Friday, October 31, 2008

3 grandkids pumpkin

This first pumpkin his oldest grandson's. If you can't tell he has ghosts and pac-man running across top and bottom. He did this design by himself with just small suggestions from grandma.
This is grandson #2's pumpkin. He too did his by himself with some "light"help from his bigs.(Big Brother Big Sister program)
And finally grandson #3 who is 5 almost 6. He had help from his mom and her friend. He did the heart eyes for me cause he wanted me to know how much he loves me!
This is the first year that I've gotten to sit back and not lift a finger helping. I usually have to "dig out the guts" because they think it's "icky" but for once no one asked me for help other than oldest grandson when he asked what shape (or how to cut) out the ghost and pac-man. All I did was draw it on paper then showed him and talked him through it. Once he got the hang of it he didn't need me any more. His pumpkin is mostly green. This is because it was a volunteer pumpkin that grew in our backyard this year. It got a very late start and we had to "pick" it earlier this week when the frost got bad. Plus the birds and stray cats were doing a number on it. We had hoped that it would "orange up" by tonight but it didn't get that far. Either way I think its a great pumpkin Charlie Brown!!!!lol
Don't forget to check out earlier post for Halloween
And one more thing before I go.......Grandson #3 wants me to tell you all a joke that he learned today.
"Why did the skeleton not cross the road?"

"Beacause he had no guts!"


I am soooooo Loved! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

This first pic is my cat Pumpkin getting lovey with me. Grandson thought it was cute and snapped the picture. Click on any picture to see them better.

These pictures of pumpkins are some at one of Mr Gab's stops and he liked them and sent them on to me so I thought I'd share. These people are very talented!

Halloween humor!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hump day- docs appaointments

So here we are in the middle of the week again...whoo where do the days go? So lets start with Monday. I went to my normal Doctor and they did my blood pressure. Well this time the nurse wouldn't tell me what it was...usually I'm too high or too low.
So I waited for my doc and she comes in and she first reads my chart to remind herself of what all we talked about last time. Then she picks up the sheet that the nurse wrote my temperature and blood pressure on and looks at me and goes"WOW!!! your blood pressure is normal, I haven't had a normal one in awhile" I said well, I hope that's a good sign? and she says yes. We go over my aches and pains and I tell her I'm going to a Chiropractor and she tells me good, she was going to recommend that to me but as long as I'm already doing it she says keep up the good work. She tells me that we don't need to do blood work as I'm going in to see my Rheumatologist in Dec. So that was a good visit.

Then Tues I wake up and my neck and shoulders hurt so bad that I can hardly move them and I had a spot in the back of my head that was like a headache except it only hit every so often...enough to annoy me. I had a chiropractor's appointment at 9 so I slowly got dressed and went. He checked out what I was explaining to him that hurt and he said yes your very tight in and around the muscles of your neck. Right smack in the center of my neck was so bad that he wasn't sure if treatment would even help. But he used that electrode machine again and I went home.

Today I went in I didn't have a headache but neck and shoulders still hurt, and added to that either my muscles or my nerves were jumping all over the place. My arms actually shake. He put me on this roller machine where it rolls under you lifting and stretching out your spine. Then he did the electrode machine and some pressure points and I was done for today. I seen their Doctor who wants me to get another MRI done sometime next week. He also gave me a prescription for pain pills and muscle relaxers. The pain pills are for when I get the pain in my head like a headache, the the muscle relaxers so I can sleep better at night.

Now I don't go back until Friday. Main reason is that Mr Gab got scheduled for a overnight shift at Holiday tonight.

Now some news (well sorta) This news isn't all important probably to anyone but me but I'd like to share.
Yesterday on my way home from the chiropractor I stopped at the dollar store right up the road aways from us. It's on Portland. Now while this doesn't seem important it is. First I have been avoiding Portland ave going south. Especially at 86th street. Usually on my way home I will take American Blvd to Nicollet Ave and travel south on Nicollet till I reach 86th. Then I go east on 86th to Portland and turn south on Portland at that corner. For some reason it doesn't bother me to travel that way. Nor does it seem to bother me to travel North on Portland Ave. But yesterday I went to the Dollar store on Portland Ave and American Blvd. which means I went past Nicollet. Now sure I could have back tracked to Nicollet but I didn't. I went south all the way home. When I got to 86th, I slowed down to almost a crawl. As I went through the intersection I started to cry and I was glancing out of the corner of my eyes making sure there wasn't a car coming through my green light. I made it through the intersection and blew out the breath I didn't realise I was holding and then also realised that I was gripping the steering wheel in a death grip! I let loose some and wiped my eyes and stepped on the gas to bring myself up to speed (35mph) Then I laughed........I DID IT!!!!! I went through that intersection and made it.
I'm not sure if I will do it again right away as it was really a struggle for me but I know I can do it if I have to.
Have a good week.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Well, here we are at the end of the week. I tried to post the other day but blogger wasn't up so I forgot it again until today.
On my very first visit to the chiropractor they did these electric shock things that feel like a small massage in place. pulling and pushing the skin around in a circle.
Then the doc did some pressure point pokes and sent me home. That was Weds. On Thurs morning I had three things: The bad news the good news and the OMG news.
The bad news was I woke up at 2:30 am and was still awake @ 5:30 am. There was some pain in my neck and lower back and I just couldn't drift off again.
The good news was I could lift my right arm over my head......I haven't been able to do that since the accident.
The OMG news.....I took my own shower with no help!
So fastforwards to today. Third treatment right? I should be pain free. LOL YEAH RIGHT she says sarcastically. But in all honesty I am doing much better than even the chiropractor thought I'd be doing at this point. So I will keep on going and keep on with what ever they tell me to do and maybe at some point in just a few weeks I wont have to go back to the chiropractor. Wish me well.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here is the rock garden I hit.

This first pic is a little blurry...I was trying to get pic from my car on my cell.

This second one is a little better. The next day after I hit it they put up those signs. Just think if those signs had been there when I hit! YIKES more hurt I'm a thinking.

I went to Chiropractor today and it took over two hours to fill out paper work and to have him do a small exam, to see how bad I'm hurting what I can do what I can move and not move. He determind that Im going need to start in babysteps and I have to go the rest of the week. Then next week it will still be 3 times but maybe like mon weds fri that I will go. Not to sure if Im looking forwards to that but oh well I'll go especially if its gonna make be feel and move better. The poor Doc he move my right arm(even after I told him it hurt really bad)up and OMG! the tears poured down my face and he goes "oh Im so sorry, you just told me it hurt". Hopefully tomorrow he will be a little more careful!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sat Photo hunt- family

It's been awhile since I did the photo hunt. And I do believe that I've posted these before but please enjoy the trip down memory lane of my family photos.

It all starts here with my mom and dad.
My Handicapped sister D when she was about 7 or 8 My sister C when she was about 4 (sorry sis dont have a recent one of ya)

Mr Gab. and I. Of course this is recent.

our oldest son J and his daughter K taken last year.

Our daughter T. Our Daughter T's 4 boys Taken last year July 5th. We have Tj, Aj, Jj, and on Tj's lap is Lj

Our youngest son T (oooh Im in trouble for this one)
And his three boys Jr,Tmb.jr,Js

I wish I knew where I put Mr Gab's mom and dad's picture but alas it's been packed away for awhile and right now I'd rather keep them packed so that we can get a jump on our next move.

And so it goes without saying that our family is indeed a large family, although I know of larger. But we are family and that's all that counts.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sorry Boys

Yesterday was our boys birthday. Our oldest son J turned 34 and our youngest son T turned 30. That make all 3 of our children in their 30's.
I did manage to talk to both boys although our oldest son had to be the one who called here.....He was is the hospital being treated for an infection which had his whole left arm swollen and red. I told him to make sure they took care of it right away, as I didnt want him dieing on his birthday. I had texted youngest son as I knew he was at work but when he got off he called because yesterday was the day they did his girlfriends D & C to clear her miscarriage up. That was not a good day because they did something wrong and she ended up staying in hospital over night. I havent heard so I dont know if she's ok or not.
When I was a new mom I played the year game. You know he was born in 1974 I was 20, then 1975 he was 1 and I was 21 and so forth. When he turned school age I added that like 1980 he is 6 kindergarten and Im 26.

LOL Well I was in middle of writting this when internet went down. When I finally got a hold of them they said someone at a road construction spot had killed the wires!
But anyways Ive since lost my train of thought where I was going with this post so I guess I'll just end here!
But before I go .......
Mom and dad love you!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whats your opinion

If you cant click it than copy and paste it. This surprised me. Right now I'm wishing I lived in Canada or England.
I'm pretty sick of this whole thing but this surprised me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ok here's an update-good and BAD

Good -sorta
Ok here's what the Dr said. I gotta take it easy the next 5 days then go slow. She said the blood in urine is normal for the infection I have. The bruise on my chest is very deep and could take up to 3 months to totally heal.

Ok now on the bad note. Mr Gab and I were sleeping when my cell rang. Daughter was calling. After some stupid small talk she finally got to the point.......she had been hit! She just got this van back last week Tues and had put in about $ repairs. No one was hurt. Worse part this is her 2nd accident in like a month. Not sure our insurance company will like her much. This guy who hit her was Mexican and when the police told them to figure out who was at fault he just keep saying he felt sick and needed to go to hospital. Daughter was making a left. There was another car also making left in opposite direction, car who hit daughter was behind other guy and just as she started to turn left he shot out around other guy turning left and nailed her.

More bad news
Son's girlfriend had a miscarriage....:( no new grandbaby

Then today after school, my oldest grandson called me and was crying. Seems a friend riding his bike somehow had hit and knocked over my grandson and some how had put a cut into his leg.
I called daughter and told her to borrow car and get over to his school. She got there and then called me back to tell me he was going to hospital. He ended up getting 18 (maybe more the doc didn't really keep track)stitches. Daughter said that you could see tendons. (good thing I wasn't there I'd have gotten sick!)

I'm beginning to hate Oct. already. Hasn't been a good month for us.

So anyways this picture I have below has two meanings......
1) this is what my van used to look like.
2)If you look close enough you can see the black squirrel in driveway. I still want to get a better picture though.

I really hope it gets better here soon.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dont know why But..........

My chest and stomach hurt more now than when I first got home. Any ways here are some more pictures of both cars

This one is her car.
This is the back side of her car when she hit me a second time around. this is her drivers side not sure why Mr Gab took this one.

Here is my drivers side. They had already straighten out the door to move it off the yard and onto the tow truck.
Front of van which I had already sent C by text and she posted for me.
But as you can see my car is a total waste. Now when Mr Gab went over to the yard where they had both cars on Thursday her car was already gone. So does that mean she is able to get hers fixed? Mr Gab told me my steering column was broke from the impact and thats why I couldnt steer us from hitting anything else. Im going to go later this week and get you a picture of the rock garden I came to a stop on. I will also try to get the whole corner so you can tell some what of how I ended where I did.
But for now Ive gotta run as I hurt and need to go rest. (only have two oldest grandsons this weekend so I do have a break from babysitting)

Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm just so glad to be alive

Hi every one, it's me. A whole lot of sore and a whole lot of black and blue.

This first picture is of my oldest grandsons forehead. you really can't tell but from the nose out in like a v is how big the knot is on his forhead.

This picture is of my chest and right arm(sorry BT not enough showing but hey its enough.) To be honest the right breast is all black and blue. If you can see from my neck down is where the seat belt followed and did a number on me. There are a couple of cuts and scratches as well but they all look black and blue too. Not sure if you can pick them out.
And this one is across my tummy! (yep I have a spare tire that needs to be gotten rid of) This one has spread out in the last day or so. It actually goes around and down side of hip. again following the seat belt.

I want to thank my sister C for keeping you all informed. And it the other blog you seen the front end of my Van. Well whats left of it any ways. I will tell you two things, 1) Im afraid to drive now. and 2) every time we drive past that corner I start to shake and cry.
I know it will take time to get over it.
I've got to stop now my tail bone is killing me sitting here but I wanted to stop in and let you all know I'm doing good. Thanks all who wished me well.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

gabs poor van

This is c again,
This is gab's poor van after the crash. Can you imagine a little car did this?

great news

hi everyone gabs sister c again.
she texted me last night and said she was home.
i dont know how soon she will feel like posting .
but i thought id let you all know that she is now at home and that is GREAT NEWS.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


hi everyone gabs sister c again,
i talked with gab this morning they kept her in the hospital monday night and last night.
she has not been able to keep anything down and they are concerned.
she told me she has a large bruise on her stomach and her arm and chest hurt and her tail bone hurts real bad.
she doesn't know when they will let her go home but hopefully it will be soon.
when she gets home as soon as she can she will post pictures of both vehicles.
and again anything new i will keep you posted.

Monday, October 06, 2008

not posting to soon

Hi everyone this is gabs little sister c,
she wont be posting for a few days possibly.
she wanted me to let you know that today she was in a car accident.
she was on her way home from the bank when she was hit she had two of her grandsons with her.
the youngest grandson(her daughters son) had a little bump on the forehead and some bruises from his car seat belt.
the oldest grandson (also her daughters son) had a larger bump on the forehead and some bruises on the hip area from his seat belt.
gab has some cuts on her right arm a bruise on her hand that i seen,see may have had other bumps and bruises but those are the ones i could see.
i am sure she will be pretty stiff tomorrow, she was fighting nausea and she has to get up and walk before she could go home.
well when i left her the nausea won so i don't know if they were going to give her anything for that or not.
but if she couldn't walk they were going to keep her over night for observation.
all three had x-rays and cat scans and they came back ok so no broken bones or head injuries.
i guess the van she was driving is totaled.
the other driver ran a red light and hit gab on her side of the van.
thank god it wasn't any worse.
so keep her in your prayers.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Have you noticed?

I've done two things to my blog.

1) I've changed the color to pink because October is Breast Cancer awareness month.

2) I've dropped a lot of my side information...such as who visits, who I visit, etc. etc. I will put them back at some later date and time. But I'm gonna pick and choose what I put back. I was beginning to think my blog looked messy! I want a classy looking blog LOL.

Anyways dropping this stuff does not mean I can't find can hide but I will find you J/K. You could hide and I couldnt find you I know.

And Im not leaving as many comments as before as with the little guy here its been hard to get online. IF MR GAB EVER has the time to look at my laptop! I could leave more comments. But either way. Im there for ya...just not talking much these days!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Oh my poor grandsons!

This is just not their week. Not good for me either!

It started on Weds.
Oldest grandson rides his bike to school. First thing that happened, was he hit something in the road and flipped over his handle bars. I had to drop something off to him at school and the Secretary called his room to learn he was at the nurses office. So she called there and ask but he had just been sent back to his room. The secretary asked what had happened and the nurse told her about the flipping and that he was basically ok.
When my grandson finally came to the office to get what I had come for he showed me his knee. BIG OWIE. Then he showed me his hand that had a little scratch. I asked him if he was ok to stay and he said yes. I told him if he needed a ride home after school to call me.
Then I went home. Half an hour later school calls and tells me to come get him, his chest hurt really bad. So I go up there and get him. When we get home I ask let me see your chest...thinking I might have to take him to the doctors. He lifted his shirt and there was a hugh scratch. I asked how come he didn't tell me about that earlier and he said cause it wasn't hurting then. Then he showed me all the cuts and scratches he had. He look like he'd been in a fight!
So we called the coach of football to let them know he wasn't coming to practice.
The next day he went back to school but he was hurting so badly that he really was more down than paying attention. He did go to practice but only on the side lines.
Now Weds was my bad day. I had a headache that turned into a migraine. By 9 pm we had to drop off the two oldest boys at their moms so Mr Gab could take me to the hospital. Where I was given 4 different shots. The first one was for my nausea the second was for sinus (which I don't think I have a problem with) the 3rd was saline solution and the 4th was for the headache. All was given through an IV thank goodness.We got home after midnight. We picked the boys up but really should have left them there.
Now today:
Daughter just called me. Our second oldest grandson was in the quiet room! This in itself is not good.
Last year he was there in the quiet room more that 25 times. We bribed him this year to stay out of quiet room.
He has to do a letter home each week to tell us of his progress at school each day and his goal was to stay out of quiet room.
But to be honest he was only partly at fault. This girl in our neighborhood really has a problem leaving our grandson alone. She taunts him till he explodes which usually gets him into the quiet room. We never seem to hear of her getting into trouble for taunting him but this year its about to change. Last year Mr Gab had to go to the bus stop every afternoon to get him so she would leave him alone. But this happened this morning sooooooo what do I do? I guess I'm going to have to drive him to the bus stop which I shouldn't have to do. But let me tell you this taunting she has been doing is along the lines of harassment and if she isn't getting punished like my grandson I guess I will need to go talk to the parents and maybe even the police!!!!
Poor grandson is working hard on staying out of quiet room and this girl is making trouble for him.
Today his biggest fear was this would go on his record for this year and he wants to keep it clean because he wants to write a letter on why he wants to be a bus patrol next year. The teacher said no this one wouldn't go on record so he can still try if he stays out of trouble rest of year.
Now I know when he gets home he will be upset because he will think this will stop him from getting his bribe.....Oh yeah I forgot to tell you what that is. If he stays out of quiet room and if he turns in all his homework on time and if he's good at home he gets to pick any movie he wants. Mainly we choose this because he wants the Harry Potter movies. So this was our incentive or bribe!
But when he gets home and I talk to him about what happened I will let him know this will not have an effect on his monthly record. It will be clean just as it is in school. He will still get a chance to pick a movie at the end of Oct.
Tomorrow he gets to go and get his Sept movie.
I hope that next week is better for my boys!