Monday, January 26, 2009

What the HELL is wrong with F*****people?

Ok, Now I'm seriously pissed! Most of you all know that I hurt my back several years ago due to my sister not having her braces on. Then it got aggravated from the car accident last Oct. The first time I injured it the Doctor told me not to lift anything more than 1 lb! So now you have a little information to help you understand why I'm so pissed!!!

Today, I had a Doctors appointment. You know Physical therapy?
Well I'm getting out of my car and I notice this lady running across the parking lot. Not giving it much thought I locked my car and started in. Only to realise that the lady who had been running was now sitting on the steps of the building crying. I ask her if she's ok. She tells me no she thinks she dislocated her shoulder. I ask if I should call 911. She says no she just wants to get into the building where she works. I say ok can you get up? She says maybe if you help me.
So I tried to help her up by grabbing her under her left arm. Mean while I happen to notice that there are about 3 or 4 people standing there in the doorway of the building just watching. After the third try of trying to get up her all the while she is crying and screaming in pain, another lady comes out to help me get her up.
As soon as she was standing the other lady disappeared. (WHAT?) So I slowly walk her to the door and grab the handle and open the door (and everyone is just standing there) I got her into the building. I starting walking her towards the bank of elevators, and a lady comes running out and asks the lady I was helping in what happened. She told her and the other lady helped me get her into the office where they both work.
I then go upstairs to my appointment only to realise that I can hardly move. SO I tell my Doc and he sets me up with the roller machine, which really hurt. I then had the electrodes on my back then I went for an adjustment and he also used a electric massage thingy which helped until he hit the lower part of my back. I was able to get up and walk somewhat better than when I first walked in but oooohhhhhh does it hurt!!!!!!

After getting done I checked the time and seen that I had a little extra before having to get home so Mr Gab can go to work, I stopped down to the office where I took the lady. I walked in and inquired how she was doing. They told me that she ended up going to the hospital. So I said please tell her I hope shes ok soon. They asked who I was and I said the one who walked her in and gave them my name. They said thanks for helping her.

BUT PLEASE TELL ME......WHY? Why no one wanted to help? Not even to open doors.
Mr Gab told me because they didn't want to get hurt either. I'm like that is just so wrong though but yet I can understand. Thing is I just couldn't not help! Even if my back was perfectly A-OK I would still stop and help. It's just the way I am.

So I really hope she's ok, and I'm glad I helped even though it hurt me, because honestly I don't think anyone else would have and who knows how long she would have sat there hadn't I helped.

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Walker said...

Because people are assholes thats why they don't help and I bet iof they needed help they woudl cry the loudest.

You did good even when you couldn't help you did.
Says alot about you