Monday, November 09, 2009

Are you freaking kidding me?

So I've a little run with with a family member again! I swear some days I just wish that I had no family. But you know I love my "family" it just extened family that I can do with out. Now this family member is not a child,but sure acts like one. We had words and I guess what I said hurt them. Then they proceeded to say I'm going to my imediate family i.e. mom dad sister hubby. and show then what you said.
OMG just let it go.
1st off they are just words they sting but really dont hurt and if they hurt maybe you should stop and think what did you say to them? If you think the words hurt come stand in front of me and let me slap you up along the side of your head and see what you say about that. Right now in my head there are like a billion times here I would like to use a swear word! And granted I believe I have every right, but Im not sinking to their level.
On facebook they have a spot next to your name and you write what your doing/feeling and today I said Is wondering if we can take a pencil and erase our mistakes why cant we use it on certain family members and erase them outta our lives?
There were a few who agreed with me that that would be nice because it would make their lifes better.
And OH I KNOW that god throws these people these family members in our way for a reason. But for the life of me I dont know why! I know the chinese familys are very close knit and I often wonder if they ever have someone in their close knit family that they would like to be someplace else? And I wonder what they do when they face some one that is difficult? do they say words that are hurtful? Or do they do something more drastic? and are they willing to tell me? lol
But as I requested and I really hope they follow through, I want no part of said family member in any way shape or form.
after all if someone were to upset me with hurtful words I wouldnt go tell my parents ,sisters, hubby OH HECK NO.......I'd blog all about it!!!!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

It's been 13 yrs but.....

I still miss my mom like hell. Today's my mom's birthday. She would have been 77 today. Not a day goes by that I dont miss her. In fact I would love it if she were her when her 2nd great granddaughter had been born. I know had she lived those greats would have been spoiled more than what grandma and grandpa do. She was alive when our oldest grandson was born but by that time she was so sick, that she never got to enjoy him. Worse part was my sister had a baby just 3 months before my grandson was born so it was difficult for her having 2 babies at the same time and not be able to enjoy them like I know she would and could have had she not been sick. How I miss her. It is ever more difficult now around this time of year. Thanksgiving and Christmas was her time of year. She was one for getting the family rallied around. Oh we had those family members which we would rather have never had to speak to again, those family members who we spoke to but watched all our silver, and those family members who were ok to socialise with just one time of the year and those family members whom we only spoke with by phone. But somehow mom managed to keep in touch with them all regardless of our opinions. Because at this time of year no matter if you were considered part of the black sheep of the family you were family and mom made sure she included you for just one day of the year. There are many family members who thought my mom was an angel and she was she really was but not the reason they think. Mom would but her true feelings for these family members to the back and just celebrated the day with her family. She would talk laugh and get mad then yell then swear she was never gonna do it ever again. lol. I cant remember hom many times I heard next year Im not cooking. Yet next year would come and she would be the first to start preparing for Thanksgiving. Mom always made goose. and this oyster thingy that if she ever had a recipe for it she kept it well hidden. BUT alas I was a good (choke) daughter and helped her every year so I knew how she made it. But to be honest I asked her one year (thankfully before she got sick) how it was made and she told me so I can make it now. I have gone online and did a search for a recipe because I just wasnt sure of amounts and found one. so I can make it. When Mr Gab and I were first married and we went there for thanksgiving Mr Gab asked her one day where the turkey was. Mom got very angry and said no turkey just goose. And Mr gab the sweetheart that he is goes but I want turkey isnt that what Thanksgiving is about the turkey? OH I LOVE THAT MAN! Let's start trouble with your inlaws at the dinner table. Well, mom calmly said you want turkey you buy it and make it yourself. And so the next year Mr Gab bought the turkey and brought it with for me to cook. yeah with one oven it was a little hard to cook both. We all ate the goose at dinner time and the turkey alot later. Then we discovered the microwave. I had to try cooking a turkey about 3 times before I had it the way we wanted it to be. Once I had mastered that we would buy a turkey and the ingreadents for stuffing and loaded it all and my microwave into the car and take it all to mom's. Set it up and most of the time had to let the microwave warm up before starting to cook. But that was ok cause all I needed was 9999 to cook the turkey. Yep that is the cooking time needed for a 10lb turkey. And boy do I miss my microwave. It's still in SD. So I cook it in the oven here. I tried this microwave, but its kinda small and it takes like forever. I just dont know what the differences are but if anything ever happens to my one in SD I sure hope I can find one like it to cook my turkeys.
Another time and I swear I do love Mr Gab but honestly he is too direct when he should be more meek and he isnt and so one saturday at dinner my mom cooked macaroni and tomatoes. We are all done eating and sitting at the table chatting when Mr Gab says to my mom have you ever thought of adding hamburger to that? And my dad was like oh hey that sounds good add some meat to that. OH BOY OH BOY did my mom get mad!!! Under her breathe she was like we've ate it this way for years then you come in and upset it all! But the next time she made macaroni and tomatoes she added hamburger.
When Mr Gab and I were dating my mom was the one on our side. My dad didnt like Mr Gab at know no man good enough for his daughter. anyways my mom was the one who ran interferance so Mr Gab and I could go out. And when we got married my mom was there at the wedding but not my dad. He claimed he couldnt take off work. But he has come around....especially when Mr Gab could do carpenter work, and was willing to take his weekend to work with my dad on many different projects. I know on more than one occasion my dad tried to scare Mr Gab off even after we got married. But my mom to the rescue again. She pointed out 1) did you really wanna make me unhappy? 2) did you really wanna do it by yourself? 3) if you scare him off she will be moving back in with baby n all! Thats all it took. By our 10th wedding anniversary I think my dad finally realised that we werent a fly by night marriage that we truely love each other and planned on staying together no matter what he threw at us.

Ive gotten off the subject which was HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM WHERE EVER YOU ARE.
I miss you and love you lots

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


One of our favorite bloggers has a birthday to day. so in true gab fashion

and many more!

Hope you day is great BB and hope that special girl makes it even more special. (wink)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I just wish for one day

That my mom could come back and talk to some people and tell them she really felt about certain things. And some people would be really hurt but maybe they would wake up! But I doubt it. I'm pretty sure that even if she told them right to their face they would think she wasn't
talking about them I swear my life would be a whole lot easier if some people who claim to be family would just stay out of my life. Yep we are back to that again. I swear I thought I learned my lesson the first time. But no I gave them another chance. Oh when will I ever learn? These people never change the are still all most just like they were at 13. Only worse cause now they are older and more blind.
Oh yes welcome back my bitching post.
I had already planned to come back and write again but this just pushed me and pushed me and pushed me. Oh the things I could say, about this family.
But you know some would say let it go its old history. Well hell honey I would if some people would stop bringing it up. And the thing that really pisses me off the most is she uses my dear departed mom as her life saver. I have up to this point held my tongue but if she knew really how my mom felt about her...THE TRUTH well I doubt that it would even sink in she is so delusional. When she was younger and had a baby and had been drinking she would show up at our house crying cause her mom was "such a bitch". My mom tried to get her out...she thought she was a bad influence on my youngest sister C. My mom would call her mom to please come get her out of her house only to have her mom (my mom's youngest sister) yell at her please let her sleep it off there. after all you don't want her out there drunk and driving with a baby in the car.My mom always wondered how her own sister could let her go out there drunk and drive with the baby and did nothing to stop her but expected my mom to do it. So as much as my mother hated her being there drunk like that mom "let her sleep it off" and watched the baby. Afterwards my mom would tell us she wishes her sister could take care of her own kids and keep that brat away from our house. It got so bad cause she would show up often and always drunk and always with her baby daughter. My mom would actually go out the back door go to the neighbors and "hide out" After awhile when it was apparent that no one was going to control or "help" that kid she started to call the police to stop her and hopefully take her to detox. Which never helped cause as soon as she was let out she was back drinking. I remember one time mom was hiding and my sister D came home and my mom had to run out, my mom was steaming. Now she had to deal with a drunk again. So later my mom called the "school" where my sister D went and then the bus company to see if D could be last one off the bus. They were not sure why my mom would request her daughter to ride around town for an hour and a half before they would bring her home when she was the first drop. But mom knew that "she" would come around the time D came home then pass out. So with D not coming home till 4 30 - 5, mom could hide out more. It worked.."she" would come there would be no one home and she would leave. Mom would call the police let them know and then leave it up to them to deal with her. My mother would tell her sister to please take care of her own daughter as my mom already had enough to do with her own daughter who was born handicapped. But each day her sister would "cry" that there wasn't anything she could do cause her daughter was a strong head snot who thought she knew it all. I was glad when I got married. But I sure worried about my mom left to deal with her sister and her daughter when she had her own 2 kids to care for.
And don't get me started on why I stopped babysitting for them when they were smaller. OMG I know that denial is so larger in that side of the family that they would call me the lier. But you see when I get to the gates I don't have to worry about God saying do you remember when......then look at me stern like and oh don't you even dare to try and pull one over on me my child I seen all. Nope I can walk up there and be told I'm sorry child for all that you endured.

Sooooo If it come to push comes to shove I will shove back and I will let out all the dirty little secrets. I have no problems telling all. and what I know is stuff you dont want the whole world to know but that will not stop me if you push me. I have a few things in my closet but just about every one knows those things you on the other hand dont know half of the story. But I will be glad to tell you and the whole world about your closet. Including the lie your mother has been spreading about me.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saying good bye is such sweet sorrow

or something to that effect. Well as you can probably tell I haven't been around much. My readership has fallen off to almost Nil. And as much as I like to talk and write my main reason for starting this blog(well actually the other one) was to blow off steam and to figure out if I had been abused by my dad like my sisters. In part I guess I already knew that answer. But it needed to be in black and white and someone else to comment to know what I already knew deep down and just didn't want to admit to myself.
So for now I'm just going to let the blog go and not write anything. I'm not going to delete it just in case I ever want to come back and start writing again. I will however stop by all the blogger's I read and keep reading. I may or may not comment, but I will still be lurking. If there is a reason for you to talk to me you have my email .....(its on my profile page) or you can come over to face book and find me. So until I pick up here again Farewell to you and keep on keeping on.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too Fast

So the days have been flying by so fast that I just blink and its either the weekend already or Monday again. One of the good things about that is school will be starting again soon. The bad thing it means we are heading into winter again. I think god made a terrible mistake when he was developing the earth. The four seasons were a good idea, but he made winter way to long and summer way to short. I think that all four seasons should have been the same lenght in time. We have 12 months and 4 seasons so that means each should have been 3 months long each, no more no less. Now I know there are many people who will argue that it is that way. But I have seen winter in Oct and May so Oct to April is 7 months. and then should it start in Oct and run to May well that's just too dang long. I don't know how those folks in Alaska survive, but they really have to like Winter to stay there. I guess you can say the same for the folks in the warmer spots like Calif and Fl. to name a couple, where they have summer all the time. And there is another thing I think our creator did wrong. All of North America should have the same seasons...with the same results. If it snows in MN in should snow in FL. The warmer places should then be just South America. Anyways, school season is apond us and soon I will only have the baby during the day hours.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Silly me

I am so silly...No really, I write a little about Panhards but for got some information. So here's a little addition:

These cars are from France. My dad has always been interested in things that are made by others and can only be obtained by "spending a little green". Dad was first interested in the Renault Dalphine. I cant even count how many we had over the years. A few of them he ordered straight from France. He was the first owner. I was to little to know how he first heard of these cars all I can remember is that one day we had these cool little cars that no one else had. Dad had several at one time (he was saving a couple in case 1 broke down) 2 were stick and 1 was automatic. Now according to my dad the automatics were a little on the rare side coming to the US. I loved that car. So I told dad not to drive it cause I wanted that one. Well, car 1 broke down so dad started to drive car 2. I kept telling him I wanted the automatic one and he had to save it for 2 more years which was when I turned 16. Unfortunately for me car 2 broke down. Dad was driving my car and his car was almost fixed when one day mom came out and said to me your dad's been in a car accident. All I could think of was Oh no my car. (selfish me). When dad came up the road I was standing in the road. I seen the front end of the car and I though oh that's not hurt. Then I seen the backside and then I cried. OH I was such a snot. more worried about car and not my dad.
Anyways it was shortly after that when my dad acquired the first Panhard. 6 panhards made it to America.(the kind like in the picture) Eventually dad owned 5 of the 6. He parted 2 out sold 1 and I have the other 2. I know he ordered 1 directly from France. The rest he bought from around the states. This is a man who would be driving down the road and see Fly wheels and slam on the breaks....but thats another story. In the summer we would drive from here to our farm inn SD driving a Panhard. We would stop for gas or to eat and instantlly we would have people looking at our car asking a million questions. One time we came out of the restraunt and not only did these people have all doors , and hood and trunk open they had our suitcases on the ground! One guy goes so this is what the new Packard looks like. Rather than tell him what it really was we nodded loaded our suitcases and took off. I think that was the only time dad never gave the people a "tour" and history of our car. opening everything and taking out our stuff really made him mad. Anyways that is how I know about these strange little cars.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Have you ever heard or seen of a PANHARD?

(click on pictures for a close up)

This is what a panhard looks like from the side. They have suicide doors. This is about a 1953. They are made in France. Very few made it to America.

Front end looks like its smiling. ( reminds me of Inspector gadgets car lol)

and this is the inside. See the dashboard. Plain not a lot to it.
and now the details.
They are 2 cylinder air cooled engines. There is no heat in these cars so not good for winter driving here in MN (or SD for that matter)
They are basic cars. No glory here. They look like the Volkswagen except longer in the front.
Now you ask How is it you know so much about these cars? Well lets see I have 2 of them.
These are not my pictures of mine. These are courtesy of Panhard club on the web.
I forgot to get the link so if you wish to read more about these cars you just need to google Panhard. It almost sound like your saying Pan nerd. But it is Pronounced PAN HARD just as it is spelled.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Boy I forgot

So I wished Barman a Happy Birthday on July 1st which of course is Canada Day. But then I forgot to come back and tell you it was my birthday on the 4th of July. AND I also forgot to come wish my nephew a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the 5th of July!!!! SHAME ON ME. So in true gab fashion to my nephew C....

and many more.

Now lets see he must be about 21 now. Woot he's an official adult! WOW he's getting old fast. I can remember when he was a baby and I changed him. (sorry hun I wont embarrass you anymore than that). Anyways I know he's been going to college for about 2 years now. I'm not sure what he's aiming for but I'm sure he will make a good decision there. He is the first in our family to go to college. His brother to is going to college. I'm am so ding dang proud of them. I had high hopes of my own going especially since they are very bright but other stuff got in the way. Now I only hope that my nephews finish and do something good with their lives.
As for my birthday I did nothing! Oh thats not quit true. In the morning I babysit the boys. That afternoon my daughter came and got all the boys and they went to the races. I really wanted to go to but I knew I couldnt sit on those benches that long. And if I had taken my own chair I wouldnt have been able to sit with everyone else. So I stayed at home. Mr Gab and I had a nice time watching tv and just "chillin" Well for the most time I spent with Mr Gab but alot of time he was sleeping! He worked the over night on Friday and then he did truck Saturday morning. Most of the time when he does truck it takes maybe an extra hour then hes home around 8am. But that saturday it was a larger truck and he didnt get home till 11am. So he didnt get a chance to really get any sleep before fireworks that night.
I was able to see plenty of fireworks here at home and I didnt have to worry about traffic. Daughter kept the boys over night so we had a peaceful night as well.
Now I know this is a little late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A little birdie told me it's Barman's Birthday

It's Barman's ( aka Bryan) birthday today.

So it true gab fashion:

and many more.

Hope you have a great day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009



This is a wish to all father's out there to have a very happy father's day. This of course must include the mother's who act as both mother and father. Whether they are single or their spouse is off fighting to protect our country. To the dad's who have passed if not for them we wouldn't be. To the uncle's who sometimes fill in as dad to their niece's and nephew's.
And a Big HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to Mr. Gab.

So far two of our three children have wished Mr Gab Happy father's day. I'm sure our oldest will call later today or maybe he will call tomorrow saying he forgot. But he usually does make the call. Our oldest grandson wished grandpa Happy father's day when he came home from working the double shift yesterday. He was only awake long enough to say Thank you. The other boys have a card for grandpa but they will probably have to wait till tomorrow to give it.
and now the great news.

This is great news because Oldest grandson hadn't seen his dad for 11 years then last Father's day he asked to go see him. They have been bonding for the last year.
Second oldest hadn't seen his dad at all since he was 6 months old. He finally met him this past April. They now get together every weekend. Third grandson hasn't seen his dad in about a year but he called his "other" grandma and said he wanted to see his dad. He came and got him. And little man's dad has been having some problems, so he had taken a break away from seeing him. But I told him the other dad he was asking for him so he said he would make arraignments to come see him today. They came and got him for a couple of hours today.
I thought this would be a good time to go to my dad's but I'm so tired that I will drive out tomorrow. Its the thought that counts!
Have a great day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Laugh for the day

Grandma's Boyfriend
A 5-year-old boy went to visit his grandmother one day. Playing with his toys in her bedroom while grandma was dusting, he looked up and said, 'Grandma, how come you don't have a boyfriend now that Grandpa went to heaven?' Grandma replied, 'Honey, my TV is my boyfriend. I can sit in my bedroom and watch it all day long. The religious programs make me feel good and the comedies make me laugh. I'm happy with my TV as my boyfriend.' Grandma turned on the TV, and the reception was terrible. She started adjusting the knobs, trying to get the picture in focus. Frustrated, she started hitting the backside of the TV hoping to fix the problem. The little boy heard the doorbell ring, so he hurried to open the door and there stood Grandma's minister. The minister said, 'Hello son, is your Grandma home?' The little boy replied, 'Yeah, she's in the bedroom bangin' her boyfriend.' The minister fainted.
Now, that's funny... I don't care WHO you are.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Little man is soooooo CUTE!

Well yesterday was interesting,good, and bad! around 2:30 in the afternoon,I decided to go to this block sale that was going on. So because all the kids are now out of school, I have to take them all with. So I told them to get ready to go. Little man runs into our bedroom and tells grandpa to get up and get ready to go we going to garage sales. Grandpa says no I'm gonna stay home and sleep. Little man then closes the door to our bedroom and says I'm staying home with grandpa. He proceeded to open and close the door many times over each time shouting out the door to me that he was staying home with grandpa. Each time he did I said no your coming with me. Next thing I know Mr Gab is up and dressed. I said oh are you coming with? He laughs and says you think? Little man was very insistent that grandpa come with. SO we go to these garage sales and picked up a few small items for 5 and 10 cents. Then we get to this garage sale and they have a lot of knick knacks. Now mind you every garage sale we go to I tell the boys "DO NOT TOUCH" If you want anything you tell either me or grandpa and we will come look. So I'm standing at this table looking at some thing and all of a sudden I hear "CRASH" I look around and I say "Alright who broke it and what do I owe"? It was quiet for a moment and then Mr Gab goes I broke it. WHAT? YOUR KIDDING RIGHT? The people were very nice and said no you don't owe us anything. They had several items set on a two tiered cookie stand and Mr Gab hit the table and just like that they fell off. They were little china pieces almost like doll dishes but knick knacks. Well we ended up spending 5.75 there, Ok wait, I spent 5.75. One of my grandsons also spent about 6.00 of his own money there. I felt so bad I really wanted to pay for the stuff. And while we were there this lady's mom came outside to see how things were going and asked about how these things got broke. The lady told her mom "someone bumped" into the table. I said Yes I'm sorry my husband was the one who bumped into the table. I said I am willing to pay for everything. but her mom said no that's ok I shouldn't have put them up there. After that we came home. I took off my shoes and sat down........and OMG the pain. Just those 5 houses and I hurt so badly, I went to stand up to go to the bathroom and I couldn't walk. Oh no, I had to really go. After several starts I was finally off and well not running but sliding my feet to the bathroom. When I got back to the living room and my chair I sat back down and within a minute I knew I was sorry that I had gone garage sale- ing. While it was fun and I got a few cute things (grandkids actually spent their money and got more) I shouldn't have done it. I keep telling my doctor I have trouble walking and I need to be totally handicapped so I can get help with SSI disability and insurance so I can either get a power chair or scooter so I don't have to worry about walking. I could then go anywhere including sales and not worry. But alas she isn't cooperating. Maybe I should take her with me and then she could see what happens to me. lol.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ooooohhh I wish I knew what I was doing!

One day I can work the gadget thingy in the blog pages next day I cant get it to work for love nor money. (and no I didn't pay them)

I'm trying to add my eBay page to my side bar and I click on the link thingy to add it, it comes up but it doesn't take you right to my eBay page.

I added the Minnesota thing real easy I tryed to do same thing with my eBay page and Nada. Oh sure all the letters are there but you cant click on it and be taken right to my eBay page. What oh what am I doing wrong? Ooooh technology sucks. Well I guess I just don't have a clue it isn't technology. If any one out there who reads my page knows how to fix this so that when you click on the link you go right to my page please please please fix it for me!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

When I was a kid- farmer Jones

One thing I use to hate the most was people telling me to keep up with the Jones. The second thing I hated was being told I was one of the Jones boys. Ummmm look again.

I remember one time (not to sure about age probably around 9 or 10) I heard my mom complain to my dad about the potatoes having eyes already. Dad said cut them up and plant them.

Well, needless to say I did just that. I cut them up and planted them........But...its where I planted them that caused all the problems.

Yes, I was a regular farmer, I did just as my dad said. I cut them up and planted them to surprise my mom. You see my mom had enough on her plate to deal with, let alone planting the potatoes.
I know I was young because if I had been older I wouldn't have planted them where I did. lol

My poor mom carried the wash outside one day and started to yell. I came around the corner of the house and said "whats wrong?"
Mom asked what was planted under the clothes line? I said potatoes...... "surprise". Mom sighed then said that was a bad place to plant because how was she gonna hang up the clothes? I didn't have an answer. When dad came home and mom relayed to dad what I had done, he laughed and said we have a farmer on our hands. He told mom to deal with it. And later that fall we had lots of potatoes.
Now I guess you could say ok, so you were silly in where you planted the potatoes but you enjoyed the potatoes and everything right? Ok But it wasn't quite the way it ended. The very next year I forgot and planted under the clothes lines again. To say my mom was mad is putting it mildly.
She finally convinced my dad to find somewhere to plow the ground so that I could plant there instead of under the clothes lines. And he did........but your talking about me. Yes I did it a third time. even after dad had plowed a little area set away from clothes line just for me. Oh yes I used it.....for Tomatoes, Cucumbers, peas. I had no room for potatoes so under the clothes line they went. My dad just laughed, my mom on the other hand told me under no circumstances was I to ever plant there again NO MATTER WHAT! As it turned out dad had to plow a much bigger spot because the next year I added lettuce and carrots to the stuff I had the year before. And yes for the most part I did care for the garden.
But then dad bought 10 acres about 30 miles from the house. It had about 5 acres of plantable land but most of it was sand. I liked it to start with then I got to the point I didn't want to even go out there to help. My farmer instincts had faded away. Farmer Jones was no more.
When Mr Gab and I got married we had a small here, along with a Large flower garden. Unfortunally all of the flowers died except 1 rose bush that keeps hanging in no matter what. I have planted some other flowers but now with my back its really hard for me to care for a garden. I just learned that I should go for a container garden which is suppose to be easy to care for. I may check it out.

I want to thank my sister C for the surprise on Monday. I did get to spend some great time with Mr Gab for his birthday. Thanks Sis.

Monday, June 01, 2009

surprise to my sister and brother in law

this is gabs sister c
and today is my brother in laws birthday.
i wanted to surprise them and do her blog so she can spend the day with mister gab.
so in gab fashion
happy birthday to you happy birthday to you
happy birthday mr gab
happy birthday to you
and many more
hope you have a great day
from all the larsons and mrs gab and your kids and grandkids

Thanks C!
Yes it's true it's Mr Gab's birthday today. He is 58 years old today. (shhhh I didn't tell you that)
I did have a blog for today but I'm gonna leave it for another day and just sit back and relax with Mr. Gab!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When I was a kid - against all odds.

When I was a kid I thought that having a handicapped sister/brother was normal. I thought all families had one,little did I know that our family was unique. When my sister D was born she had many special needs. They told my parents she would probably die before she was three. When she made it to her third birthday they said she wouldn't live past 13. This Sept 17th she will turn 50.

I remember when I was in Jr high (now called middle school) one of my teachers in health class was talking about special needs children and to me the way it sounded was like she was putting them down and shunning them. She asked if any of us knew any special needs kids? I kept my mouth shut, cause if she didn't like these kids I wasn't gonna tell her about my sister. But a neighbor from up the street shouted out about me having a handicapped sister in a wheelchair. So the teacher asked me what her problems were. So I told her she was mentally retarded and had CP. The teacher nodded and said yes that's what her brother had and was in the hospital that day fighting for his life.The next thing she said surprised me. She said that if every parent had one "normal" child and one "special needs" child more people would be compassionate. I had a new insight to that teacher because she understood. The next day she wasn't there in fact she never returned. You see her brother passed away that day right about the time we were talking about him. My teacher quite teaching what she called "normal" children and went to teach "special needs" children.
I have always defended my sister. Anyone who stared at her I would tell them to take a picture. People who whispered and stared I would tell them to get a life and leave us alone. I'm sorry to say that I also used some not so nice four letter words! Because to me my sister was a VIP.
Once my youngest sister came along and she wasn't a special needs person, but mom needed help taking care of her so she could deal with the things that had to be done on a daily basis for sister D sister C was now my responsibility. Which was ok with me.
What surprises me the most today is that we accept all people with special needs as just another person. Back when my sister was little many many people including the doctors who cared for her kept telling my parents to lock her in the hospital for people with special needs. My parents checked out one of those hospitals and actually left my sister for a week but they couldn't stand knowing she was there with all those other people with problems. You see even though D had many problems and special needs my parents pretty much acted as if she was just like anyone else. Oh sure she did get treated a little more special than myself and sister C but for crying out loud we never felt that she was any better than us, but maybe just a little worse off than us. To us she was "normal"
And even though we are just getting going into summer I can't wait till Sept! Those doctors would be shocked if they were still alive that sister D has lived much longer than they ever gave her hope for.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Got scared half to death

Doctors office called on Tues. Nurse told me they found something on one of my test I gotta come in on Friday. I say ok hang up and start to worry. The only test I could think it could be was the Mammogram. Then my head went into a spin. Oh god they found something and I will need chemo or something. Maybe they will have to remove one, Ooooh GOD! I mean I know I complain about them alot but dang to have one or maybe both removed? Could I deal with that? Look on the bright side, I thought to my self, no more bras, no cutting straps in the shoulders, no back pain. But would Mr Gab still love me I thought? Oh I cant wait till Friday I'm gonna go crazy.

Friday comes. I go to the doctor's. She weighs me and does blood pressure and pulse and in my head I'm screaming get on with it DAMN IT!
She turns on the computer and brings up my tests and starts talking. I have osteoporosis, and they need me to start a medicine that I would take once a week.
What? wait my heads in a fog. What did you just say?
So she tells me again and tells me that for the next 6 months I should be extra careful not to fall because my bones are so thin (brittle) that I could be hurt seriously bad! She laughs and says thank goodness its not winter because if it was I'd tell you to stay indoors the whole winter to give your bones a chance at building back up. Now I'm gonna tell you just be extra careful, we don't want you to fall.
Well hell I don't want to fall either but dang scare a person half to death will you. So I asked why couldn't they tell me this on the phone? She says privacy reasons. They can no longer tell certain things over the phone, she even told me that certain tests we have done the results can no longer be told over the phone. Guess there's too many "listeners". Now I can maybe see that with cell phones but land phones?
So once I finally get my head more cleared and she tells me the medicine she wants to start me on and that I need more Vitamin D and Calcium taken daily and she will see me in a month unless this medicine has an ill effect on me. I say oh wait. I then tell her about when I did the colonoscopy and what happened when I drank the magnesium citrate and the effects it had on me. And she said yes it sounds like your allergic to it so one more thing to add to your list of things to be highly aware of. And not to take.
Then she walks outta the room and I'm left thinking this was so wrong. They should have been able to give you a hint of what was wrong like maybe say Oh they found something on your bone density test. Then I wouldn't have worried half as much. But then again maybe I would have anyways.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I was reading the other blogs that I have in my left side bar, when I came back to my home page and looked and I do mean looked at my picture of Mr Gab and myself. Its true what they say. The longer your married the more you look like each other. And by looking at that picture we do look like each other. Is that good or bad? It's almost like looking at (omg choke....)my brother. I love my brother don't get me wrong but I don't want to be married to him!
The thoughts that are going through my mind right now are not the stuff I want to be thinking, especially with my brother. Does this mean I need a new husband or brother? LMBO. Actually I think I'll keep them both. You know the saying I finally got him trained right why would I want to start over? Well that applys here too. 35 years and Ive got him just the way I want him. And as for my brother...........dont want to change him either.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What the hell are they teaching our kids?

I AM NOT one of these grandma's who sit the kids in front of the tv. I do have the tv on through out the day (mainly for background noise), but little man has started to demand certain shows every day and he really throws one hell'va fit if he can't watch them. So I have been turning on these shows and let him watch them. BUT yesterday I sat with him and watched those shows.
Show 1) The adventures of Dora. A little girl with her pet monkey look for missing items using a map and a backpack. First thing grandson says is he wants a monkey. I say ok I will buy you a stuffed monkey. He throws a fit he wants one that talks! Are you kidding me?
Show 2) Go Diego Go. A little boy with his baby jaguar helping other animals outta trouble. OK PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE eveyone knows you cant have a Jaguar as a pet baby or otherwise. Everyone that is except a 2 year old.
Show 3) Spongebob Squarepants. I dont even want to go there.

So now what I try to do is find a movie that is more for his age and when he starts to yell that he wants to watch these shows I say naw lets find a movie. He yells eggo alot (meaning diego) for both dora and diego but I try to stay strong and stick with watching a movie. He does like movies and he does yell for certain movies but right now I would rather hear him yell for those movies than "eggo"
And those shows? I plan on writing a letter to all of them. I know it won't do much but I want them to know just why we wont be watching their shows.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh my I lost a whole day

warning very graphic. If to much information bothers you don't read skip down to where I go to ER.

Ok so it all started Monday when I had to start prepping for my colonoscopy. You know this is the day you start by all liquid diet and drinking that horrible stuff? Ok so I start with the first stuff and I was doing ok till I got about half drank then all of a sudden it started to come back up. It says in their little brochure that if you feel like puking stop for 15-30 mins rinse out your mouth with water and start again. After 30 minutes I took another drink and didn't even hardly get it swallowed and was off and running. SO I figured that because all I had was water coming out the other end so I figured I didn't need to finish this as it was just coming back up any ways. The next step was to drink this other stuff 4 hrs before test. Well I was scheduled to go in at 6:45am Tues morning which meant that I needed to get up around 2:30am to drink this stuff. SO I set my alarm as Mr Gab had to work the over night shift again. I get up at 2:30 and start to drink this stuff. I got an instant headache. I drank it then went back to bed only to jump up about 15 mins later to rush to the bathroom to puke that crap up. I just hoped and prayed enough was in my system that they could still do the test. I got back up at 5am took my shower got dressed and waited For Mr Gab to get ready to take me. We got over there and I checked in telling her about bringing everything back up and she said to tell the nurse when they took me back. I went to sit down to wait and next thing I knew I was in their bathroom puking. OMG is this ever gonna quit!? The nurse finally came and got me put me in a room and asked me all kinds of questions. I answered then told her about me not keeping the stuff down and that I had a bad headache. She thought the procedure could still be done. SO they took me back. During the procedure they kept telling me to look. I tried to watch as much as possible but I kept falling asleep. Finally I was done and she pronounced me A-OK. I didn't need to come back for 5 years.
I got home and slept some around noon I woke up enough to eat a bowl of cereal and take my regular pills, I still had a bad headache so I took the new pill that the doctor wanted me to try. Well that didn't last long almost as soon as I took it I was back in bathroom puking again! About 1:30pm I texted daughter and told her to come get me and take me to the ER.

We got to the ER around 2:30 and I had to wait almost 2 hours in waiting room. When they finally came in to see me they got all information of what I did that day and the doctor said yes the colonoscopy can throw your system off and cause a headache, and because I suffer from Migraines that just made it worse. So they said they would set me up with same 4 combination as last time. I waited another 50 mins before they got to me to give me drugs then almost another 2 hours before I got let go to go home. I left the hospital somewhere after 7pm. Poor Mr Gab was trying to get sleep to go to work last night. and here he had to watch the boys. Well all except the baby. Daughter had him with. He did ok till about the last 2 hours then he got really loud and cranky. But by then I was pretty out of it.

Today I just couldn't seem to wake up. I tried to get up several times but my eyes were so heavy that I just fell back to sleep. I don't remember waking up oldest grandson and asking him to feed the cats for me. I barely remember daughter dropping off youngest two boys. And I don't even have a clue when Mr Gab took second oldest grandson to school and did he leave youngest two with me? Good question cause I don't know.

Now tonight I was talking to cousin to learn another cousin had passed away tonight at about 7pm Calif time. I hardly know him but yet it hit like a ton of bricks, and I cried. Another family member passed because of cancer.

Ive known for years that our family has a long history of cancer and that it runs highly Strong in our family which is why I get the colonoscopy done when needed and I do pretty much do the mammograms because I know these are the main two for most of the family! I try to stay one step ahead if possible. Cause if I'm gonna get it I want to know asap so hopefully they can do something about it before it gets too bad. I know though that if I'm gonna die I'm gonna die but if there is a chance of putting that off I wanna do it.

So there you have it. I have one more test and thats just a sleep test to see if I have sleep apnea.
So good news is so far all my tests have come back normal. Whew load off my chest!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

OMG The Pain of it all.

Well, for quite awhile I've been having several teeth bothering me. But Weds night it started to really get annoying. Thursday I had a meeting for my handicapped sister (her annual 6 months report) When I got up Thursday morning the first thing I noticed was that my mouth hurt so badly that I wasn't sure where or what tooth was hurting. So after taking my shower and getting ready to go I grabbed the number for the dentist office. I used my cell as I was running out the door. Now mind you just about everyone in our family has been to this dentist office but me. (we didn't like the last one so we just didn't return) Our daughter had gone there first from a recommendation of her girlfriend who also works with her. She had also taken 3 of the 4 boys there. Then Mr Gab needed to go so daughter said try this dentist. So I called and made an appointment for Mr Gab. Couple weeks ago youngest son text ed me complaining about his teeth hurting. He didn't have a dentist so I said use ours. He asked me to call. SO I did, I set him up for his appointment. So finally on Thursday it was my turn. I told them I was heading out right that minute for my meeting and I wasn't sure when Id be home so I wanted it for Monday. Well she asked me how bad was it? OMG ARE YOU KIDDING? You really have to understand me. I HATE DENTIST! And will do anything to avoid going. Even if it means my teeth not looking their whitest, or hurting so bad that I gotta go no matter what. I had a very bad experience when I was a teen. The dentist had two files on his counter and he "glanced" at one thinking that it was mine and pulled a tooth that didn't need to be pulled and he had not given me Novocaine, because that person didn't like Novocaine used. So right then I disliked dentist no matter how good they really were.
Anyways the last dentist I went to said that at least tooth was gonna need a root canal done, so I kinda knew that I would probably need it done sooner or later. As it turned out the dentist had an opening at 2:30 that afternoon so if I got back in time I was to come in. Well, I was back in plenty of time.
And yes I needed a root canal done. And did I have time to have it done? Well DUH! I HURT! So he set me up to do it right then and there. BUT and oh do I mean but he got started and first thing he said was WTH. I'm pretty sure he was thinking WTF but you know he was being polite. I sat there wondering what was wrong. He kept going and every now and again he would mumble something. Finally after awhile he said we were done with everything but the build up for the crown. While I was waiting he finally informed me that when he started the top of the gum was black and kinda hard to work on. But once he got by the black it opened up and went easier the rest of the way. He said the cause of the black must have been the last dentist I went to must have started a root canal but stopped for some reason. Then he also told me that I had infection deep in the bone. (DAMN NO WONDER IT HURT). I don't remember the last dentist starting a root canal but I know he opened that tooth and put in medication as it was infected.
As of today it still hurts as badly as it did before he started. But Mr Gab told me it would be Monday before I didn't hurt. I am taking the pain pills and the antibiotics and once in awhile a tear or two rolls down my cheeks but other wise I'm hanging in.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I've finally did it!

Yes after all this time I've finally did it! I've started writing a book. I've already gotten the title, the dedication page and the first chapter done. But the first chapter was about 4 pages long double spaced. SO what do I do? Single space? Write more words? Well, I set it aside for a day and decided to not actually set any thing into chapters as of yet. I'm just gonna put the words down. If and when I do try to publish it I will then figure out where chapters should be. But as for now I'm busy putting words down. (this is where one would normally say down on paper, but I am using my computer as my hand writing is getting so bad what with the arthritis and I never did have great penmanship.) Not only that but I can use spell check! Then I know for sure that what I want to convey will be correct. I've choosen a subject that I know alot about. At first I wanted to write a western romance book, but then thought I know more about cats than I do about romance.(well,ok not really) So I thought that I would pull all the years of experance of owning cats and put it into a book. I will have "tales" "training" and memories all put down on computer disc and then one day I may turn it into a book.
So be watching the next thing I may tell you is that my book has been published!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OWIE the pain.

So I got the first two of the four tests done today. The first was quite simple it was a bone density test. That consisted of mainly like an x-ray scan. The second hurt like hell, because it was the mammogram test. NOW listen here. I just don't understand why woman have breast implants and then have to have them squished my that horrible machine. I didn't have implants but dang I'm not small by no means and damn it all it hurt!!!!! So why would you do that? What I'd like to tell these woman before they have the implants put in is this. Go have a mammogram done while you have small breasts. Now how much did that hurt? Not much? Ok now just imagine that pain times 1000.....much more painful. Would you still want those implants? I know you think that having big breasts will make you more popular (honey in a way you really don't wanna be) But the pain when you have such large breasts isn't worth it. Put your money to better use. Buy a car, guys love woman who have nice fancy sports cars! But dont invest in bigger boobs! Take it from someone whose boobs grew too big, keep the smaller ones. You wont have back and shoulder pain from your bra straps cutting into you or your back trying to hold your breast upright. And smaller boobs dont look like they are hanging around your knees either I highly doubt that small breast even sag much! And the best part about smaller boobs, Alot of times you dont need a bra and you still look sexy in just about any top you wear. Where bigger boobs seem to pop out all over the place where you really dont want them to be!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Its Official

Mr Gab has put in two week notice at one of his jobs. Now mind you things will be rough for awhile and I may or may not loose the internet, but either way I'm all for him dropping one of his jobs. Why? Well the poor man was so tired lately that he was making BIG mistakes. I was starting to worry about him falling asleep at the wheel, having a stroke or even a heart attack because he really was working way way to many hours. He hasnt yet filled out the appication for the tanker job yet. But he tells me he's gonna. He has also told me he has given up on this house. He no longer cares if we save it or not. But he really doesnt want to go back to SD yet either. He says we should stay here at least until my dad passes. I'm like yeah sure ok, but if he's here another 10 years or so I'm gonna be mad! (no just kidding) I do want to move to Florida and I'd like to do it yet this year. But I understand that if we did and he passed we might not have the money to come back and then I'd feel bad and probably take it out on him and blah blah blah.
He was talking of buying a foreclosed house out close to dad, now he's talking rent an apartment till we know what we really want to do. (did I or did I not say I want to move to FL?)
Aw well.
Ive missed some birthdays.....
My nephew for one. I was at my sisters house on the Friday before his birthday and spent some time with them. But his birthday was actually Easter Sunday. And I forgot.
So B hun this is for you.........................

and many more.

and if Ive missed your birthday as well Im sorry Happy belated Birthday to you as well. Hugs everyone.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Again Jumping for joy

Singing in the rain oh singing in the rain...........Yeah I've done that one before. Remember?
In the last two weeks Ive been to the doctors twice. The week before last I went to see the RA doctor. They told me again that I've lost another 10lbs. WHOOOHOOOO!
Then I went this week to meet a new Doctor cause my last GP quit and went to teach grade school kids!
I again got on scale and WOW Ive lost another 3 lbs in just one week. But see it comes and goes. Not really like I loose some gain it back and loose again. I loose then I don't do anything then I loose again. Don't have a clue to what I'm doing but Hey I'll take it!!!!!

But this Doc was very good at asking all the right questions. So Two things happened!

1) this doc ordered a **** load of tests to be done( Blushing) Mammogram, sleep test,Bone density test, Colonoscopy.
She took blood while I was there and urine sample and she is testing liver,thyroid,diabetes and who knows what else.

2) I had also just gone into the hospital last Sunday afternoon because I had a migraine on Saturday that came on quickly and I had used two of my prescribed pills and it didn't do a damn thing for me so by Sunday I gave up and went in. They put in a IV. and then gave me Toradol,Benadryl,compazine,morphine. WHOOOO was I flying! But by the time I actually left (after a 2 hour wait in the waiting room) I had no headache!
So I told the doctor this and she asked me if I had a reaction to the Toradol and I said no. So she said lets give you imitrex which is a generic of Toradol and see if that works better on your headaches!
My sister already takes this stuff and just about swears by it. Funny for as long as I've had headaches you'd have thought they would have tried this stuff on me already! But nooooo they don't but my sister gets put on it almost right away when she started to have migraines!

Ah well! At least this doctor has done a complete job of checking me out. Yes I do know she kinda had to cause it was my first time seeing her, but most of the information is on the computer there at the clinic.

So now to get through each test! Wish me luck

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Stupid MAN

Ok no matter how many times I use the add link it still wont let me do it with that in mind please paste and copy and go see what the heck you think of this stupid video.

Friday, March 13, 2009

In a Whirl

Sorry Ive been gone so long but stuff has been happening here and my live has been hectic. Yeah I have spent more time on Facebook than here but it was because of a game they call "Hatchlings". But lately the game has gotten boring. It would take too long to tell you why so lets just leave it at that.

My girlfriend from high school has written a book and has had it published. You can find it at Barnes and Noble. The title : Time for Reflection and Healing.
I dont want to give anything away but its mainly about a girl who was abused. Its a very good book. One that of course that got me thinking about my own childhood. Which of course is one of the reasons why Ive been so up and abouts in the air.

Yesterday was my dad's 90th birthday. I went there to celebrate and now Im more up and abouts. My sister is in charge of dad but right now Im thinking neither of us are doing right by dad.

Today is my daughter's Birthday. Happy Birthday T. Love ya.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Talk about Thankful!!!

I'm so Thankful. OH MY GOSH I"M SO THANKFUL.
Remember when I told you about my car? Well Mr Gab took another look at it when he had just a little more time and discovered that the thingy on top of the battery was busted. Not the cable half but the actual thing that hooks the cable to the battery. We were also lucky that we just happened to have a brand new one in my glove compartment. Mr Gab had bought it for my car long ago cause he had seen mine was wearing out but just plain forgot to replace it. As for the oil...Yes it was empty(well almost) and we put in 5 quarts and my car is up and running. Today was a long trip test(more than 2 miles from home) and I had no problems with it.

In other news:

I'm outta money to go to the Doctors and my insurance wont cover any more so I'm a hurting. I figured I gotta now live with this pain. My lawyer doesn't seem to be doing much and I'm wondering if I need a new one.
I'm not sleeping very well and find my self taking naps through out the day. I usually wait until the little guy goes to sleep before I do. and If he doesn't I wait till daughter takes them home then I'm out.

On Friday Mr Gab is seeing a Doctor on an experimental thing for hearing aids and if he qualifies its free. He will receive one of their aids. The company is called Dell tones and Ive read about them they seem legit so...I guess we will see how this goes. If he does get one he can go back over the road again. I actually want him to so we can get more money, that and the fact that Job number 2 that he does Mon Thu Fri is starting lay offs. Because he's one of the last ones hired hes gonna be one of the first to go. In fact they told him to come in 15 mins early on Monday. So we are kinda prepairing ahead of time.
I guess thats all the news for now. I'll be stopping in soon to catch up on all of your blogs. Have a good weekend

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Im lost


I've been playing a lot on facebook. They came out with this thing called Hatchlings 2009. You look through other peoples pages who have downloaded hatchlings and find eggs. You incubate them and when they hatch they are different animals. 1st it was trying to find the many different eggs they had. Now its trying to see how many I can find. I am already up to 933 eggs. Now the trick is to keep your pets alive once they hatch. If your lucky enough to find a "cheeseburger" egg to can feed your "pets" every single day. Now I had 6 of these cheeseburger eggs before I finally had my daughter come over and save it for me. She had talked to me on the phone trying to help me but for some dumb reason I keep doing it wrong. In the mean time I found out that if you already have a certain egg that had hatched and you didn't want two you could "feed" that egg to your pet. This was how I kept mine alive until daughter got my "cheeseburger" to save.Now I still get excited when I find a special egg but for the most part its now seeing how many I can find.

In other news Mr Gab had his surgery on his toe, and was home for 5 days. He went back to the Doctors on Weds and on Thurs he was back at work. BUT they didn't take out the stitches. He wore his bedroom slippers with rubbers that you normally put over your shoes. That way he was covered from the wet and yet still comfortable.

Now on to more news. So on Thursday I didn't have the kids for awhile so I thought I'd go out and get some Chinese food bring home sit in front of the tube and eat. Well, ok so I ordered the food, drove over there, got my food, got out to the car and..................Turned the key and well all the lights came on but it wouldn't start. So then I tried to take the shifting gear out of Park and put into neutral and couldn't get it to move. I freaked. I called Mr Gab (who was suppose to work at second job Thursday night) and started off telling him what was going on. I soon had myself worked into a frenzy and was crying so hard I hung up on him. He called back and said he was on his way. So I took my food inside told the people what was going on and they sat me at a table and brought me some water and I ate while I waited for Mr Gab to get there. He showed up looked over everything then said lets go home and get some tires and tow it home. He told me he thought it was the starter by the way it acted. So we drove home got tires and went back. I drove his car (which by the way is a ford wagon) and we towed the Druango home. Friday morning he goes out looks at it comes in screaming at me. "there is no oil in the car" What I say you take care of that all the time how is that possible? He thinks someone is messing with my car. Why do we think that? Well just last Saturday Mr Gab drove my Durango to work so he could fill up the gas at his store. On his way home the back tire came off. Now mind you this is the tire that just had the flat and we took it in and the guys there put it back on with one of those do-hickey thingies. You know the things like a drill? So really how could the tire come off unless someone messed with it?

I don't know any more. So I guess I'm without a car again! Hows your week been going?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

To close for comfort

You know you go along in life and you worry about your family and you worry about yourself and each and every day passes by so quickly you hardly have time to wonder what happens/happened to other family members.
I was playing on the computer tonight, Mr Gab is working the over night shift (even though he is suppose to be resting before surgery tomorrow.)When noticed the little box in the corner announcing a new email. Well the title caught my attention so I opened it under another screen, so that I could keep playing. But after opening it I went back to the other screen where I was playing and told my friends that I had to leave, a family member had died.
Now mind you this is my uncle who passed. But see the thing of it is he was my mom's brother. And there are many memories from my childhood about this uncle and my mom. And well, hell the tears started and memories of my mom flooded into my head and memories of this uncle and it seemed I just couldn't stop crying.
Once I did stop I started to think gee when uncles and aunts of your parents start to die and then of course your own parents (although my dad is still hanging in there) You realise that wow your also getting up there and you are starting to look at that end of things. Yes, yes, yes I know that you can die at any given moment in time be you a child- teenager- young adult- middle aged or elderly. But for some reason this uncles passing just brought that so much closer to mind. I'm not a young person any more. Oh yeah I act young and that I don't wanna grow up I'm a toys are us kid is running through my mind alot. But I have also realised that I'm getting slower,forgetful,wrinkled, have to wear glasses for reading, and hurt in places I never knew I had. And that old saying about falling apart when your older has really hit home.A cousin I havent talked to in ages Ive talked to tonight. And why? It was her dad. I tried to keep in touch with some of these family members but like I said you worry about your family yourself and well time just flies by.
I hate the thought that Im going to be seeing these cousins only because of a death. And you know I really hate funerals. But I will go because I loved my uncle and he will be dearly missed. Funny thing is I was just wondering how he was doing. Now I know.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Here is a cute little thing that might just explain why woman are the way they are. I HOPE IT DOES NOT OFFEND ANYONE! I thought it very cute.

Sorry I thought it would link right to it....please copy and paste.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Help a friend please?

One of my high school girlfriends has written a book. She also has a web page that you can visit.

go to

If you have ever been abused by a family member or you know someone who has been then you might want to buy them her book. It is truthful (I know first hand) and its painful. It even may help you heal (or the one who you give it too)

She not only wrote this book but did the illustration of the cover. She is multi-talented.

So please take a look. Its on Amazon in book section. Search time for refelctions and healing.

You can also find it at Barns and Noble. Go check it out.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What the HELL is wrong with F*****people?

Ok, Now I'm seriously pissed! Most of you all know that I hurt my back several years ago due to my sister not having her braces on. Then it got aggravated from the car accident last Oct. The first time I injured it the Doctor told me not to lift anything more than 1 lb! So now you have a little information to help you understand why I'm so pissed!!!

Today, I had a Doctors appointment. You know Physical therapy?
Well I'm getting out of my car and I notice this lady running across the parking lot. Not giving it much thought I locked my car and started in. Only to realise that the lady who had been running was now sitting on the steps of the building crying. I ask her if she's ok. She tells me no she thinks she dislocated her shoulder. I ask if I should call 911. She says no she just wants to get into the building where she works. I say ok can you get up? She says maybe if you help me.
So I tried to help her up by grabbing her under her left arm. Mean while I happen to notice that there are about 3 or 4 people standing there in the doorway of the building just watching. After the third try of trying to get up her all the while she is crying and screaming in pain, another lady comes out to help me get her up.
As soon as she was standing the other lady disappeared. (WHAT?) So I slowly walk her to the door and grab the handle and open the door (and everyone is just standing there) I got her into the building. I starting walking her towards the bank of elevators, and a lady comes running out and asks the lady I was helping in what happened. She told her and the other lady helped me get her into the office where they both work.
I then go upstairs to my appointment only to realise that I can hardly move. SO I tell my Doc and he sets me up with the roller machine, which really hurt. I then had the electrodes on my back then I went for an adjustment and he also used a electric massage thingy which helped until he hit the lower part of my back. I was able to get up and walk somewhat better than when I first walked in but oooohhhhhh does it hurt!!!!!!

After getting done I checked the time and seen that I had a little extra before having to get home so Mr Gab can go to work, I stopped down to the office where I took the lady. I walked in and inquired how she was doing. They told me that she ended up going to the hospital. So I said please tell her I hope shes ok soon. They asked who I was and I said the one who walked her in and gave them my name. They said thanks for helping her.

BUT PLEASE TELL ME......WHY? Why no one wanted to help? Not even to open doors.
Mr Gab told me because they didn't want to get hurt either. I'm like that is just so wrong though but yet I can understand. Thing is I just couldn't not help! Even if my back was perfectly A-OK I would still stop and help. It's just the way I am.

So I really hope she's ok, and I'm glad I helped even though it hurt me, because honestly I don't think anyone else would have and who knows how long she would have sat there hadn't I helped.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ever want to know all about your birthdate?

I was sent an email from a friend that I actually found interesting. You click on the link below then enter your month day and year. It gives you all kinds of information of the day you were born. It will also tell you others born on that date as well as what songs were out that year.
I was really surprised. Try it out.

Birthday Calculator

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I finally figured it all out now give me the money!

I DID IT! I figured it all out. It's not about the people who come to try out for American Idol! It the drama of the judges! OMG. I swear... no wait I wont swear, but believe me Ive thought of it. So we get a few nuts on there that really and truly should not have opened their mouths. And then we go to.........the judges. Now Barman has put it clearly in a comment in my last blog and I quote" An if Paula is still a judge, do you really think she is a "professional"? She has more comments about what they look like or other truly worthless stuff then anything that is important. That and Randi, I love the man, dog, but I really do not listen to much to what he says either. The only person I think you really get anything of use from is Simon. He may be mean a lot but you best pay attention to what he is saying. I know this time they are suppose to have a 4th judge but having not watched the show I have no idea what she is like."
Barman hon you hit the nail truly on the head! Simon even though he is tough he seems to be the only one to keep the stuff real. The girls last night and tonight just had so much "drama" that it was all about them and not the singers. To be honest I cant believe that any one of the 4 judges would laugh at some one while they were singing. COME ON please be a little nice to these fools I mean folks, they are trying their hardest to sing. Its not their fault that they have no clue that they shouldn't be here in front of millions of people making an ass of them self's.
Now lets explore another item that happened tonight. Guy got done singing they all said no and he started to walk out he he tells them to be careful. They took that as a threat. Should they have taken it as a threat? Or should they have thought wow this guy is concerned for our safety that we don't fall down some steps or to be a little careful out there driving? I myself understood they guy saying be careful for what it was meant to be...or at least what I hope he meant it to be. I guess because after having my car accident and knowing that it can happen to anyone at any time that I too find my self saying be careful. I was one of these people who always figured I was not going to be in a car accident. After all I went my whole childhood without being in a car accident and most of my adult life without being in a car accident, then one day bam some one runs a red light and there I am getting hit. Ok now I may have miss lead you a tad. Because I was in a car accident before when a young kid fell asleep at the wheel and hit me. But no one was hurt in that accident. My accident in Oct we were hurt. And again it wasn't my fault. But the point I guess I'm making is that even though I was involved in that other accident it wasn't one where someone was hurt so I discounted it as an accident. My version of what accident is is when you crash and people are hurt. and yeah I know that's really wrong. Because when you are in a car accident where your car is damaged then you have been in an accident whether your fault or not. I got a letter in the mail the other day.... the city is going to court to charge the lady who ran the red light on Feb 2nd. I'm going to be there.
Well this week has warmed up considerably since last week but they said this is just temporary and we will be freezing again in a day or two. :-(
any who how hope your week is going well.

Friday, January 16, 2009

American Idol-Busy-Games-Cold

Have you gone shopping with me yet? Have you just looked? Please do so. I'm not asking you to buy but should you see something that you would like go ahead and make that purchase.

So I've been really busy these last few days. I've been busy playing on pogo, Ive been busy playing on Facebook, babysitting the boys and trying to stay warm.

Today is the 4th straight day we've had below zero temps. and today the kids didn't have school. It was and wasn't because of the weather. Stumped? Well let me explain. The buses that take the kids to school have bio-diesel fuel. This fuel isn't suppose to freeze but with our weather as cold as it has been it didn't exactly freeze but it did gel where it then breaks away and sinks to the bottom of fuel tanks and clogs the lines. Yesterday when it was around -15 some of the buses broke down leaving kids out in the freezing cold. Two of my grandkids were on one such bus. I myself thought that I should have kept the kids home yesterday but in the end they went. One reason is The oldest grandson got a ride from his mom to school then I went and picked him up after school. The second oldest I drove to the bus stop. Then the kindergartner, the bus stops in front of my house so he just goes from our front door out to bus. Again I drive down to bus stop after school and pick them up. But in between when others are being dropped off anything can happen such as a bus breaking down. The boys said they huddled under a tree and waited about 3-5 minutes for a replacement bus. They said they didn't get to cold waiting but I think they just didn't want to admit it as they had pretty red cheeks.
And the baby (he's almost two but to me he's still my baby lol), He had a terrible cold so I had to ask daughter to take him in and he ended up having pneumonia, poor little guy. He's with daddy this weekend so I just have 3 boys which was good for today with them all home from school. There is no school Monday of course and then I will have all 4.

This week American Idol started again and I was right there watching it. Again I can not believe that there are folks who dress like well gosh idiots! I was thinking morons but didn't want to go there. And those who really cant sing a note and was told no but they kept trying to get the judges to change their minds please oh please get a life. The one guy who sticks the most in my mind was the guy who said he mom didn't support him and she didn't believe that he was a good singer and when he came out he cried! WHAT? Are you kidding me? If my mom said to me don't go you cant sing worth a dang, and I went anyways and the judges told me NO and I just stood there and kept singing like that was going to change their minds I just wouldn't go out and stand in front of the cameras for all of America to see and cry! And the lady who sounded like she was threatening the judges oooh wee look out! I'm waiting for the news to say she tried to harm one of the judges because she didn't get picked. Again these people are professionals and know if you can carry a tune or even have a chance to work with a voice coach and possibly end up being our next idol. But please if they say no just say thank you and walk away. Don't swear, don't cry, don't threaten. Keep you dignity and leave.

Ok I'm climbing down off my soap box!
Hope your all keeping warm. They say that by Monday we will be up into the 30's and will be there a couple of days and we will have some of this snow melting. I will believe it when I see it!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Welcome to 2009!

Well we are already 8 days into 2009 and so far so good. I've been a little busy here just trying to do every day things and then.... wellllll lets see remember back when I said I was seeing red?
Well that person has annoyed me so much that the red seems to be part of me now. I spoke with my sister C and it made her almost as mad as it had made me.
The thing of it is this:
This person hasn't been in our lives for many years. Then through some ways and means they all of a sudden have a desire of how to run my life and or tell me what I'm doing wrong. Many of you know that Mr Gab and I have had our house in foreclosure a couple of times this past year. And as you may or may not know we are sorta still there. Now honestly it would take a whole lotta time to try and explain it to you as to what sorta means and I want to get this posted yet today.
Any way this family member seems to think that if I didn't go shopping at costly places such as Macy's and Daytons(back when there was a Daytons) that I would have money. Also if I hadn't given all my kids everything they ever asked for I would have money. And if I didn't eat at fancy restaurants all the time I'd have money. And if I would have slept in cheaper hotels/motels I'd have money.
Do you get the picture? Ok so now let me tell you a little secret! This family member is the one who goes to the most expensive stores they would never dream of shopping K-mart Target or even Wal-Mart or even a thrift store.(these are where I shop)
They would never dream of eating at McDonalds, Arby's or Taco Bell (where I eat when I can afford to)
And my kids never ever had name brand anything when they were growing up!!!!!
Why then are we so broke? Well lets see....economy had something to do with it, prices going up faster than our pay checks. Oh yes and I did buy some collectibles that I guess I really didn't need. But here's the thing, all the while our kids were growing up we made sure they had a roof over their heads and food in their tummy's and clothes to wear and a warm bed to sleep in. While Mr Gab and myself went without.
Now here is the funniest thing ever.........................................If you knew my daughter and some of her friends they would all tell you that the jacket I'm wearing right now for winter I've had for like 20 years! In fact the one friend hasn't seen me since I came back here to care for my dad and when they seen me they are like you still have that Jacket and your still wearing it? Like they just couldn't believe that I would still have such an out of date style and still wearing it.
In fact my oldest grandson's dad hasn't seen me in 13 years and was surprised that I was still wearing the same ole coat!
One of the other places our money went was into fixing up this house a few times so that we could live comfortably, like when we went from a 2 bedroom to a four bedroom. Like when we added a 4 car garage on, to house our cars so Mr Gab didn't have to lay in the snow to fix them when they broke down. Oh yes and that's another thing Mr Gab always fixed our cars rarely did we ever take them in to a mechanic.
Whew I'm done!

Anyways if you haven't had a chance to check out the store over there on the left hand side under shop with me at lookatwhats4u. Please do and take a minute to sign my guess book. We just had it all updated and are pretty proud of the things we offer in our store. I'm not asking you to buy but should you see something you'd like please feel free to go ahead and purchase it.
Oh and if you have visited it once or twice in the past know that our front page items change daily.
Hope you week is going well.