Friday, October 31, 2008

I am soooooo Loved! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

This first pic is my cat Pumpkin getting lovey with me. Grandson thought it was cute and snapped the picture. Click on any picture to see them better.

These pictures of pumpkins are some at one of Mr Gab's stops and he liked them and sent them on to me so I thought I'd share. These people are very talented!

Halloween humor!



barman said...

Good old Pumpkin to the rescue.

I could never do a pumpkin like that. I do not have the patients/

Love the humor. The bat jumping off and going up tickles my funny bone. Oh and the first one and the match made in heaven and ...

Have fun with any visiters you may get.

Walker said...

The only thing i do that involves carving and pumpkins, is pumpkin pie.

Have a Happy Halloween