Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Invasion of privacy

Google earth....it can be a good thing yet it can be a total invasion of privacy.

so let me tell you about my little accident that I had the other day that didn't involve cars. I like the Internet. A LOT!

So ok I have been using realtor.com to find houses for sale in Florida. I love realtor.com! They show cheap houses and they show the OMG ARE YOU KIDDING WHO CAN AFFORD THAT!?

So any ways....it started out like this. I was watching the movie Bird Cage with Robin Williams. And they were talking about South Beach Fl. and I was thinking ok is there really a South Beach or is it something used for the movie? So I go to realtor.com and put in South Beach Fl and hit search. well one of those OMG homes came up first. 34,000.000.00 WOW so I'm like ok lets see how the other half lives.
There were about 20 pictures so I looked at them and ooohhh and ahhhhed. yeah very very nice house. SO then I'm thinking hummmmm how about I fly there and look at the neighborhood.
SO I bring up google earth and type in the address of this 34 million dollar home.
And I'm looking at it and I see all these little flag thingies. So I ran the mouse over it and what do I see? The home for sale belongs to.................................................drum roll.................................its a biggie............................................WILL SMITH!!!!

will smith? really will smith?
Well that explains why they want so much for the home. One of his neighbors is Julio Iglesias. Another neighbor is Shaq O'neal, another Elisabeth Taylor.

Ok right there I'm drooling all over the place. Can you imagine sitting by your pool and having Julio come out side a talk to you? Or maybe I could go over and get into Shaq's face and have a one on one where I win of course.( sorry Shaq its my dream).

Now if I actually had the 34 mil to buy this house I might actually have to kidnap Mr Smith and keep him for a trophy! lol
I can see it now and this is Mr Smith's bedroom where he and Mrs Smith slept when they were living here and oh here in the bla bla bla is Mr Smith himself. How ya doing today Will? Oh I'm sorry did you have a movie to do today? Well maybe I'll let you attend tomorrow. Whats that? Mrs Smith? Ya I told her you took the 34 million and ran! Sorry.................NOT.... LMAO

Ok its a nice dream of owning Mr Will Smith's home. But like you know I don't have movie deals coming my way to pay for this nice dream.
But again google earth is it an invasion of privacy? Or is it the way people get to see how the other half live?