Monday, April 28, 2014

New and Improved

Have you seen the latest New and Improved Mc Donald's Yet? No? Well don't hold your breath because I for one think it's the stupidest thing Mc Donald's has done yet! They changed the outfit Ronald wears! TO an almost like 3 piece suit. He now wears a vest? A VEST? are you kidding me? OMG. This whole new outfit looks so DUMB. Here take a look:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2 post in 1 day wholly cow

Ok this is not normal for me BUT I have something I need to get out here. I know I still have a few readers so I would like their opinions.
I just read about Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott about how he cheated on her. SO OK here's the question. Dean was married before what broke up that marriage? He had an affair with Tori. So he cheated right? Ok so now he's married to Tori and he has cheated again with some one else and he has admitted that sex is like a drug or alcohol.  So what does that mean once you cheat your always gonna cheat?

round two:

Two different people
Girl is with guy guy not only cheats but steals and lies.
They break up she put out restraining order against him for 2 years he cant come any where near her.

couple years later their paths cross they stop chat he says he has changed they start dating again. Everyone warns her dont get involved once a cheater always a cheater.

she dont listen they move in together  and buy some expensive stuff. 6 months later she learns not only has he once again lied but cheated.

She is hurt and heart broken again.

I say if a guy has cheated once he will do it again. they just cant seem to stay in one relationship. Do you know of any one who has cheated and is now in a relationship and HAS NOT CHEATED? DO you think once they cheat they will always cheat? OPINION PLEASE

May can't come fast enough

Ya know I'm getting sick of this damn cold weather and now they are talking snow again? Come-on it's April for god's sakes let it go lets have spring.
Well any ways I hope May gets here soon as we have a trip planned home. And I for one can not wait to get home. OK WELL OK THERE IS ONE PROBLEM, NO HOUSE!
We do have the camper but now there are a few small problems with that as well. SO I have been looking on-line at Drive able RV's. and have seen some that are oh so very nice but oh so way out of my reach. Then of course the ones that I could buy are so ummm the only word I can think of here to use is junky. or as bad as the one I have now with problems galore.
I'm still trying to get hubby to make up his mind on this should we sell the farm or not.
So let me start sorta at the beginning.
It all started when we were living in South Dakota.
Our house was an older house but in pretty good condition with just a small problem with a leak in the roof. Well hubby re-roofed it and we had no problems.
I got the call about my dad. He had a heart attack and the doctors didn't think it look good. So I made arraignments for the grand kids who were in school out there to stay with some teachers till grandpa came back home as he was driving over the road. And I took off and came back to Minnesota to see my dad.
Well he was home and weak but they needed some one to stay with him 24 hrs. Well hubby brought the kids here to Minnesota to their mom and he came up to my dad's. We talked it over with my sister and her husband and my dad and it was decided I would stay dad would pay hubby his wages so he could stay home and boys finish out the school year then he come live with me and dad.
It was settled!
All was a go till after hubby moved in with me and dad. Then he went home one weekend to get some of our clothes and came back and said we have a leak again. Well he was going to go back during the next week because it was suppose to be slow at his trucking company and he was gonna fix the roof again. But they got busy. By the time he got back it was raining daily and he fixed the roof but it wasnt as good a job as he wanted. SO after 4 years of NOT getting home at all. when we went back what a big surprise we had. Hole in dining room where roof caved in.
This is fan in dining room. It looks like we had a fire. But its water.

here we are tearing the back part of house down. We took out the back porch where the washer, dryer and water heater were plus my extra shelves for can goods and the back room that we used for computer room. this opening you see here is going into kitchen. It isnt torn down yet but it has to go as well as bathroom dining room and small bedroom which is room Mr Gab and I slept in. Well except now I'm thinking just tear it all down and build a whole new house. and put a basement under even if I cant get down it (it will be there if there is a bad storm and I have to get down one way or another.)
Thus reason for selling farm. 
But Mr Gab really doesnt want to sell the farm either. and in a sense neither do I. I begged my dad not to sell it and to give it to me because I love that farm. I'd rather be there than any play on earth (well maybe not the Bahama's)
BUT.....Mr Gab is already 62 (till June) and I'm 59 (till July) and this farm is 18 miles from a town and the closest neighbor is a mile in any direction. So is it a good idea for us to be out there? OR should be rebuild in town and stay there? Very good questions and things we really need to think about. That is why May has to hurry up!
Either way if we live in South Dakota in Summer and drive to somewhere warm during the winter months till we no longer can drive or maybe just sell it all and move south now I don't know for sure but we gotta figure it out.

Monday, April 21, 2014

So many questions

I've been almost glued to the TV as of late. Watching first looking for an airplane. Wondering if it really is in the water or if there is someone laughing their heads off because they are holding everyone some where on some secluded island, waiting for the right time to let us know that they have them. Then watching the ship that has sunk with all those students aboard. Now this one bothers me the most. WHY? Because my grand kids are getting of an age where their schools take trips and they of course want to go. A Bus trip Oh yes did you see the Fed-Ex truck that hit that bus with those kids in? AGAIN another tragedy with young people, off to a collage. My grand kids so far have taken a bus trip to Chicago. Ok yes they did make it there and back with out incident. BUT there are other grand children still coming up and other trips. Especially a trip with the band and they usually go to Florida then take a "boat ride" over to the Bahama's!  So that's 1 airplane ride to Florida and then 1 Boat (ship) ride to the Bahama's then back again. and anything can happen. NOW I KNOW WHAT YOU ALL ARE GONNA TELL ME, IT CAN HAPPEN RIGHT HERE WITH ME DRIVING (as we already know it has) Yes your right but trips with the schools taking these trips and stuff happening and your suppose to be able to send your child off to school daily to learn not to "travel" and possibly be hurt or worst.
I watch those poor parents who are waiting by the sea who are praying that there might be a small chance their child is still alive. then the pain when they bring several children's bodies up and they find theirs as one of those who didn't make it and I hurt right along with them. I am a mom. I know their pain even if I haven't lost a child. (I've only lost one before they were born). But I feel their pain and I cry right along with them. and I wonder why? why in the world did the captain not get those children up to the top of the ship instead of saying stay where you are(or in your room)? Do I think he should be held responsible? YES! Do I think he should go to jail for murder? YES! I listen to his explaination and think I'm sorry even if they were in the cold waters and swept away (which may not have even happened) would that not have been better than a child being alive in a room hoping they will get out because the captain said stay, and they trust the Captain? And then they drown? I mean if they had been up top and had on life jackets and had washed over board there would have been a smaller knowledge that they might not make it. But at least they would be given a better chance I believe. I know everyone says it's God's will but I'm sorry I think this Captain is more at fault than God's will.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

4 years ago today 4-5

4 years ago today 4-5 2010 my father passed away right here in my living room. He was 91. He also was an an abusive man. But he was my dad and I loved him.

one of the many things he taught me was my love for fishing. Every weekend in the summer we would drive over and would barely get there and I would be racing to grab my cane pole and say lets go fishing. Uncle Harold would tell me to go find some worms and off I would go pitch fork in one hand and pail in other. and I could sit for hours fishing. Oh yes I could bait my own hook it was taking the fish off that stopped me. A fish bit me once when I tried to take a hook outta his mouth and that was last time I ever tried to take a fish off a hook.
That was another thing dad taught me to sit still and just watch....................nothing.
Well ok maybe not nothing, I could watch the wind blow.......the grass waving.......the trees (the ones I could see) dancing.....and the cloud rolling by. I also could picture the people from way back who walked the land before who worked their fingers to the bone yet could get together that night for a barn dance because they helped a neighbor or a neighbor helped them.
Another love is rocks.........Agates, quarts, opals I have loads I collected as a child some my dad already put into a coffee table for me. others Im waiting for Mr Gab to make into matching end tables.
and collecting old stuff. OMG do I love collecting old stuff. Gas engines. is one of my favorites. I still want to own a Rumbley Oil pull that would be my dream come true! It would also be in honor of my dad! He always wanted to get a steam engine as well.
Dad taught me to drive, yeah not a stick though that was Mr Gab. Dad tried to teach me a stick and I got so upset at what he was trying to say he yelled at me to never drive a stick and get the hell outta the car so we could go home. Mind you he was trying to teach me at the end of a long work day.
But he taught me to drive and then Mr Gab had enough patience to teach me stick. and whoo hoo when I learned stick I thought I was all it!!!
Back to dad though we would go to South Dakota and he would let me drive over there. And he would stop and buy chicken and we would eat and drive and keep on going because you must understand we would leave at about 4:30 am to arrive at my grandma's house around 1pm if we were lucky enough! So to be hungry we didn't stop in a restaurant and eat we keep going. And boy do I remember the first time my mom rode with us. I was driving dad gave me some chicken and mom yelled she can't eat and drive and I told dad to tell mother to shut up I know what Im doing you taught me to eat and drive. And dad said ma just watch her. well mom watched and after about 20 miles and the who piece of chicken she was ok with me driving and eating. Sandwiches were easier of course and we ate many of those too but oh the day we ate chicken and I told dad to tell mom to shut up!!! LOL
And when I wasn't driving I was looking out the window for fly wheels and when I seen them I would shout dad fly wheels. and dad would hit the breaks say where and I would tell him and we would back up to where I seen them then we would get out look at them and if dad was interested he would go find the owner and see if he was willing to sell. Now this some times made for a very long trip home. what usually is an 8 hour trip could now stretch into 10 or more. I usually didn't mind because finding fly wheels for dad made him happy. and Fly wheel were usually on some kind of gas engine. it didn't have to be running, it could be rusty as hell but dad didn't care if he wanted it we usually brought it home.
Another thing I remember when I was a kid was when I was really little mom raised labs. Not any labs Yellow labs and Chocolate labs. Then we had a Black lab for a pet. Now King was a super cool dog. He would get out and be gone and we could whistle and call but no dog. But you open that garage door and he would come from outta no where. Why? because when we opened the garage door it usually meant we were going to SD. and King always went to SD with us. That dog was a great traveller.....till he farted!!! then it was OMG please open the windows! The day we lost him over The Rainbow Bridge was the day I said I would never get another dog. Till I met Pepe. Now Pepe (my name for him) was a BIG white German Shepard and I mean all white!! And I have no idea where the name Pepe came from but that was his name. And the day the lady ran him over on purpose I swore then never to have another dog! Then I found Rex. Now Rex was German Shepard and Lab mixed and I got him when I was still single....and in an apartment! When Jack and I got married he said the dog has to go. It wasn't he didn't like Rex he did just not in apartment. So I took him to dad's. And dad of course said only till you get a house. One year later we got that house and we bought our Rexy home! and he was the best dog ever! and Ive never had another! But Rex wasn't a traveler. He was how ever a great watch dog and watched over our children.
We had Lady. She was our traveler. and what a traveler she turned out to be. Dad got a little upset that we brought our dog with us on trips but I reminded him of King and he stopped complaining.
Dad Liked to pheasant hunt as well. and one time I asked if I could shoot the gun? so they set up a target and showed me how to shoot and then gave me the gun! DARN STINKERS DIDN'T TELL ME THERE WAS A KICK BACK!!!! I was on my ass so fast and my shoulder hurt so bad I never wanted to try that again. Course dad and my bother both laughed at me.
One thing dad didn't teach me that Uncle Harold did and that was to drive a tractor. I was 5. I watched my older sister drive it into the corner of the barn, my older brother drive it into the coal bin attached to the chicken coop and I wanted to try. Well of course they laughed at me I'm only 5. But Harold thought it would be ok as long as he rode along side of me. Well he got it started showed me how to put it in gear showed me the breaks and off we went. I drove it all the way down the hill to the water tank next to the pump and didnt hit a thing. Ya know it still gets into my siblings gull that I could drive with out hitting a thing at 5! and my brother was about 13 at the time and my sister was 15! LOL showed them I did I did!
Yup dad taught me a lot. Hurt me a lot too. but I got over it. (mostly) I'm still here. I can mostly remember the good things with dad with out getting angry. I do love him. and Miss him.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Shhh hear that?

My house is empty! It is mine again!

Nikki her two boys and Waffles formally known as Bob and our oldest son have moved into their own place. And I miss them.

Yep sure do. Once you have some one living with you for awhile and you do things together and have a blast doing them well when they leave its like a big let down.

Thing is I can still call her and still get together with her. But now there is a difference. I don't know if you can quite understand but it's a girl thing I think.

and of course thats the other reason she had to move! Because 2 women living under the same roof dont always work either and after awhile tempers flare. Maybe not at each other but at our respective loved ones. I cant really say spouse because she isnt married to our son. although she is much like a daughter in law as any could be.

But we all know its time for them to move forward and us to move forward and each go on with our lives (I still wanna go to FL)

So here's a toast to you Nikki in your new home. May you have much happiness there as you did here (maybe more so with out me around LOL)
this is my toast to you enjoy your new home!!!!