Sunday, July 29, 2012


Meet my grandson Tj. He is 16 until Nov of this year. I am 5'4" tall.......he is BIG lol (about 6'5")! 
This is the grandson we have had since he was a baby.......this is the grandson who even after he learned to walk he would stand in front of me and say "up gamma up" all the while opening and closing his hands to get me to pick him up. And I would say "you can walk baby your big enough now" and he would stand there and say "up gamma up" till gamma picked him up! I sure can't pick him up but he can pick me up.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Yay the Olympics have started. Boo I wont be doing a lot of watching. Mitt Romney went over to England and pretty much made of fool of himself and in a sense made Americans look foolish as well. I'm sure those folks over there are laughing under their breaths(or not maybe right out loud) thinking if he get elected we are in trouble. Well they are probably right. At this point I am not sure if any one is the best one to be our president. Some times I wish there was a way for some of our first Presidents to come back from the grave and help us straighten out our problems. It may not be able to be fixed even then but it would be worth a try. Oh I gotta get down off the soap box because I dont have a clue anymore of whats what.
I was talking about Tv shows on another bloggers blog. I hate reality shows and how I think most of them are fake. I could do a better job than some of those people. I watched ONE episode of Bridezilla. And that was enough for me. Whine cry bitch OMG what I could teach those little bitches. I never had a wedding I never had a wedding dress and I never had a wedding cake. I was however married in a church by a minister. with my mom my best girlfriend while my hubby had his cousin at his side. My dad wouldnt even take the time off from work. My youngest sister however did get the big wedding ! So dont talk to me about unfair any thing.AND I DID NOT HAVE A HUGH ASS DIAMOND RING! I had a plain gold band. I did not get a diamond ring till we had been married about 30 years. So I do not like those reality tv shows because they dont even look real.

Sigh....yes Im done complaining

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We have talked and talked of starting the next part of our journey in life. Lets face it Mr Gab and I aren't getting any younger. And this week we learned that one of his fellow classmates passed away. Which to me gave me more reason to push this next journey faster. OH OH OH but daughter still wants us to help her. BUT DAMMIT all we have helped her probably more than we should have. LOL the things Ive been telling Mr Gab we should do. Oh if only we had the money to just do it. Remember that saying JUST DO IT?
Here is one of the just do it we would do should we have no issues with money
I would get this one because it has a bath and 1/2 in it. For those times when Mr Gab has to go and so do I. Then I do not have to yell "get out I gotta go"!
One of the other things I was thinking was getting one of these:

Yeah if my back could handle it!!!!!

Then I was thinking of doing this:

Yeah go to fairs and flea markets and sell some of our junk and then sell them some thing to drink/eat all at the same time.

Now this one could be interesting to do. Find one of these concession stands and go to flea markets and sell all the junk we've collected over the 38 yrs weve been married then sell them some Ice cold drinks and maybe home made sloppy joes! Yeah now that is something I could do. And make money doing it. My recipe for Sloppy joes could make about 20 to 30 and sell them at oh what 2.50  a piece? or more? yeah I could make money. and when you have them in a slow cooker to keep warm well there ya go you dont need much room and if you made some ahead and freeze it then bring it with and that thaws while you sell first batch you have more to just keep going........Yeah  yeah I think that is something I could do. BUT the thing is to get started. I gotta push Mr Gab a little harder and Oh figure out where the money is gonna come from to start this little adventure.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Can we turn back the clock please? Say to oh about 1950's. Oh but we dont have to go back in age ourselves, and we can still have our kids and grandkids.

Why you say.....well the 1950's seem to be the safest times. There didnt seem to be as much bad stuff back in the 50's as now. I mean think about a kid I ran around out side without my mom worring that I would be snatched. We didn't lock our doors and most of our neighbors walked right in with out so much as knocking first. They opened the door Yoo Hoo 'd asked if any one was home and walked in.
Now Kids are afraid to go to Post Offices, Malls, Airports, School, Grocery Stores and Now the Movies. Soon they will be afraid to go to the Doctors, Dentists, Church(which in some cases they already are afraid be molestered)Hospitals and well you get the picture. One girl was at her girlfriends house when the girlfriends dad snatched them both. When did it become some place to be afraid of? I fear for my grandchildren. I don't have a clue if this can be changed in time. Someone turn back the clock the children of today that the world doesnt have to be a scary place.

I blame the video games.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Well I just dont know

I've tried to understand.
I know the answer really.
 BUT DAMMIT when you tell them and tell them and they still don't listen you just want to throttle them!!!!!
I know they have to learn the lessons of life them selves But why in the hell when they ask you what to do and you tell them they do the opposite, then come crying to you when it went the way you knew it would? Kids!!!! I would give them away but they are full grown adults even though they don't always act it!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Going back

Mr Gab is trying to plan another trip back to South Dakota to tear more of our house down. If we get one more section down before winter sets in well I guess it will make us feel better although I dont know why it would. This whole thing sure has me down in the dumps. I wish we could turn the clock back I wish we did things different. I wish I wish I wish............
Do wishes ever come true?
So if we do sell say the farm to rebuild the house at least what I want for a house is agreeable to Mr Gab. I am not changing much from the old house to the new rebuilt house.I want the back porch and kitchen and dining room to be the same. BUT instead of the office and bathroom and little bedroom well that's where the change comes in. I want to take where the little bedroom is and make that all into master closet and master bath room. Where the bathroom is I want to just have a half bath. and where the office is well that's where the guest bedroom will be. Then I want to add a upstairs area with a bath and bedroom. I also want a full basement under the house instead of a crawl space. and I WANT THE LAUNDRY ROOM TO BE EITHER IN THE KITCHEN OR BACK PORCH AND I WANT THE BACK PORCH HEATED!!!!
When our back porch was our laundry room before we had to have a heater on the floor out there to warm it up in the winter time. mainly so the Hot water heater didn't freeze. and it worked pretty well but there were some winters that even with that heater and me wearing boots out there to wash clothes it got cold lol.
ok ok I didn't wear boots it was slippers but hey you get the picture right? oh the good old days!
when they took off the screen door I had visions of kittens jumping through the top half where there was no screen (whole nother story) to get into the porch and cry for me to feed them. One of those kittens was Pumpkin. Another vision (which wasn't really a good one) was up at my father in laws house, he had the same kind of door and it slammed in the same manner making the same kinda "Bang" (which made me happy and I want Mr Gab to put that screen door back on the new house to which he answered no way in hell) Of us going in and out of his front porch and the screen door slamming kittens following us into the house (if they could get all the way into the house with out dad chasing them back out) Then came the tragedy......I went inside a kitten followed me and the door slammed before he got in and its back got broken. Oh the cries of that tiny kitten it will haunt me forever. Dad told Mr Gab's brother to take it out back and finish it off. I ran out into our tent trailer and fell onto the bed crying. That kitten was following me because I had been petting it and now its life was over. I was so upset. Our dog Lady crawled up onto the bed with me and laid there with me trying to cheer me up. She knew I was hurting. Mr Gab came back out to talk to me and said things happened it was just the way of life and it could have been any one who that kitten had followed. It didn't help much even though I knew it was true. But I was hoping to take that kitten home with us. I did "get" over it as best as you can in that situation and I did find a kitten to take home with us that weekend. But still it was a vision I had that day as they took off that screen door. Jeremy kept walking over to me saying why why would you tear down something where you have so many memories? I would look at him and say we don't have much of a choice now do we? So with all that in mind Mr Gab will probably be going with just the two older grandsons back to work more on the house. I just don't think I can take watching more of our memories flash through my head.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I want my old blog back

I understand it better. I don't like this new blog. I don't like a lot of change in my life and there is already enough of that going on. The more I look at the pictures of our house we are tearing down the more I wonder how did it get that bad? Well gee lets see it all started on the day before Valentines day in 2004 when I got the call my dad had a heart attack. I told my sister C that I would get a hold of Mr Gab who at that time was driving truck over the road. I then had to find some one to watch the grandsons who were still in school.Next day Valentines day I drove like a mad woman back to Minnesota to be with my family and my dad. The doctors said they put a stint in his heart but he really needed more than that one but he was too weak. The said if he lasted the next three weeks we would be lucky. So I stayed to care for dad. He wanted to die in his own home like mom did. But the days kept going and then the months. several times Mr Gab went home to check the house. He found a leak, he bought shingles and redid it. Insurance covered once second time we tried to make a claim after a bad storm they claimed we didn't repair it the first time. We had to take all receipts in to  prove it. They paid but dropped us. No one else would take us on as living there we had to insure it as an empty house not a home with our belonging in it. Then we couldn't get back for a couple years.By the time Mr Gab got back there was a bad leak. So he moved as much of our stuff out into the living room hopefully to save it. Then it was another 2 yrs before we got out there again. And you seen the results. Worst part is the money we thought we were getting we didn't so we have nothing for repairs. It has come down to we will probably have to see the farm just to rebuild the house. I hate that idea but I can't see any other way unless we some how win the lottery....but you gotta have money to buy the tickets for that. As it stands right now our kids have been paying some of our bills. And I'm to the point that as much I use the Internet as its my life line with this back injury I'm about ready to give it up. They have enough of their own bills to pay and I really don't need the Internet. Besides maybe I could have them buy the lottery tickets with the money they use to pay for the Internet! I've been getting around some so I could go to the library and get on for awhile.....except Mr Gab is pretty attached not sure how he would like it if I say I don't need it any more since I was the one who kept insisting to keep it

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Very Unsettled

So we have been back just one week and both of us feel very unsettled. We both actually want to be back in South Dakota. Thing is we really have no place to live except the Camper. which is ok to a point but depending on how many people are in it can become very crowed fast! Now if it was Mr Gab and myself and the 2 cats we might be ok. But so far we have taken all 4 boys with us left the cats home and its been way to crowed. Mr Gab has been scrolling Craigslist looking for a trailer to put all our stuff into it and go. So far they are out of our league as far as money wise goes. So Im not sure what we plan on doing but I really want to go fishing.

Monday, July 09, 2012

The destruction of the house in SD

 This is the fan in the Dinning room. the blades are bent downwards. I first seen it I thought there had been a fire..but it is just water damage. You stand under the fan and can see straight up through the roof to the sky!

This end is the office and back porch which held the washer/dryer and water heater. So far the door and 1 window have been taken out....They are working in 105 degree heat. many breaks and lots of water.
Hubby is removing almost looks like he is holding the house up...or the house is holding him up. grandson Jeremy is sitting back watching.
All siding gone and both windows out.

Grandson Tj walking through the rubble most of back porch gone. the opening is the door to kitchen. We left that for now but kitchen will be torn down as well.

Back porch all gone!
when we get done 3/4th of our house will be torn down. only part left will be living room and big bedroom and front porch. once gone then we either have to find buyer who wants it to rebuild or we rebuild it. OH and guess what insurance didnt cover it because we had made a claim on roof before and they said we didnt repair roof right so they wont cover it! so we will get this all done some how our selfs.