Sunday, July 22, 2012


Can we turn back the clock please? Say to oh about 1950's. Oh but we dont have to go back in age ourselves, and we can still have our kids and grandkids.

Why you say.....well the 1950's seem to be the safest times. There didnt seem to be as much bad stuff back in the 50's as now. I mean think about a kid I ran around out side without my mom worring that I would be snatched. We didn't lock our doors and most of our neighbors walked right in with out so much as knocking first. They opened the door Yoo Hoo 'd asked if any one was home and walked in.
Now Kids are afraid to go to Post Offices, Malls, Airports, School, Grocery Stores and Now the Movies. Soon they will be afraid to go to the Doctors, Dentists, Church(which in some cases they already are afraid be molestered)Hospitals and well you get the picture. One girl was at her girlfriends house when the girlfriends dad snatched them both. When did it become some place to be afraid of? I fear for my grandchildren. I don't have a clue if this can be changed in time. Someone turn back the clock the children of today that the world doesnt have to be a scary place.

I blame the video games.

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