Thursday, December 30, 2010

year in review

Ok so this year has been a difficult one at best. My dad passed away in April...and that kinda set the mood for the whole year. Everything revolved around dad's estate(which btw hasnt been settled yet!)My oldest sister decieded to get a lawyer to fight my youngest sister being in charge of dad's estate. Well, oldest sister lost and youngest sister is working on selling everything as dad's will stated. Well almost everything.
We took in dad's dog....who didnt bark, was almost blind in both eyes and had arthritis in his hind legs....common I guess in his breed.(he was part collie part german shepard) He loved his walks and would literally dance to go. He lasted a year and half with us before he passed. Oh now that was awful in its self but poor AJ...Buddy was kinda like his dog. He was very upset. Of course he asked if we could get another dog but we had to say not right now.
In July Mr Gab got pushed right out of his job at Holiday. He was making more than the managers were and he was an Assistant Manager. He asked to be trained and moved up but they shoved him right out the door. Everyone said we should get a lawyer but where do you think the money will come from? Mr Gab did work an OTR job till they ran out of work. SO he's been putting in app's all over the place including driver for Pizza NO avail!
We lost the house and it will be sold in a sheriff's sale. We just have no means of coming up with over 10,000. to catch up the fact they said oh we can re modify so you can afford your payments....they were over 1,200 when we started and after they re modified it was over 1,300. Now plz tell me how in the sam hell that got better? if we couldnt afford 1,200 how can we afford 1,300? so we lost our home of 35 years.
Mr Gab still not working and weve run outta money. I guess next step is welfare. I dont want too Mr Gab doesnt want to but as long as no one is hiring what can we do? and what are we gonna do when they come knocking and say move out now? We have no money left for any kinda of 1st month rent nor deposit!
Our christmas was bleak to say the least but we kept cheerful for the grandkids. ALL of whom were here.....YEP you read right ALL 8 grands were here....Kelley's mom has let us start seeing kelley again. In fact Ive had her all this week while she is off for christmas vacation.
Our internet,cabletv and telephone is only on thanks to our youngest son....But I dont think he'll be able to keep that up much longer so any day now it could get shut off. Im not sure how I'll handle that....I LIVE FOR THE INTERNET! I play pogo, and facebook and I still bop over to my friends here on blogger world. Unfortunately some of my friends have decided to stop blogging and I will miss them and their keen wit! But I understand as I haven't written in awhile Ive been so angry that Ive been afraid to write for fear of going off the deep end. So I just came and went on other bloggers sites mostly not even leaving a comment (unless I couldn't help myself)
I have dropped a lot of meds I need and so my health has been all over the place....I try to keep the main one which is for the heart/bloodpressure rest of them I just cant afford.... the heart one is almost 200.00 so I can do that one but heck now when I run out Im not sure what we will do.
Mr Gab has taken copper and aluminum down to sell and that gives us a few bucks, he wanted to donate plasma but he has hep b so they wont take him.
But with all my bad luck this year Im looking at 2011 as being a better year for us maybe this will be the year to move to FL? I can only hope.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


So I have added a new link over to the right....but for some reason I cant get it to work properly. So if you would please copy it and put it in your browser just the way it is. Hubby and I have started to be more concerned about our planet and have started to "GO GREEN" here in our home. Hope you join us in the "GO GREEN" and check out this website. Plant a dozen trees lol.