Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2 post in 1 day wholly cow

Ok this is not normal for me BUT I have something I need to get out here. I know I still have a few readers so I would like their opinions.
I just read about Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott about how he cheated on her. SO OK here's the question. Dean was married before what broke up that marriage? He had an affair with Tori. So he cheated right? Ok so now he's married to Tori and he has cheated again with some one else and he has admitted that sex is like a drug or alcohol.  So what does that mean once you cheat your always gonna cheat?

round two:

Two different people
Girl is with guy guy not only cheats but steals and lies.
They break up she put out restraining order against him for 2 years he cant come any where near her.

couple years later their paths cross they stop chat he says he has changed they start dating again. Everyone warns her dont get involved once a cheater always a cheater.

she dont listen they move in together  and buy some expensive stuff. 6 months later she learns not only has he once again lied but cheated.

She is hurt and heart broken again.

I say if a guy has cheated once he will do it again. they just cant seem to stay in one relationship. Do you know of any one who has cheated and is now in a relationship and HAS NOT CHEATED? DO you think once they cheat they will always cheat? OPINION PLEASE

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