Saturday, August 23, 2014

Just good bye

The time has come to just say Good -bye. that is all. Gab and Mr Gab over and out.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Lets start with do you remember me? LOL
Grrrr I was having so much trouble with my password even though I've had the same password like forever.
And I have all my passwords written down and what each one is for.
But for some reason every time I tried to sign in here it kept telling me wrong password.
SO I would reset it. couple times it told me I couldn't use same password. So I figured ok I know what it is and I would go try it and nope it would let me in. So I would re-set it. And write it down again and again I would try to get in and no way it would tell me wrong password.
Anything to piss me off I think. I set it back to my first ever password and it wouldn't let me use it cause I've used it once. So I thought and thought and thought what would be a password I've never tried that I could use and remember? I finally picked one wrote it down tried it and SURPRISE it worked and let me in. Lets hope next time I want to log in here to write on my blog it will work again.
Ok so what has been happening in Gab's world?
Month of July. Well first off July 4th was my 60th birthday. And I originally did not want my kids here because it seems every time they get together they fight. and I wanted a nice day for my birthday. Half way through the day I broke down told them ok come on down. should'va stuck with my original plan. Yup you got it daughter and youngest son got into major fight. and it seemed like the more I yelled to shut the F up the louder they got.
Finally they quit but day was ruined.
Then the next Weds I had my first surgery on my right eye. Cataract. Went good. Then the next Weds I had surgery on my right arm. I had a lump on my arm. it would swell up so bad that Mr Gab would have to take a scissors to cut off my shirt. And hurt OMG Hurt!! So I finally got a Doctor who listen to me and agreed to remove it. Then the next Weds I had surgery on my left eye. So every Weds after my birthday I had surgery! All went very well. My eye sight right after surgery was 20/20 Doctor said he never had anyone be that good right after surgery. It is still 20/20 for far distance but for reading and using computer I need readers. Which is ok with me.
During the month of July our daughter and her 3 boys moved in with us. The original plan had been we would be gone and she would get the house. But low and behold when we discovered I needed surgeries and all in month of July well we ended up staying. (which I really don't like very well but I will deal with it for now)
Now let me also tell you that Mr Gab has also been in terrible pain. And to get this man to go to a Doctor was impossible. BUT when I finally found a doctor who agreed to remove the lump (after several years of asking 5 different doctors to remove it) I was on top of the world so I told Mr Gab go see my doctor. and he did and guess what? Mr Gab likes him A LOT.  The doctor set him set up for surgeries right away. So first Tuesday in Aug. Mr Gab had surgery on his right shoulder. Now let me tell you when I had my surgeries I couldn't drive and Mr Gab needed to be home to take me to my appointments and then take care of me when I got home. Eyes were fairly simple 1 day each but my arm was couple of days. So Mr Gab didn't get a whole lot of work in and he had taken almost all of June off from work to work on house in South Dakota. So we are like so broke it is unbelievable. Every thing we had set aside we have already used. Now what is worse. Mr Gab thought he was going back to work 4 days after his surgery. BUT he was told not to go back till he went back to his recheck and got a note from his doctor. So he had another long vacation. Then he talk to HR and learned he better not have his next surgery till after he has been on the job a year or he wont be covered for short term disability pay. Because his boss put him as a new hire instead of rehire back other wise he would have been covered. SO the surgery he had scheduled in Sept for surgery on his hip is now scheduled for Nov. So we will be here for well I'm thinking all winter because he will need about 2-4 months rehab before he can go back to work. as for his other shoulder? I'm not sure if they are doing it now or not. Our doctor went on vacation his self so we gotta wait till he comes back.
Now a small tribute to Mr Robin Williams:
What a terrible and sad day to learn that Robin Williams had passed away. and even more sad to learn that he had hanged himself.
I have read so much about Mr William's and his death. There was so much about his depression. some about his addictions. Then came the news about him being diagnosed with  early stages of Parkinson's disease. Then all kinds of different things started to come out. One said he died because of the medicine he was taking to slow down the Parkinson's. Side effect was suicide. One said he committed suicide because he didn't want his career to go into the toilet like Michael J Fox's did after he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. I don't think any of us will ever know the real reason why, because of course Robin Williams is gone and can't tell us. But I can say we lost one of the greatest artist our generation has known for a comedian. He was so talented. He made so many great movies. And I can't even begin to name them all. Some of my favorites are:
Mrs Doubtfire. Patch Adams. Jack. Birdcage. Hello Vietnam. Jumanji. Old Dogs. Rv Happy Feet. Aladdin.
 Bicentennial Man. Nine Months. and so many more. Then of course the tv show where is all stated Happy Days then Mork and Mindy. 
You will be so very missed.  I'm so sorry that you couldn't figure out a way to over come what ever it was that bothered you so much that you had to end your life. My prayers to your family.