Thursday, November 15, 2007

So I have been like totally busy! lol

Actually it hasn't really been me other than I'm still babysitting.
But Mr Gab has really had a busy week which of course affects me!
Yesterday he got called into work. So off he went. Then today starts out with our little Lj going off with his dad for a visit.
Then Mr Gab had a job interview. Not to sure if any thing will come of it though.......Mr Gab thinks they are looking at his age as a downfall. It's with Schwans.
Then he hasn't even come home and I get a call from his boss that they want him to work but at another store. So off he went.
That left me with just Jj who is 4.
Our oldest son had gotten up at 6am and took off looking for a job. It's kinda nice having him here but again poor kid is sleeping on the couch, and we still only have 1 bathroom! It gets hairy at times.
Oh wait I'm sure your asking but why is Mr Gab doing interviews with another company if he's already working? OK I'll tell you. Remember I said that Mr Gab did trucking locally as well as working his job at the station store? Yeah well they no longer have work and we cant live on just the station store pay. So we need a second job.
So Now it's about 6:15pm and daughter and kids are gone and I'm here by my self enjoying the peace & quiet. You know the old saying "silence is golden"? It sure is. Ahhhhhhh.
Oh dang that was just broken by youngest son and his family showing up :(
LOL oh well it was fun while it lasted.
Have a good week.


SignGurl said...

Gab, you are always so chipper. You seem to make the best of everything. You are a strong woman.

Glad you got a small piece of quiet. I know how much that means.

barman said...

Well hopefully things will improve. And what Sign said. I think we are going to have to have the doctor prescribe you peace and quiet once in a while and we all know we need to follow the doctors orders. Good luck with the other job. Never had Schwans but I see their trucks all the time.

Manny said...

Hi chickie,

I know things will work out well.