant they cancel them? So I called the youngest grandsons big brother big sister and asked if they could make it a different night. I told them we had gotten tickets for the baseball game for that night. They said no problem. Now I had to wait for oldest grandson to come home from school to see if he could miss his event. When he finally got home and I asked him at first he's like No I cant. then as we said ok we would have to take his other brother he's like no no I want to go. So I called our daughter and told her what was going on. But see in the mean time there was some other stuff going on. Baby Lj came home sick from his daddy's on Friday night. Saturday he wasn't much better and daughter took him into emergency room. They put an IV in and pushed in fluids. They said he had the starting of pneumonia and a urinary tract infection. But he was still throwing up on Sunday and wasn't drinking anything. So she took him back and they did another IV. Then on Monday, we kept checking his diaper and he was dry. this is now 15 hours later and he hasn't wet once. So daughter came home early Monday and she took Lj and went and picked up JJ from school then took him back to the hospital. Mean while we got Aj from his bus and took off to go pick up tickets at Mr Gab's job and then off to the game we went. We get there and find out we are behind 1st base and in row 15 seats 1-4. These are great seats. We also noted that the person who bought these tickets paid $55.00 a piece! WOW very nice indeed. Biggest problem was me. First we had to park a little ways away from the dome. So I had to walk a bit. Then we get up there and had to walk to elevator to go down. But then came the worse part of all...........a million steps! Well, ok not a million but boy it sure seemed like it. I got down and said I hope I don't have to go to the bathroom because I cant go back up. So there we are watching the game and every now and again daughter is keeping me posted on Lj by text messages and a couple of pictures. It was kinda hard to focus on the game and worry about the baby but I did ok. Then it happened. Now mind you I didn't buy anything to eat or drink. I knew there were those million steps and I didn't want to have to try to make a trip. But, as we all know your body has other ideas. I told Mr Gab to stay with the kids(after all that's one place you really don't want to leave them alone) and I would try to make it by myself, I had my cane. Well, I got up the first 20 steps and stood there almost in tears. Legs were shaking, hips were screaming and back said your gonna be sorry tomorrow!. A very nice guy came and asked if I needed help? I said yes please. So he held out an arm and up we went one step at a time. I finally made it back to the top took a breather till my legs stopped shaking and wet off to find the ladies room. I was lucky it wasn't that far. Coming back I was wondering how I was going to get back down, When I had gone about 5 steps I heard Hi neighbor. I turned to look and there were my two grandsons who also had made the trip to the bathroom. So I told oldest grandson to help his grandma back down to the seats. Actually going down wasn't as bad as going up. So now I'm back watching the game and I tell Mr Gab I'm not going to be able to go back up again. He says don't worry we will figure out something. As it turned out Mr Gab helped me all the way back up. Getting to the car was painful as now Ive done much more walking than I'm suppose to and even with the cane I'm hurting in places I didn't know existed. Finally found the car again and headed for home. I was never so glad to know we were on our way home when I could use a heating pad! Oh and Yes the MN Twins won the game 7 to 3!
Today I get up and again Im glad I have a heating pad for my poor back. It was great fun and I'd do it again, but oh my it sure was painful.


Walker said...

I know how you feel about the million steps and I can't figure out why they just don't create more levels.

Sporting events are getting expensive. Seats for a hockey game in the nose bleed section are 50 bucks and beer is 12 each.

I hope you had a good time despite all the walking you had to do.

robinslife said...

Sounds like with all the pain you still had a good time and so did the Mr with the grandkids and all.

I hate the metrodome..horrible..

How is LJ now? I am sure better, but thought I would ask.