Friday, January 16, 2009

American Idol-Busy-Games-Cold

Have you gone shopping with me yet? Have you just looked? Please do so. I'm not asking you to buy but should you see something that you would like go ahead and make that purchase.

So I've been really busy these last few days. I've been busy playing on pogo, Ive been busy playing on Facebook, babysitting the boys and trying to stay warm.

Today is the 4th straight day we've had below zero temps. and today the kids didn't have school. It was and wasn't because of the weather. Stumped? Well let me explain. The buses that take the kids to school have bio-diesel fuel. This fuel isn't suppose to freeze but with our weather as cold as it has been it didn't exactly freeze but it did gel where it then breaks away and sinks to the bottom of fuel tanks and clogs the lines. Yesterday when it was around -15 some of the buses broke down leaving kids out in the freezing cold. Two of my grandkids were on one such bus. I myself thought that I should have kept the kids home yesterday but in the end they went. One reason is The oldest grandson got a ride from his mom to school then I went and picked him up after school. The second oldest I drove to the bus stop. Then the kindergartner, the bus stops in front of my house so he just goes from our front door out to bus. Again I drive down to bus stop after school and pick them up. But in between when others are being dropped off anything can happen such as a bus breaking down. The boys said they huddled under a tree and waited about 3-5 minutes for a replacement bus. They said they didn't get to cold waiting but I think they just didn't want to admit it as they had pretty red cheeks.
And the baby (he's almost two but to me he's still my baby lol), He had a terrible cold so I had to ask daughter to take him in and he ended up having pneumonia, poor little guy. He's with daddy this weekend so I just have 3 boys which was good for today with them all home from school. There is no school Monday of course and then I will have all 4.

This week American Idol started again and I was right there watching it. Again I can not believe that there are folks who dress like well gosh idiots! I was thinking morons but didn't want to go there. And those who really cant sing a note and was told no but they kept trying to get the judges to change their minds please oh please get a life. The one guy who sticks the most in my mind was the guy who said he mom didn't support him and she didn't believe that he was a good singer and when he came out he cried! WHAT? Are you kidding me? If my mom said to me don't go you cant sing worth a dang, and I went anyways and the judges told me NO and I just stood there and kept singing like that was going to change their minds I just wouldn't go out and stand in front of the cameras for all of America to see and cry! And the lady who sounded like she was threatening the judges oooh wee look out! I'm waiting for the news to say she tried to harm one of the judges because she didn't get picked. Again these people are professionals and know if you can carry a tune or even have a chance to work with a voice coach and possibly end up being our next idol. But please if they say no just say thank you and walk away. Don't swear, don't cry, don't threaten. Keep you dignity and leave.

Ok I'm climbing down off my soap box!
Hope your all keeping warm. They say that by Monday we will be up into the 30's and will be there a couple of days and we will have some of this snow melting. I will believe it when I see it!


Walker said...

I can't believe some people who go on these shows think they could sing.Actually they should go home and shoot th pople who told them they were good.
Its not one of my viewing pleasurs but i have seen a few and my cousins wifes sister finished 5th over all on Canadian Idol and she is really good compared to some of the yahoos who think they can sing.

G-Man said...

I've never seen one American Idol!

VE said...

gab - Actually, I think America has too many idols...

barman said...

I know a fellow blogger that is in your neck of the woods (snowelf) and she must have been writing about the same day. She said all but their school had shut down the night before and their school finally shut down. I think it was that same day and she was taking her kids to drop them off somewhere on her way into work. At one point the temp on her car thermometer was -22. U had no idea it was so COLD there. It makes our -8 to -15 seem warm.

I think the Idol has no one to blame but themselves. Come on, how may truly horrible people did they allow to go to Hollywood in the past? Mow many advanced way further than they should? All of this in the name of making the show more interesting. They should just reject the truly awful ones and be done with it. Now they pay the price for letting the bad ones go on. An if Paula is still a judge, do you really think she is a "professional"? She has more comments about what they look like or other truly worthless stuff then anything that is important. That and Randi, I love the man, dog, but I really do not listen to much to what he says either. The only person I think you really get anything of use from is Simon. He may be mean a lot but you best pay attention to what he is saying. I know this time they are suppose to have a 4th judge but having not watched the show I have no idea what she is like.