Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well,I havent said much about it any where else because you know if you spread it around people will know.
But so far this week has been interesting. Mr Gab left last Saturday.....he's driving again.....over the road (OTR). And so far no real problems, the kids and I have been scrubbing house top to bottom, Mr Gab wanted to know why we couldnt do it while he was still only answer to that was IDK. It was like if he did work the rest of us did too and if he took the day off so did we. Our youngest son has been staying here and he said it was because his dad was "in the way" Well, ok but the man lives here hello!!!! little man hasnt been very happy about grandpa being gone and OH OH OH neither has Lucky!!!!! There is no one who plays ball with Lucky quit like Mr Gab does. I try trust me I try but I dont throw it just the right way.....I swear I think I'm throwing it up really high and he jumps up and grabs it mid air and the drops back on the bed like hohum is that all you have!? I mean seriously that cat!!!!!!!
I went to the doctor on Tuesday I went to the arthritis doc. and my blood pressure is off the charts again! I think if I hadnt had little man with me they would have put me in the hospital. They really werent happy with me. They kept telling me that it was too high. The nurse even asked me it I had taken my pills that morning. I said yes I had. I usually take them around 7 am every day. and my appointment was at 9:45 am.
Any ways.... I've talked several times to Mr Gab. It's kinda funny he calls me more now than when he was working close to home. LOL but really he calls to check to see what our bank is doing to see how I'm doing without him and so forth. He has spent the last three days in Florida. I keep telling him to look for a house for us. He told me one neighborhood had some houses for sale but they only had a sidewalk in between each house thats how close together they were he said you'd be in your house and "burp" or "pass gas" and the neighbors two houses down would say there they go again. Thats just a little to close lol. I mean here our house not only on a corner but there is enough space between our house and the neighbors that you could build a small house in between us. Now thats space. Even at our house in South Dakota we are on a corner and have space between our house and our neighbors. Of course our farm has the most space!
Mr Gab told me to "win" the lottery so we could buy a house in Florida. Yeah thats gonna happen. Well any way Mr Gab says he might be home this weekend. So hey if you dont find me here or Facebook or Pogo well........I guess you know where I'll be and hey if the bedroom is busy stay away!


BTExpress said...

That's great that he's working OTR again. My father and step mom moved to FL when the cold made life too difficult for them. It wasn't long before their health improved, so you might seriously think about it. There are plenty of places with much more room between them, especially out in the "country".


I hope you guys win the lottery too and come visit us! Florida would be great, no more snow!