Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I finally figured it all out now give me the money!

I DID IT! I figured it all out. It's not about the people who come to try out for American Idol! It the drama of the judges! OMG. I swear... no wait I wont swear, but believe me Ive thought of it. So we get a few nuts on there that really and truly should not have opened their mouths. And then we go to.........the judges. Now Barman has put it clearly in a comment in my last blog and I quote" An if Paula is still a judge, do you really think she is a "professional"? She has more comments about what they look like or other truly worthless stuff then anything that is important. That and Randi, I love the man, dog, but I really do not listen to much to what he says either. The only person I think you really get anything of use from is Simon. He may be mean a lot but you best pay attention to what he is saying. I know this time they are suppose to have a 4th judge but having not watched the show I have no idea what she is like."
Barman hon you hit the nail truly on the head! Simon even though he is tough he seems to be the only one to keep the stuff real. The girls last night and tonight just had so much "drama" that it was all about them and not the singers. To be honest I cant believe that any one of the 4 judges would laugh at some one while they were singing. COME ON please be a little nice to these fools I mean folks, they are trying their hardest to sing. Its not their fault that they have no clue that they shouldn't be here in front of millions of people making an ass of them self's.
Now lets explore another item that happened tonight. Guy got done singing they all said no and he started to walk out he he tells them to be careful. They took that as a threat. Should they have taken it as a threat? Or should they have thought wow this guy is concerned for our safety that we don't fall down some steps or to be a little careful out there driving? I myself understood they guy saying be careful for what it was meant to be...or at least what I hope he meant it to be. I guess because after having my car accident and knowing that it can happen to anyone at any time that I too find my self saying be careful. I was one of these people who always figured I was not going to be in a car accident. After all I went my whole childhood without being in a car accident and most of my adult life without being in a car accident, then one day bam some one runs a red light and there I am getting hit. Ok now I may have miss lead you a tad. Because I was in a car accident before when a young kid fell asleep at the wheel and hit me. But no one was hurt in that accident. My accident in Oct we were hurt. And again it wasn't my fault. But the point I guess I'm making is that even though I was involved in that other accident it wasn't one where someone was hurt so I discounted it as an accident. My version of what accident is is when you crash and people are hurt. and yeah I know that's really wrong. Because when you are in a car accident where your car is damaged then you have been in an accident whether your fault or not. I got a letter in the mail the other day.... the city is going to court to charge the lady who ran the red light on Feb 2nd. I'm going to be there.
Well this week has warmed up considerably since last week but they said this is just temporary and we will be freezing again in a day or two. :-(
any who how hope your week is going well.


barman said...

Yikes, I hope I do not upset anyone with my comment about Idol. I have only watch about one and a half seasons of Idol but it was more than enough to make me wonder why they keep Paula on the show. Anyway hopefully this season there is not someone on much longer than they should be like I believe last season. I was amused listening to all the people that were upset about the person that should have been kicked off the show staying on for at least a month longer than they should have. People were not happy.

Anyway I think you know Idol much better than I do as you have probably seen 6 or more seasons of Idol and I only saw the season where Taylor Hicks won and the auditions for the next season.

It sounds like things are going to be fin this season. And you know what, I think I would have taken that as a threat and not something being nice. The person was very let down so I doubt they were being nice to them. Then again I still remember the first season of Survivor. Colleen Haskel made it a long ways through the show but finally was kicked off. I forget what she said but I think she was pretty nice to the people considering.

Anyway good luck on the new season.

VE said...

I stopped watching reality tv because I read a great article about how it's all really "bully" mentality. These shows are the equivalent of a bully. What do bullies do? They judge, they pick on your fears and weaknesses. They attack you for entertainment. Exactly the format of a reality show. I'm no bully and I don't like bullies. Those judges...they're just people too. Ridiculous...