Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well,I havent said much about it any where else because you know if you spread it around people will know.
But so far this week has been interesting. Mr Gab left last Saturday.....he's driving again.....over the road (OTR). And so far no real problems, the kids and I have been scrubbing house top to bottom, Mr Gab wanted to know why we couldnt do it while he was still only answer to that was IDK. It was like if he did work the rest of us did too and if he took the day off so did we. Our youngest son has been staying here and he said it was because his dad was "in the way" Well, ok but the man lives here hello!!!! little man hasnt been very happy about grandpa being gone and OH OH OH neither has Lucky!!!!! There is no one who plays ball with Lucky quit like Mr Gab does. I try trust me I try but I dont throw it just the right way.....I swear I think I'm throwing it up really high and he jumps up and grabs it mid air and the drops back on the bed like hohum is that all you have!? I mean seriously that cat!!!!!!!
I went to the doctor on Tuesday I went to the arthritis doc. and my blood pressure is off the charts again! I think if I hadnt had little man with me they would have put me in the hospital. They really werent happy with me. They kept telling me that it was too high. The nurse even asked me it I had taken my pills that morning. I said yes I had. I usually take them around 7 am every day. and my appointment was at 9:45 am.
Any ways.... I've talked several times to Mr Gab. It's kinda funny he calls me more now than when he was working close to home. LOL but really he calls to check to see what our bank is doing to see how I'm doing without him and so forth. He has spent the last three days in Florida. I keep telling him to look for a house for us. He told me one neighborhood had some houses for sale but they only had a sidewalk in between each house thats how close together they were he said you'd be in your house and "burp" or "pass gas" and the neighbors two houses down would say there they go again. Thats just a little to close lol. I mean here our house not only on a corner but there is enough space between our house and the neighbors that you could build a small house in between us. Now thats space. Even at our house in South Dakota we are on a corner and have space between our house and our neighbors. Of course our farm has the most space!
Mr Gab told me to "win" the lottery so we could buy a house in Florida. Yeah thats gonna happen. Well any way Mr Gab says he might be home this weekend. So hey if you dont find me here or Facebook or Pogo well........I guess you know where I'll be and hey if the bedroom is busy stay away!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Well actually I did. All though our married life I bought stuff... Oh you know the kind of stuff....collections, rings, what ever I thought at that time that I just had to have. I still enjoy alot of my "STUFF" but now here's the kicker.. I was packing some of my stuff to move with us when we go. There was certain stuff I really wanted to keep. Take for example my snow globes. I love those things. I have some unusual ones. and some that are just cute. So I packed them all away using a ton of bubble wrap, making sure I put them some place that wont get cold so they don't freeze and break. Then I had an epiphany! Ok so first I'm thinking I have to have a place to put these. then I m thinking what are they really good for? and the last thing that really got me thinking about keeping these snow globes, is all they do is collect dust and I really hate to dust. So I sat there thinking so why do I really want to keep them? I couldn't come up with a good reason, so I said ok I'm gonna look at them see if maybe I'd like to keep just a couple and sell the rest. After all we are pretty broke even though Mr Gab has been doing some work. But before I got started doing that I started thinking of some other stuff I could get rid of. Like I have a "Sh**" load of rings. I cant wear most of them because of my arthritis. So I went through them last night and off to the pawn shop we went. I got more than I expected yet less than I expected. I had a diamond solitare ring that an old boyfriend gave me and I figured that alone should have been 200. But nope that was about 75.00 Mr Gab had want to get estimates from at least 3 places but that one took so long that we both said ok we will take your deal. I started to cry cause in away those rings meant something to me but like I said I cant even wear them so whats the point of having them? So there was my start. Then I started to think of other "STUFF" I have in collections and thought the same thing why do I want them are they doing any good by having them and do I really need them. my answer was I dont need them they dont do me any good and lets sell them too. That dust factor came up alot. and so did we are really broke. So with that in mind alot of stuff is going to be put up on either ebay or craigslist. Now mind you stuff that came from my grandmother or my mom I'm keeping no matter what. That to me does have a reason. I can come up with lots of reasons as to why I need them. My snowglobes not so much. I have resigned myself to I really dont need this stuff any more and I really dont know why I thought I did but maybe now selling them I can make some money.