Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saying good bye is such sweet sorrow

or something to that effect. Well as you can probably tell I haven't been around much. My readership has fallen off to almost Nil. And as much as I like to talk and write my main reason for starting this blog(well actually the other one) was to blow off steam and to figure out if I had been abused by my dad like my sisters. In part I guess I already knew that answer. But it needed to be in black and white and someone else to comment to know what I already knew deep down and just didn't want to admit to myself.
So for now I'm just going to let the blog go and not write anything. I'm not going to delete it just in case I ever want to come back and start writing again. I will however stop by all the blogger's I read and keep reading. I may or may not comment, but I will still be lurking. If there is a reason for you to talk to me you have my email .....(its on my profile page) or you can come over to face book and find me. So until I pick up here again Farewell to you and keep on keeping on.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too Fast

So the days have been flying by so fast that I just blink and its either the weekend already or Monday again. One of the good things about that is school will be starting again soon. The bad thing it means we are heading into winter again. I think god made a terrible mistake when he was developing the earth. The four seasons were a good idea, but he made winter way to long and summer way to short. I think that all four seasons should have been the same lenght in time. We have 12 months and 4 seasons so that means each should have been 3 months long each, no more no less. Now I know there are many people who will argue that it is that way. But I have seen winter in Oct and May so Oct to April is 7 months. and then should it start in Oct and run to May well that's just too dang long. I don't know how those folks in Alaska survive, but they really have to like Winter to stay there. I guess you can say the same for the folks in the warmer spots like Calif and Fl. to name a couple, where they have summer all the time. And there is another thing I think our creator did wrong. All of North America should have the same seasons...with the same results. If it snows in MN in should snow in FL. The warmer places should then be just South America. Anyways, school season is apond us and soon I will only have the baby during the day hours.