Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So remember on the 13th it was my sisters birthday? Well that sister's daughter has a birthday today sooo it true Gab fashion:


and many more! love aunt g!

wow it's funny because this neice is now 15! OMG 15. but ok thats whats not really the funny part. The funny part is my oldest grandson will also be 15 this year just in Nov.

So when my neice was born and then 3 months later my frist grandbaby was born whew I was busy. I was trying to spoil them both. i was trying to put myself into the poor house then I think. But see I couldnt not spoil M just because I had Tj now. I had spoiled M's brothers (rotten I think lol I got them lots of those gameboy games they wanted even when I just bought them one) So I had to also spoil her and now a grandson! now mind you I think the grandson got a little more than my neice did. BUT the thing that realllllllllllyyyyy puts both these kids on top of the world is they get to drive soon!
My neice has already taken driver's school. My grandson has driven my car (with me teaching him) . He will do the school this next year or maybe in next few months after school starts. I to a point am looking forwards to my grandson driving. OMG DID I REALLY SAY THAT? I can hear it now my kids are dropping their mouths and going "mother you've gotten soft in your old age."
See because when it was time for each of my kids to start thinking of driving I said OH HELL NO NOT TILL YOUR 21!!! now here my grandson is only goingto be 15 and Im already teaching him. One reason I am ok with is it is then I can send him to the store and I can sit home. Or he can drive me and I can sit back and relax! It's kinda funny I never thought in those terms with my own kids I was jumpy nervous and definitely not calm. But with my grandson it like whats the big deal? And as for my neice? As long as I cant see her driving Im ok. But should I see her I probably freak! I swear theres something wrong with me. LOL

Thursday, August 19, 2010


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I had my favorite dream again last night. Oooooh and it was almost like it was happening. It starts out with this delivery truck pulling up to my house. A guy jumps out and comes to the house with a envelope. He tells me he has a package for a Gale......... and he needs my ID. So I get my drivers license and show it to him. He takes the little wand thingy and scans my license. Then he takes another do hickey thing out and says he needs my thumb print. So he takes my thumb print and runs it through a machine and a green light pops on and he says ok sign here and its yours. After all that I'm like WTH is in the package. I shut the door and go sit in my chair and start to open it. There I find this cashiers check for $10,000.00. I look at it again then start to scream "what are you kidding where did this come from" Of course the very first thing I do is pay off this house and then pay all and I do mean all of my bills off. Whew that's a relief. Then I split the rest up and either buy bonds or put it into CD's. Then I sit back and dream of what to do with some of the money. I do take some and build a house on my grandparents farm which my dad left to me. I think of buying a spot in Florida and buying a boat. A BIG BOAT cause I wanna sail around to every where I can. I buy some new clothes (after all most of the ones I own now are about 25 yrs old) But I just don't go crazy. I do let Mr Gab get a new truck after all he's been driving junkers for so many years now that he most definitely deserves a new vehicle. But the biggest item I buy is Motor home. Then I drive around the country to all blogger friends and have a party at each and every blogger friends house. It's such a great dream.

I started this Blog yesterday morning before we left to get our oldest grandson. We had to drive up to Hibbing to get him and that's about a four hour drive. We left around 12:30. we got back here around 10pm. We stopped in Milac Lakes to eat at the casino. Our grandson didnt want to come in because he's only 14 and there are signs every where saying no one under 18 allowed in the casino floor. We finally convinced him it was ok we were only going to go eat not play. Then a little girl who was about 10 came out so he figured it was ok to go in to eat. The buffet was pretty good. Our grandson was impressed by the lake. Milac is the biggest lake in MN. We finally got home and I crashed big time.

This morning I was doing good till I took a tumble across the kitchen floor. I hurt my legs pretty bad. My back is also not doing very good. sooo we will have to see how badly its going to be. right now my legs are getting stiff.

Friday, August 13, 2010



and many more!

Yep it may be friday the 13th but its also my baby (oops sorry sis I forgot)sister's birthday. so just like any other time I blog about it and I text her and this year I bragged about it on Facebook.

I was trying to remember a little anidote to tell you all about her when she was little to go along with this birthday wish but I really couldn't remember anything new (the mind is going I think).
So I just wanted to say Happy Birthday sis I love you and wish I was closer to spend time with you on your day, but your gonna have to just accept this blog and Facebook and the text as me being your pain in the butt sister letting everyone know it's your birthday.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mr Gab can drive you crazy if you let him.....

So Mr Gab has now been home about 3 weeks,with about 3 trucking jobs to talk about. 1 for the actual company that he left Holiday for.
So for the most part he's here at home on the internet while we still have it. He has checked out places to get help for my prescriptions, at home jobs and going back to school. If I thought our phone rang off the hook before I was sadly mistaken,now it rangs just about ever 5 secs.About the time the answering machine picks up and they either leave a message or not the next call comes through.
The only really good thing is all the work here on the house is now finally getting done. The new doors on each room looks great. He has helped me finish the dishes (i can load dishwasher but all pots and pans and anything else that cant go in dishwasher I gotta leave for someone else) He washed and dryed all the clothes and I put them all away(I cant find any of my t-shirts I wear cause I put them away)Some of the other things that Ive been waiting for Mr Gab to get around to are getting done. So yeah its good that he's not working but not so good for paying the bills getting my pills or even buying food. We are talking about food stamps something we've only had to do one other time since we've been married. Mr Gab has applied for unemployment again something we've only had to do at least twice before. Mr Gab has called my lawyer to find out whats happening with my lawsuit for the lady who ran the red light 2 years ago. He said he would check into some stuff and call back ....ummmmm that was also 3 weeks ago. I also have talked it over with Mr Gab and pretty much decieded some how we've gotta get a lawyer to fight for my disability for SSI. And in the middle of all of this we are still waiting to see what will happen with my dad's estate. UGH!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

So much has been going on

That I really dont know where to start. So lets just start at what I last remember.
About 3 weeks ago, hubby decieded he was going to change jobs. So he went to Walbon's to see if they had any work. They said yes, this was their busiest season. And they were so short on drivers. So he had drug test done again he didnt need a physical because it was just a year ago that he had one done and that was still good. So Mr Gab. put in his two week notice at Holiday and got ready to drive. His last day aat Holiday was a morning shift 6:30am to 2:30pm. So he wouldnt be tired the next day for his new driving job. We were sitting down to dinner when phone rang. It was Walbon's and the job that was set up for the next day had been canceled and they didnt have any thing else for him. so here he sits day after day searching for another trucking job. We did have a friend who owns his own firm call him to take a weekend job for him so he could have a weekend off. Mr Gab took the job. Thing is with him not working I have no insurance for my meds. AND OMG ARE THEY EXPENSIVE. So I pray every day for him to find something.

Then in the mix......My cousin whom I haven't been getting along with her daughter who was 25 and just had a baby and just got married, got sick. She went into the hospital complaining about a headache. So they gave her meds for migraine, but they were talking about doing a spinal tap. But she started to feel better after they gave her the meds so they sent her home thinking she had a migraine.(our family suffers from migraines) Next day she went back in sicker yet. they were going to fly her to another hospital for better care but she was too sick for the flight.
Then the worse possible thing happened she died. 25 years old. BRAND NEW BABY BRAND NEW HUBBY. and she was gone. They did the autopsy and found she did have spinal meningitis. OMG! SERIOUS?
I didnt go to the funeral even though I ask my cousin if she would be upset if I was there. I was so tired from staying up the night before caring for the grandkids. I fell asleep and missed it.
So all in all it has been busy here. I come and read blogs I sometimes leave a message and some times either laugh or cry to myself. The simplest things, be them funny or not I end up crying. Life just doesn't seem fair.

And once again we are facing loosing this house. They did the remodifcation only to keep the amount of the loan at 1,400.00. which is what we told them to begin with he couldnt afford. So because they didnt drop the amount we are again today 4 months behind. They promised all good things lower amount lower intrest and they didnt follow through. it all stayed the same. what kind of help was that? oh yes they were gonna save our house for us, yep they were. righttttttt! So in the middle of all this jumble we are trying to find money to move back to South Dakota. The reason we will go back there is when we bought that house in 1999 we used all of Mr Gab's 401k money to pay for that house out right. We were keeping this house and renting it so that we could have extra money. After all this is the 1st house we bought when we were first married. So we figured we would live in South Dakota and rent out this house and yeah all would be good.
But you know what happened right? no ok let me tell you. We moved out there because I've always loved South Dakota my dad grew up there and we have a family farm. Dad left me part of the farm so I wanted to be out there. But that house was in no shape to live in so we bought a house in town. We thought we would get a house in town live there in the winters and in the summer we would live in our trailer. it worked out fine. Then in 2004 dad had a heart attack and I came back here to care for him. I moved in with dad in Feb. In may on mother's day I gotta call from the police here in Bloomington telling me to bring a camera. My renters wrecked this house. it was a mess. no doors some of the windows were broken and couldnt close. Oooooohhhh it was awful. When dad and I had a falling out about why I was there careing for him we moved back down here to this house and been here ever since. We have since been slowly fixing this house to try to sell this time then of course the housing market dropped. UGH when it rains it pours!
So there you go....all the stuff thats been going on since I posted my new hair doo.