Monday, July 09, 2012

The destruction of the house in SD

 This is the fan in the Dinning room. the blades are bent downwards. I first seen it I thought there had been a fire..but it is just water damage. You stand under the fan and can see straight up through the roof to the sky!

This end is the office and back porch which held the washer/dryer and water heater. So far the door and 1 window have been taken out....They are working in 105 degree heat. many breaks and lots of water.
Hubby is removing almost looks like he is holding the house up...or the house is holding him up. grandson Jeremy is sitting back watching.
All siding gone and both windows out.

Grandson Tj walking through the rubble most of back porch gone. the opening is the door to kitchen. We left that for now but kitchen will be torn down as well.

Back porch all gone!
when we get done 3/4th of our house will be torn down. only part left will be living room and big bedroom and front porch. once gone then we either have to find buyer who wants it to rebuild or we rebuild it. OH and guess what insurance didnt cover it because we had made a claim on roof before and they said we didnt repair roof right so they wont cover it! so we will get this all done some how our selfs.

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