Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Shhh hear that?

My house is empty! It is mine again!

Nikki her two boys and Waffles formally known as Bob and our oldest son have moved into their own place. And I miss them.

Yep sure do. Once you have some one living with you for awhile and you do things together and have a blast doing them well when they leave its like a big let down.

Thing is I can still call her and still get together with her. But now there is a difference. I don't know if you can quite understand but it's a girl thing I think.

and of course thats the other reason she had to move! Because 2 women living under the same roof dont always work either and after awhile tempers flare. Maybe not at each other but at our respective loved ones. I cant really say spouse because she isnt married to our son. although she is much like a daughter in law as any could be.

But we all know its time for them to move forward and us to move forward and each go on with our lives (I still wanna go to FL)

So here's a toast to you Nikki in your new home. May you have much happiness there as you did here (maybe more so with out me around LOL)
this is my toast to you enjoy your new home!!!!

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