Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sat Photo hunt- family

It's been awhile since I did the photo hunt. And I do believe that I've posted these before but please enjoy the trip down memory lane of my family photos.

It all starts here with my mom and dad.
My Handicapped sister D when she was about 7 or 8 My sister C when she was about 4 (sorry sis dont have a recent one of ya)

Mr Gab. and I. Of course this is recent.

our oldest son J and his daughter K taken last year.

Our daughter T. Our Daughter T's 4 boys Taken last year July 5th. We have Tj, Aj, Jj, and on Tj's lap is Lj

Our youngest son T (oooh Im in trouble for this one)
And his three boys Jr,Tmb.jr,Js

I wish I knew where I put Mr Gab's mom and dad's picture but alas it's been packed away for awhile and right now I'd rather keep them packed so that we can get a jump on our next move.

And so it goes without saying that our family is indeed a large family, although I know of larger. But we are family and that's all that counts.


rosie said...

Very nice looking family,Gab.I know u are proud of them as u should be. :)

barman said...

Wonderful family picture Gab. Now where is the blooper real? LOL

barman said...

You know if you were to arrange the picture right, that would make a wonderful family tree.

Walker said...

Wow thats quite the gang you have there but all with smiles :)