Saturday, July 28, 2012


Yay the Olympics have started. Boo I wont be doing a lot of watching. Mitt Romney went over to England and pretty much made of fool of himself and in a sense made Americans look foolish as well. I'm sure those folks over there are laughing under their breaths(or not maybe right out loud) thinking if he get elected we are in trouble. Well they are probably right. At this point I am not sure if any one is the best one to be our president. Some times I wish there was a way for some of our first Presidents to come back from the grave and help us straighten out our problems. It may not be able to be fixed even then but it would be worth a try. Oh I gotta get down off the soap box because I dont have a clue anymore of whats what.
I was talking about Tv shows on another bloggers blog. I hate reality shows and how I think most of them are fake. I could do a better job than some of those people. I watched ONE episode of Bridezilla. And that was enough for me. Whine cry bitch OMG what I could teach those little bitches. I never had a wedding I never had a wedding dress and I never had a wedding cake. I was however married in a church by a minister. with my mom my best girlfriend while my hubby had his cousin at his side. My dad wouldnt even take the time off from work. My youngest sister however did get the big wedding ! So dont talk to me about unfair any thing.AND I DID NOT HAVE A HUGH ASS DIAMOND RING! I had a plain gold band. I did not get a diamond ring till we had been married about 30 years. So I do not like those reality tv shows because they dont even look real.

Sigh....yes Im done complaining

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Walker said...

The only reality show i like is amazing race.
I get to travel the world with them and its ordinary people trying to get ahead with shit most of us would pull in a last ditch effort to win.

They should have an Olympics for politicians with events like, who can screw the public more, or the best liar, who can get more head, who can give more head and don't forget the all round team competition Party head.
I don't know if they are bad politicians or stupid politicians or just trying to fix the whole problem at once and screwing us all in the process because it can't be done over night.

It seems its more about the Party lines than the people.
The problem with politics is it has become a team sport instead of a body of our peers keeping us safe.

I am a liberal at heart but can understand a need to be conservative also.
We all have many parties with good ideas that are ignored because it would make the other team look good and that would be bad for our team.
The people will get over it.
The people need to become a team so we can be heard