Saturday, February 21, 2009

Talk about Thankful!!!

I'm so Thankful. OH MY GOSH I"M SO THANKFUL.
Remember when I told you about my car? Well Mr Gab took another look at it when he had just a little more time and discovered that the thingy on top of the battery was busted. Not the cable half but the actual thing that hooks the cable to the battery. We were also lucky that we just happened to have a brand new one in my glove compartment. Mr Gab had bought it for my car long ago cause he had seen mine was wearing out but just plain forgot to replace it. As for the oil...Yes it was empty(well almost) and we put in 5 quarts and my car is up and running. Today was a long trip test(more than 2 miles from home) and I had no problems with it.

In other news:

I'm outta money to go to the Doctors and my insurance wont cover any more so I'm a hurting. I figured I gotta now live with this pain. My lawyer doesn't seem to be doing much and I'm wondering if I need a new one.
I'm not sleeping very well and find my self taking naps through out the day. I usually wait until the little guy goes to sleep before I do. and If he doesn't I wait till daughter takes them home then I'm out.

On Friday Mr Gab is seeing a Doctor on an experimental thing for hearing aids and if he qualifies its free. He will receive one of their aids. The company is called Dell tones and Ive read about them they seem legit so...I guess we will see how this goes. If he does get one he can go back over the road again. I actually want him to so we can get more money, that and the fact that Job number 2 that he does Mon Thu Fri is starting lay offs. Because he's one of the last ones hired hes gonna be one of the first to go. In fact they told him to come in 15 mins early on Monday. So we are kinda prepairing ahead of time.
I guess thats all the news for now. I'll be stopping in soon to catch up on all of your blogs. Have a good weekend

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Im lost


I've been playing a lot on facebook. They came out with this thing called Hatchlings 2009. You look through other peoples pages who have downloaded hatchlings and find eggs. You incubate them and when they hatch they are different animals. 1st it was trying to find the many different eggs they had. Now its trying to see how many I can find. I am already up to 933 eggs. Now the trick is to keep your pets alive once they hatch. If your lucky enough to find a "cheeseburger" egg to can feed your "pets" every single day. Now I had 6 of these cheeseburger eggs before I finally had my daughter come over and save it for me. She had talked to me on the phone trying to help me but for some dumb reason I keep doing it wrong. In the mean time I found out that if you already have a certain egg that had hatched and you didn't want two you could "feed" that egg to your pet. This was how I kept mine alive until daughter got my "cheeseburger" to save.Now I still get excited when I find a special egg but for the most part its now seeing how many I can find.

In other news Mr Gab had his surgery on his toe, and was home for 5 days. He went back to the Doctors on Weds and on Thurs he was back at work. BUT they didn't take out the stitches. He wore his bedroom slippers with rubbers that you normally put over your shoes. That way he was covered from the wet and yet still comfortable.

Now on to more news. So on Thursday I didn't have the kids for awhile so I thought I'd go out and get some Chinese food bring home sit in front of the tube and eat. Well, ok so I ordered the food, drove over there, got my food, got out to the car and..................Turned the key and well all the lights came on but it wouldn't start. So then I tried to take the shifting gear out of Park and put into neutral and couldn't get it to move. I freaked. I called Mr Gab (who was suppose to work at second job Thursday night) and started off telling him what was going on. I soon had myself worked into a frenzy and was crying so hard I hung up on him. He called back and said he was on his way. So I took my food inside told the people what was going on and they sat me at a table and brought me some water and I ate while I waited for Mr Gab to get there. He showed up looked over everything then said lets go home and get some tires and tow it home. He told me he thought it was the starter by the way it acted. So we drove home got tires and went back. I drove his car (which by the way is a ford wagon) and we towed the Druango home. Friday morning he goes out looks at it comes in screaming at me. "there is no oil in the car" What I say you take care of that all the time how is that possible? He thinks someone is messing with my car. Why do we think that? Well just last Saturday Mr Gab drove my Durango to work so he could fill up the gas at his store. On his way home the back tire came off. Now mind you this is the tire that just had the flat and we took it in and the guys there put it back on with one of those do-hickey thingies. You know the things like a drill? So really how could the tire come off unless someone messed with it?

I don't know any more. So I guess I'm without a car again! Hows your week been going?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

To close for comfort

You know you go along in life and you worry about your family and you worry about yourself and each and every day passes by so quickly you hardly have time to wonder what happens/happened to other family members.
I was playing on the computer tonight, Mr Gab is working the over night shift (even though he is suppose to be resting before surgery tomorrow.)When noticed the little box in the corner announcing a new email. Well the title caught my attention so I opened it under another screen, so that I could keep playing. But after opening it I went back to the other screen where I was playing and told my friends that I had to leave, a family member had died.
Now mind you this is my uncle who passed. But see the thing of it is he was my mom's brother. And there are many memories from my childhood about this uncle and my mom. And well, hell the tears started and memories of my mom flooded into my head and memories of this uncle and it seemed I just couldn't stop crying.
Once I did stop I started to think gee when uncles and aunts of your parents start to die and then of course your own parents (although my dad is still hanging in there) You realise that wow your also getting up there and you are starting to look at that end of things. Yes, yes, yes I know that you can die at any given moment in time be you a child- teenager- young adult- middle aged or elderly. But for some reason this uncles passing just brought that so much closer to mind. I'm not a young person any more. Oh yeah I act young and that I don't wanna grow up I'm a toys are us kid is running through my mind alot. But I have also realised that I'm getting slower,forgetful,wrinkled, have to wear glasses for reading, and hurt in places I never knew I had. And that old saying about falling apart when your older has really hit home.A cousin I havent talked to in ages Ive talked to tonight. And why? It was her dad. I tried to keep in touch with some of these family members but like I said you worry about your family yourself and well time just flies by.
I hate the thought that Im going to be seeing these cousins only because of a death. And you know I really hate funerals. But I will go because I loved my uncle and he will be dearly missed. Funny thing is I was just wondering how he was doing. Now I know.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Here is a cute little thing that might just explain why woman are the way they are. I HOPE IT DOES NOT OFFEND ANYONE! I thought it very cute.

Sorry I thought it would link right to it....please copy and paste.