Friday, November 30, 2007


Well I looked for a different picture of Santa and his red suit, but the only one I could find in my photos that are still on-line was this one of a 3-D plate I have. I had thought of selling this on E-bay at one point but I really really like this plate. Thing is I gotta learn to let go of stuff because I have so much "stuff" that I like.....That its over running me! lol
But again this was more for the red suit that we all recognise as that of the man whom children have tried to stay awake for, of a man easily recognised, and who just about everyone loves.

Then if you need more red check out my photo below of me wearing a Santa cap.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


As winter draws near I'm thinking more and more of summer days at the farm. As soon as school was out for the year we would pack up kids, cats, food and water and drive out to the farm. We would flush out the water tank and then fill it with the water we brought. We would open everything up to air out. Now mind you the kids got out of school in May so we could only open up for a short time as usually the weather is still cool. Then we would settle in. The next day we would go back home and fill up the water containers again pick up our mail and go shopping if needed.
But the best part was after the weather got warmer. We would set out the folding chairs and just relax. As you sit and just watch the wide open spaces, you would see a deer or two. Once a day we would drive the 20 miles back home to get our mail, take a shower if we needed & go shopping if needed.
Then back to the farm and the camper. After dinner, the kids and grandpa would go start a bon-fire while I cleaned up. Some times I would join them at the bon-fire. Other times I would just sit in my chair next to the camper and listen to the sounds of the cows mooing, pheasants calling each other, the birds & the crickets. We would hear an occasional plane, but most times you would look up in the sky and see the trail of steam but no plane.
Before sunset the deer would get braver and come close to us, so close that we were afraid to breath for fear of scaring them off. Then at night the sky would be so clear you could see a bazillion stars. Most times as the lights came on you could see as far as 50 miles away. It was fun to try to figure out what town was what in the dark by the lights. This was one way we discovered the smaller airports that we didn't realise these towns had. When the weather was too hot to be outside, during the day we would only take a small walk around the farm to see.....well nothing really we just walked. Even me although now I don't think I could.We used to have a creek on the farm. But one farmer damned his end and another farmer dried his up and farmed it. So now all I have is the memories of when I was a kid. The times that I would get a inner tube and go down and play around in the creek. The time I got bit by a snapper. I was lucky that he didn't take more outta my butt. The time my mom lost her wedding band down at the creek and the days and even months after that my parents looked for it before my dad finally bought mom a new ring.(yes we have taken a metal detector down and look for it but dad says it must have falling in the water and was washed away).
The stories I share with my grandchildren of all my summers there at the farm as a child.
They always say "I'm bored whats there to do?" To which I tell them use your imagination like I did. The I would go off on one of my childhood stories of what I did when I was there.
So now as the cold air settles in for another winter and the knowledge that5 soon there will be snow covering everything, I think more and more of those long summer days at the farm doing almost nothing. It's what gets me through the cold winter months.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Turkey Robot Dance
Hear me talk!
Turkey WaveI hope you all have a very wonderful Thanksgiving. Please drive safely and see you on Saturday.

Big Hug

Monday, November 19, 2007


A girlfriend of mine who I have known for a long long time sent me a email asking this question:
"what would you do if you won the lottery?"
She then expalined that she was to get 20 people to answer that question, but she could only choose 10 people that she actually knew and then ten strangers. She was then to read their answers and see if out of 20 people there were common threads.

So Ok I'll answer that question here. (and I told her I would)

Well first off I guess it all depends on how much I actually won, but here's what I'd start with:

1)I would pay off all my bills.
2)I would upgrade this house(2 or maybe even 3 bathrooms added as well as a couple more bedrooms.)
3) up grade our car (only 1 I like the Durango)
4)Donate more to the church
5)Donate to 3 major charities(or causes) Starting with Amercian Cancer Society Then National Cerebral Palsy Foundation and then The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.
6) Make arraigments for grandkids and kids to have a trust fund(just so they dont have to be broke completely)
7) Then I'd like to buy a motor home to do a little traveling with Mr Gab
8) Make sure I have made some investments(gotta think of old age)
9) and last I'd like to start a motor cycle gang and buy all my blogger friends a harley and go biking dude!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I'm not going to leave a long post. I'm basically just checking in.
Today was a long and tiring day for me. Because I babysat last night while daughter worked the hut, I went to bed a little later than I do weekdays. But last night was a little different than most Saturday nights.
You see Saturday nights is what the kids and I call movie night. That's where the boys pick out a movie to watch and after I watch a show that gets over at, we start our movie. That way the kids get to stay up late and usually sleep in late Sunday morning. This helps my daughter as she gets home between 2 and 4 am depending if she closes or not.
But this week we had our Movie Friday night because of the party today. On Saturday morning we had a breakfast benefit for football so we had to go eat pancakes,scrambled eggs, sausage,drink orange juice and coffee. Well ok, now you know I couldn't have some of the stuff so I passed them off to grand kids. I really love sausage but I gave one to each of the oldest grandsons. Then one of them got my orange juice. I went with decaff coffee and also asked for water. I ate the eggs and one pancake then passed the other 2 off to my oldest son. Mr gab was suppose to go but he worked a overnight shift and didn't get off until 2pm so our oldest son went instead. So we had to get up fairly early to go to this. I had planned to take a nap but things didnt work out. So last night we started a movie but everyone was so tired that we just called it quits right in the middle of it. Then this morning we got up early again although I dont know why it just made the day drag longer. I did get a small nap in before the party so I was at least a little more alert.
Now we are home and I'm wrapping things up to go off to bed EARLY!!!!!
Hope you all had a great weekend. And to those of you who have to go to work tomorrow "I'm sorry"

Saturday, November 17, 2007


This was almost too easy. I love My Grandkids.

My Parents

My Oldest son J

My daughter T( the one driving)

My youngest son T

And Of course Mr Gab.
Hope you enjoy meeting my family.
Ps Before you get your knickers in a knot sister dear.......I had no pics of you and yours to add but that doesnt mean I love you any less, it just means I gotta get my butt out there and get some pics of you all. Love ya

Friday, November 16, 2007


It's been 11 years ago today that our mom has passed. I remember the day well. But lets go back a few days. Lets go back to Nov 7th 1996. My Mom's birthday.
She called me to tell me that they were admitting her into the hospital. I asked why and she said she didn't know why, but she had had a nose bleed and they were having problems stopping it. So I told her I was coming out there to the hospital. I called Mr Gab and told him and he agreed that I had better go. I told our kids and then I got into my car and drove like a maniac praying that nothing would happen to my mom before I got there.
When I arrived at the hospital and found her room I found the doctor talking to my mom and dad about the fact that mom was not going to be leaving the hospital. I walked in and they all got quiet. When the doctor left the room I went after him to ask what I had missed. He told me that he just told mom and dad that mom would not be leaving the hospital. I didn't cry, but I was angry.
I went back into the room and dad was talking about he had better go home and make some supper for himself and that he would be back the next day.
I told him ok, but I wasn't going any where I was staying with mom. He questioned it but went home by himself. That afternoon mom and I talked about what a way to spend a birthday and her first born great grandson and my sister's newest baby. My sister already had 2 boys and this pregnancy brought her a girl. With this baby mom now had 2 granddaughters instead of one, our daughter. My sister's baby had just turned 1 in August. My new grandson was just days away turning 1, Nov 10th. Then when it finally quiet down in the hospital mom and I got serious. She told me she wanted to go home. She wanted to die at home if that was her fate....dying. I told her that she should be able to do what she wanted to do that they should respect what she wants. I told her the next morning I would talk to her doctor about her going home.
About then a nurse came in and I asked her a question, how hard would it be for me to care for my mom. Well she really didn't want to say but I told her I was a NAR and was on a break because of hurting my back, but at this point in time I was doing well. She said it probably could be done. I left the room after awhile and called Mr Gab to update him and to talk over my next idea. I would stay and care for mom, no matter how long. He agreed.
The next morning though I wanted to kill the nurse. My dad had gotten there about 6am. Mom and I had talked off and on all night and I really just wanted to rest but dad is a early riser. So he was there and while I tried to catnap they talked. Then this nurse came in.......NOW mind you I being a NAR knew the ethics code "Don't talk about the patients condition in front of them"! But this nurse came into the room and right in front of my mom said to my dad and me......"Have you made funeral arraignments yet"? I looked at my mom and all the colour had drained from her face and the light that was in her eyes just seconds ago was gone.....I knew right then mom gave up her fight. I yelled at her to get the hell out and don't come back ever. Then I went to the front desk and demanded not to ever see that nurse near my mom's room again while she was there. They asked why and I told them and with in seconds we had a new nurse. When the doctor came in I asked if mom could go home. He said only with a round the clock nurse at our expense. I told him about myself being a NAR and wanted to know if I could be her nurse if they gave me some instructions. He said yes. But they wanted us to get a hospital bed before she went home. Well, saying is easier than doing. After all options had been exhausted they finally agreed to let her go home. They had contacted a home nurse to come that afternoon to teach me what I needed to know and do. It turned out I already had experience's with most of what they needed me to know so it was easy.
They got mom settled in and I got settled in in my old bedroom. About a month and a half before one of the cats mom and dad had had kittens. They were very frisky and playful. 2 were tiger grey and blacked striped and 2 were white. One of the white ones was really puffy like a cotton ball and (yes you got it) that's the one I now have. Puff. Well believe it or not puff was the runt, and the other cats picked on him. So while I was there taking care of mom during the day, at night I was saving Puff. I would pick him up off the floor away from the others and put him up atop of my head and told him to stay there he would be safe. And he was because for some reason the other kittens were either afraid to climb the bed or me. lol
So during the week at nights my sister C would come over and spend time with mom. And every day mom slipped farther and farther away.On Thursday mom started to talk with her mom and her brother both who had passed and told them to wait for her don't leave without her. That scared me.
On Friday mom was breathing extremely fast. So when the home nurse called I told her about it. She said to me. Well, it won't be much longer now, she said when they start breathing fast then its usually mean within the next 48 hours they pass. That night as I sat talking to my mom, with tears silently running down my cheeks I told mom it was ok to let go she could go and be at peace. I told her that I would rather her stay here with us all but if she needed to go then just let go and go that we would all be fine. I sat with her all night long.
At 10 minutes to 6 the next morning, when I knew my dad would be up soon I went to bed. Dad came and asked me about her breathing and I said yes she had been that way all night long and I had been up with her all night and I was going to sleep for a few hours then get back up. I told him all her meds were already given and I had changed her tubes so she would be ok until I got up again.
Seems like I just closed my eyes when dad came and woke me up to tell me he thought she was gone. I jumped up looked at the clock and seen that it was now 8 am. I ran into her room and checked and yes she was gone. The rest of the day was a nightmare.
My mom was gone. She was my mom,my friend,my confidante, my salvation when I was a wreak. I was lost. As I know my sister was.
To some of you , you know what I was feeling ,to others you have no idea either because your mom is still here or you are not very close to your mom. But to even try to tell you so that you would understand is impossible.One thing I wish you all would do, If your mom is still here on this earth call her talk to her and tell her you love her. Do it now. Because you never know when it will be her last day here on earth. do it before its too late.
I was distraught. I couldn't stop crying. Even though I knew it was coming I just cried and cried. We tried to continue on like normal. But it was very hard. We did Thanksgiving that year like nothing had happened same with Christmas. But it was difficult and soon we went our separate ways. It wasn't a choice that I like but with so many of us in our family and no ones house big enough to hold us all, we just separated. I usually try to go up the day after both holidays to spend with my dad but if weather is bad I will wait a day or two.
But one thing that doesn't change is my sister and I will talk on these special days. And I try to make one if not two items my mom made at Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is one of my ways of carrying on my mom's traditions.
Its my way of saying I love you mom and miss you very much.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

So I have been like totally busy! lol

Actually it hasn't really been me other than I'm still babysitting.
But Mr Gab has really had a busy week which of course affects me!
Yesterday he got called into work. So off he went. Then today starts out with our little Lj going off with his dad for a visit.
Then Mr Gab had a job interview. Not to sure if any thing will come of it though.......Mr Gab thinks they are looking at his age as a downfall. It's with Schwans.
Then he hasn't even come home and I get a call from his boss that they want him to work but at another store. So off he went.
That left me with just Jj who is 4.
Our oldest son had gotten up at 6am and took off looking for a job. It's kinda nice having him here but again poor kid is sleeping on the couch, and we still only have 1 bathroom! It gets hairy at times.
Oh wait I'm sure your asking but why is Mr Gab doing interviews with another company if he's already working? OK I'll tell you. Remember I said that Mr Gab did trucking locally as well as working his job at the station store? Yeah well they no longer have work and we cant live on just the station store pay. So we need a second job.
So Now it's about 6:15pm and daughter and kids are gone and I'm here by my self enjoying the peace & quiet. You know the old saying "silence is golden"? It sure is. Ahhhhhhh.
Oh dang that was just broken by youngest son and his family showing up :(
LOL oh well it was fun while it lasted.
Have a good week.

Monday, November 12, 2007

He's back!!!!!

Well our oldest son came back yesterday. He said he had some thinking to do and when he thinks he needs to clean. So he attacked my kitchen. Boy does it look spotless now. lol
When he finished I asked if he wanted to tackle the bathroom and he said ummmm NO!
He is staying with us......on a couple of conditions.
1) he stays sober.
2) no drugs of any sort.
3) find a job
4) if he feels the need to clean go ahead! (no that's not a real condition.)

We at least know where he's at, and that he's getting food to eat and not dumpster diving!
(btw.. he actually was dumpster diving)

Weds was the first time Mr Gab said he was truly scared for our son. Both of us know we can't make him change he has to do that for himself, all we can do is tough love when need be and lots and lots of prayers.
He did use the computer today to look for a job, but with no licence it will be hard to find something.

So here we are now with 8 people in our house with 1 bathroom! good grief are we nuts?

My cousin Robin has invited me on a trip to visit family this coming January. She said no cost to me just ride along, but if I had some extra to help then ok.
I said it sounds like fun and I'd love to go but I have to see where I'm at with my health.
My next Doctor's appointment with the gastric specialist is Dec 6th. So I really can't plan that far ahead until I know what's what.

But believe me I'd like to take a vacation and go visit my family.
So there ya have it another crazy day in Gab's world. Have a good week

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sat photo hunt-thanks hun-HAPPY BIRTHDAY TJ


Sat photo hunt this week is flexible.
This is a braclet my sister D made for me (remember she's the handicapped one) it has my name on it. It's good for the hunt because if it wasnt flexible I wouldnt be able to get it on.
if you seen yesterdays post Mr Gab did it. awww aint he sweet! :-)
what a sweet heart. Thanks hun I loved it.
Today is my oldest grandson's 12th birthday.(wow a lot going on today)
So in true Gab form:
and many more.
He's not having his party until next week Sunday only because no one has money this week. I paid the house payment because I didnt want to be late again this month and have to pay the almost extra 100 bucks that they add on for service charge.
So there ya have it.
Oh BTW I was feeling somewhat dizzy from my meds and the doc said to just rest for a day and see if it helps. It did and I'm back(at least for now lol)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

not gab

ok all you people who visit gab, she is taking a break.
so i bugged her until she put in a password for me and signed in and now im going to do this for her.
im sure by now you can guess im not much of a computer person. i repaired them but when it comes to the software and whatnots im lost. gab has figured a lot out on her own.
anyways i tried to find some music to go with this but only came up with the words.
so close your eyes and pretend you can actually hear the music and wait for gab to come back.
(like in an elevator) this is a tribute to how i feel about gab:

i cant stop this feelin'
deep inside of me
girl you just dont realise
what you do to me

when you hold me in your arms so tight
you let me know everythings alright

hooked on a feelin
high on believein
that your in love with meeeeeeeee

lips are sweet as candy
the taste stays on my mind
girl you keep me thirsty
for another cup of wine

i got it bad for you girl
but i dont need no cure
i'll just stay a addicted
and hope i can endure

all the good love when were all alone
keep it up girl yeah you turn me on

hooked on a feelin
high on believein
that your in love with meeeeeeeeeeeee

all the good love
when were all alone
keep it up girl
yeah you turn me on

hooked on a feelin
im high on believein
that your in love with meeeeeeeeeeeeee

to all who gab reads she will read your blogs when she gets back
try not to miss her to much.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Meet my mom and dad.
Happy birthday mom I love you and miss you very much!
This post is early, mom's birthday is tomorrow the 7th of Nov. She would have been 75 years old.
She has been gone 11 years now.
You don't know how many times I have picked up the phone to start dialing and then remember that she wont be there to answer.
I could call her any time I was upset and after I blew all my frustrations out she would make a simple comment and I'd be calm again. Like for example,
Mr Gab and I finally got the car of my "dreams" well sorta. It was a car I wanted and I didn't want to settle for anything else. What was it? A Mercury Topaz. I really really wanted one. I don't know why I just did. So we had gone out to check out some. We got to this Ford dealership and drove the Topaz. Then we went in to discuss price. Well it was way out of what we could afford. So the guy say well, lets go look at the Ford Tempo it's the same car but cheaper. So we drove it. I didn't like it. I told Mr Gab ok lets go check out the other two Topaz's that were at another dealer. So we told this to the guy. And he said what can I do to get you to stay here and buy a car from me? And Mr Gab said sell us the Topaz for the price of the Tempo. The guy ran up to the main office and was gone for almost 45 mins. Mr. Gab wanted to leave and so did I but another guy said "oh don't rush off he's on his way back should be just 5 mins.
When he finally got back, he said Ok the Topaz is yours for the price of the Tempo. I was in 7th heaven!!!!
SO Ok we now have the car I wanted. And 3 months later Mr Gab and I drove out to Wisconsin for a job Mr Gab had to do. We didnt stop to eat. When we got there I read a book while he worked. When he was done we started for home. He said there is a Hardee's just ahead want something? I said sure. So we stopped and ordered. We Had just gotten back on the road and we were opening our sandwhiches when outta the ditch came a deer. We hit it. And there went my car in a flash!
But Oh wait I forgot Before we had actually got to Wisconsin we had stopped to buy a fan belt for the car.
So Ok I now no longer have my dream car. We get to a gas station(it ran that far before totally giving out.) And I'm crying and I call my mom and all I'm blubbering about is we just bought the fan belt and now my car is wreaked!
And what did my mom say? Well its better that the car is wrecked but you are alive.
Ummmmm DUH. But I wasnt thinking straight I just thought about the money we just wasted on the fan belt. Oh and not to mention that I just lost my car. The officer who came to the station took a look at where the deer had hit and said Wow I'm surprised your alive. I said why. Well where the deer's hoofs had come through the side passenger window should have hit me in the temple and killed me. I said all I remember before we hit was I covered my head with my arm and ducked.
So Mom I miss you alot. I dont know for sure if you hear me when I talk to you each day but just in case you are Happy Birthday. I love you and miss you lots.

Short Note

Our oldest son showed up today and yikes he looks sickly.

here he is as you can see by the date July 4th. His face look nice and full and he looks like he's weighing in at a good 210lbs or more.
Here he is today with his daughter Kell. Look at his face, it looks gaunt. And if he weighs 100lbs right now hes lucky. He lifted his shirt to show me something and he was all skin and bones! Now Im worried. When he walked in the door I cried. Oh yeah I'm sentamental big time after all he's my oldest and we haven't seen him since the 4th. His birthday if you remember was Oct 16th. But he wasnt here. His brother whose birthday is also the 16th was and wanted to know where his brother was. We said we didnt know and we didnt even know how to get ahold of him.
We asked our oldest today where he's living and he said under a bridge. I said its too cold now you need to be in a shelter. He mumbled something. Oh great there goes that worring again. And you know what I know he's old enough to take care of himself and he makes his own choices good or bad and I can't do anything about it but god I still worry.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Have you seen?

There are many many bloggers who do give aways on their blogs. Well, just lately I've had a few visit me and let me know the new contests etc.etc.
Well, tonight as I was reading comments, Patriot told me of the new give away on his/her page. So I went over to his site: and checked out the new give away. I went to the page and whoo-hoo I was in 7th heaven! You see it's american made stuff and it's for babies. And OMGosh I seen the cutes outfit for Lj. It's a christmas one and you better believe I just got to get me one! And I'm going to check out other stuff they have as well. Their web page is:
So go ahead check out the site. I'm just hoping we get some extra money soon so I can buy a couple of items for little man! Even though they grow very fast I know I can then pass it on to someone else,because its organic made and it's safe for all little ones!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Here is a pic of my 1954 Packard Clipper. It's a classic. It needs some work but I love owning it. My dad used to drive nothing but Packards until he traded our last one on a Studabaker. He bought the Studabaker because it had air conditioning. We drove the Studabaker for about a year then dad parked it and went out and bought a van. That van was what I learned to drive on took my test in (passed the second time)and dated Mr gab in.
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Friday, November 02, 2007


Good grief you should see all my pills and their names. Heck the names alone could kill ya lol.
For my High blood pressure and heart I take: Propranolol which is generic for Inderal, & Atacand.
For the fact that I have no woman parts I take Estridial which is hormone replacement.
For my arthritis I take 3 different pills, they are: Celebrex, Prednisone, and Hydroxychloroquine. (I'm being weened off the Prednisone because it's steroids and not used for long term. And because the Hydroxycloroquine takes up to 4 months to start working)
and last but not least I take Protonix. This is for my heartburn.
Think I have enough yet? I do. For the most part I take them all in the morning. I just take the second dose of Protonix at dinner(if I remember)AND the part that bothers me the most on this Hydroxycloroquine is that the doc said that if this works I will need to have my eyes checked yearly for glaucoma! WHAT?!? I mean come on why give someone something thats gonna cause them problems?

So I really hate taking meds. I think that's why I never did any of the other bad things in life most people have tried. Ok don't get your knickers in a rile. I don't ever and I do mean ever say anything to anyone who has done or still does that stuff. I'm just saying I was chicken. That and the fact that my father used to drill it into ours heads that if we ever did do that stuff we'd be in for it from him. And if you knew my dad you just didn't want to go there. Little as he may be he was kinda terrifying to us kids. We pretty much stayed on the straight and narrow just so we didn't have to deal with him. Now that's not to say we didn't do things cause we did but what we did was more along the lines of defying him in smaller things we knew we could talk ourselves out of.

Trust me my sister and I aren't perfect, but we did follow most of the rules that dad put before us. We bent or broke simple things like coming in late, or drinking(but at home). Our mom smoked but for some reason I didn't like being around her when she was smoking so I think that turned me off from smoking. Plus I'm allergic to it.
Dad drank sometimes Bock beer mainly and he lets us try that. When I was smaller like around 4(and younger) dad used to drink the hard stuff, but I think when my sister D was born with all her problems,dad stopped. So it wasn't in our house and we weren't tempted until we were in our late teens.
Most of our neighbors were afraid of my dad so they never let their kids play with me. I had to sneak off to play with them.
So we weren't influenced by them to try stuff.
There were a few parents who didn't care cause they had their own problems so I was aloud to play with their children.
But when you see a 5'3" man storming down to your house red in the face, screaming and swearing at you and threatening you, well you just kept your kids away from that crazy family.
Then of course when Sister D was born and had problems they were like ah yes we now know why they are nuts. And of course then came the well she(me) was born first so she must be retarded too. God how I hate that word!
And of course I became defensive. My dad has a temper and I just started acting like my dad. So when people stared at my sister D I would yell at them. Sometimes I'd get right in their faces and go off. I'm not proud of what I did but to me I was defending my sister D who couldn't defend herself.
So anyways, I'm off the main subject and now that I am I really forgot what I intended this post to be about. But as you can see my life as a child was chaotic as Im sure everyones has their problems as well. I don't think anyone has had a perfect childhood where life was happy and gay ha ha. oh wait thats taking me away to the funny farm. Which by the way they should have done to me years ago.
There coming to take me away ha ha hee hee to the funny farm where life is happy and gay ha ha ho ho hee hee.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Well I made it past Halloween.......except there is still plenty of chocolate candy left. And Yes I admit it I ate one piece. And tonight I finally opened a Pepsi to realise it didn't taste all that great. So after only 3 sips its sits here in my bedroom getting warm. So far I have managed to pretty much stay on this "you can't eat this" list of foods. And I am getting used to taking a pill at night 1/2 hour before dinner. See all my meds have always been take 1st thing in the morning after I eat. Which was great because I didn't have to worry about missing any. Once taken DONE ya know what I mean?

Well this month is a sad month for me. My mom passed 11 years ago on the 16th. Her birthday is (was) the 7th. 3 good things about this month is my oldest grandson TJ has his 12th birthday on the 10th. And then of course thanksgiving. My brothers birthday is this month also the 27th. I have been planning a post for my mom's birthday so I wont go any more into that. I will say I still miss her daily.

My decorations for this month fall short of last month and next month. But that's ok. Mr. Gab was talking about taking down Halloween decorations today but he got called for a trucking job. He did that came home slept for awhile then went to his other job which he works until 6am tomorrow. But back to his talking about taking decos down. He was laughing and saying oh now I can put up the Christmas decorations and the grandkids were like "yeah lets get busy"!
Ummm not so much. I think we will wait until our usual time of either the last week of November or the day after Thanksgiving.

So I guess that pretty much wraps it up. So Far I am doing well. OH OH WAIT.......
I want to share this with you...Maybe not


Ok so at the doctors office their scale said I weighed a whopping 233. My scale here at home said 245.
So today I got on our scale and it said....are you ready? it said 225! So I'm hoping that means that I am really and truly losing weight. I wish I had the money because I'd go buy a health scale like in the doctors office and see if I am for sure But I just don't have extra money right now so I gotta use this home scale and just hope its telling me the truth! So for now I'm just going to say yea I have lost some! Let's hope I'm right. Have a good Friday.