Friday, October 17, 2008

Sorry Boys

Yesterday was our boys birthday. Our oldest son J turned 34 and our youngest son T turned 30. That make all 3 of our children in their 30's.
I did manage to talk to both boys although our oldest son had to be the one who called here.....He was is the hospital being treated for an infection which had his whole left arm swollen and red. I told him to make sure they took care of it right away, as I didnt want him dieing on his birthday. I had texted youngest son as I knew he was at work but when he got off he called because yesterday was the day they did his girlfriends D & C to clear her miscarriage up. That was not a good day because they did something wrong and she ended up staying in hospital over night. I havent heard so I dont know if she's ok or not.
When I was a new mom I played the year game. You know he was born in 1974 I was 20, then 1975 he was 1 and I was 21 and so forth. When he turned school age I added that like 1980 he is 6 kindergarten and Im 26.

LOL Well I was in middle of writting this when internet went down. When I finally got a hold of them they said someone at a road construction spot had killed the wires!
But anyways Ive since lost my train of thought where I was going with this post so I guess I'll just end here!
But before I go .......
Mom and dad love you!

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barman said...

A two for one sale only a few years apart. I hope all turned out well for them. An infection is not fun and surprises at the hospital is not fun either.

Happy, happy.