Friday, October 03, 2008

Oh my poor grandsons!

This is just not their week. Not good for me either!

It started on Weds.
Oldest grandson rides his bike to school. First thing that happened, was he hit something in the road and flipped over his handle bars. I had to drop something off to him at school and the Secretary called his room to learn he was at the nurses office. So she called there and ask but he had just been sent back to his room. The secretary asked what had happened and the nurse told her about the flipping and that he was basically ok.
When my grandson finally came to the office to get what I had come for he showed me his knee. BIG OWIE. Then he showed me his hand that had a little scratch. I asked him if he was ok to stay and he said yes. I told him if he needed a ride home after school to call me.
Then I went home. Half an hour later school calls and tells me to come get him, his chest hurt really bad. So I go up there and get him. When we get home I ask let me see your chest...thinking I might have to take him to the doctors. He lifted his shirt and there was a hugh scratch. I asked how come he didn't tell me about that earlier and he said cause it wasn't hurting then. Then he showed me all the cuts and scratches he had. He look like he'd been in a fight!
So we called the coach of football to let them know he wasn't coming to practice.
The next day he went back to school but he was hurting so badly that he really was more down than paying attention. He did go to practice but only on the side lines.
Now Weds was my bad day. I had a headache that turned into a migraine. By 9 pm we had to drop off the two oldest boys at their moms so Mr Gab could take me to the hospital. Where I was given 4 different shots. The first one was for my nausea the second was for sinus (which I don't think I have a problem with) the 3rd was saline solution and the 4th was for the headache. All was given through an IV thank goodness.We got home after midnight. We picked the boys up but really should have left them there.
Now today:
Daughter just called me. Our second oldest grandson was in the quiet room! This in itself is not good.
Last year he was there in the quiet room more that 25 times. We bribed him this year to stay out of quiet room.
He has to do a letter home each week to tell us of his progress at school each day and his goal was to stay out of quiet room.
But to be honest he was only partly at fault. This girl in our neighborhood really has a problem leaving our grandson alone. She taunts him till he explodes which usually gets him into the quiet room. We never seem to hear of her getting into trouble for taunting him but this year its about to change. Last year Mr Gab had to go to the bus stop every afternoon to get him so she would leave him alone. But this happened this morning sooooooo what do I do? I guess I'm going to have to drive him to the bus stop which I shouldn't have to do. But let me tell you this taunting she has been doing is along the lines of harassment and if she isn't getting punished like my grandson I guess I will need to go talk to the parents and maybe even the police!!!!
Poor grandson is working hard on staying out of quiet room and this girl is making trouble for him.
Today his biggest fear was this would go on his record for this year and he wants to keep it clean because he wants to write a letter on why he wants to be a bus patrol next year. The teacher said no this one wouldn't go on record so he can still try if he stays out of trouble rest of year.
Now I know when he gets home he will be upset because he will think this will stop him from getting his bribe.....Oh yeah I forgot to tell you what that is. If he stays out of quiet room and if he turns in all his homework on time and if he's good at home he gets to pick any movie he wants. Mainly we choose this because he wants the Harry Potter movies. So this was our incentive or bribe!
But when he gets home and I talk to him about what happened I will let him know this will not have an effect on his monthly record. It will be clean just as it is in school. He will still get a chance to pick a movie at the end of Oct.
Tomorrow he gets to go and get his Sept movie.
I hope that next week is better for my boys!

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barman said...

You know the person that causes the trouble never gets in trouble. My one time I had problems there was a bully picking on me in class. He would not leave me alone. I finally yelled leave me alone. I got the paddle for that one. It was not my fault. That other kid should have got his.

Well good luck with things. I hate to see you have to go to parents of police as that may make things worse. But if it is the only way... good luck.