Friday, October 31, 2008

3 grandkids pumpkin

This first pumpkin his oldest grandson's. If you can't tell he has ghosts and pac-man running across top and bottom. He did this design by himself with just small suggestions from grandma.
This is grandson #2's pumpkin. He too did his by himself with some "light"help from his bigs.(Big Brother Big Sister program)
And finally grandson #3 who is 5 almost 6. He had help from his mom and her friend. He did the heart eyes for me cause he wanted me to know how much he loves me!
This is the first year that I've gotten to sit back and not lift a finger helping. I usually have to "dig out the guts" because they think it's "icky" but for once no one asked me for help other than oldest grandson when he asked what shape (or how to cut) out the ghost and pac-man. All I did was draw it on paper then showed him and talked him through it. Once he got the hang of it he didn't need me any more. His pumpkin is mostly green. This is because it was a volunteer pumpkin that grew in our backyard this year. It got a very late start and we had to "pick" it earlier this week when the frost got bad. Plus the birds and stray cats were doing a number on it. We had hoped that it would "orange up" by tonight but it didn't get that far. Either way I think its a great pumpkin Charlie Brown!!!!lol
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And one more thing before I go.......Grandson #3 wants me to tell you all a joke that he learned today.
"Why did the skeleton not cross the road?"

"Beacause he had no guts!"



G-Man said...


Hi Gabby Gale...

I hope your windows didn't get soaped, or your out-house tipped over.

I didn't have any trick or treaters

SignGurl said...

Those pumpkins are awesome!!

barman said...

Cute joke, I love it.

You should have carved the first pumpkin out to look like Franenstein. It was already green.

They are all great but I love the last pumpkin. I think it must be the eyes.

First place to everyone.

Anonymous said...

great job boys,way to go.
auntie c likes them all.
good joke to by the way.

Walker said...

WOW those are cool pimpkins.
I never did anything like that as a kid.
I did try to carve on this year but ended up with pumpkin pies instead.