Monday, July 16, 2012

I want my old blog back

I understand it better. I don't like this new blog. I don't like a lot of change in my life and there is already enough of that going on. The more I look at the pictures of our house we are tearing down the more I wonder how did it get that bad? Well gee lets see it all started on the day before Valentines day in 2004 when I got the call my dad had a heart attack. I told my sister C that I would get a hold of Mr Gab who at that time was driving truck over the road. I then had to find some one to watch the grandsons who were still in school.Next day Valentines day I drove like a mad woman back to Minnesota to be with my family and my dad. The doctors said they put a stint in his heart but he really needed more than that one but he was too weak. The said if he lasted the next three weeks we would be lucky. So I stayed to care for dad. He wanted to die in his own home like mom did. But the days kept going and then the months. several times Mr Gab went home to check the house. He found a leak, he bought shingles and redid it. Insurance covered once second time we tried to make a claim after a bad storm they claimed we didn't repair it the first time. We had to take all receipts in to  prove it. They paid but dropped us. No one else would take us on as living there we had to insure it as an empty house not a home with our belonging in it. Then we couldn't get back for a couple years.By the time Mr Gab got back there was a bad leak. So he moved as much of our stuff out into the living room hopefully to save it. Then it was another 2 yrs before we got out there again. And you seen the results. Worst part is the money we thought we were getting we didn't so we have nothing for repairs. It has come down to we will probably have to see the farm just to rebuild the house. I hate that idea but I can't see any other way unless we some how win the lottery....but you gotta have money to buy the tickets for that. As it stands right now our kids have been paying some of our bills. And I'm to the point that as much I use the Internet as its my life line with this back injury I'm about ready to give it up. They have enough of their own bills to pay and I really don't need the Internet. Besides maybe I could have them buy the lottery tickets with the money they use to pay for the Internet! I've been getting around some so I could go to the library and get on for awhile.....except Mr Gab is pretty attached not sure how he would like it if I say I don't need it any more since I was the one who kept insisting to keep it

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Walker said...

I am sorry to hear about your troubles.
Sometimes you have to step back and assess everything and the best course for you to take.
If you have to sell something to save the other it might be the best decision for the future.
You have sacrificed alot and a little more might be needed for you to have a good roof over your head..