Friday, November 30, 2007


Well I looked for a different picture of Santa and his red suit, but the only one I could find in my photos that are still on-line was this one of a 3-D plate I have. I had thought of selling this on E-bay at one point but I really really like this plate. Thing is I gotta learn to let go of stuff because I have so much "stuff" that I like.....That its over running me! lol
But again this was more for the red suit that we all recognise as that of the man whom children have tried to stay awake for, of a man easily recognised, and who just about everyone loves.

Then if you need more red check out my photo below of me wearing a Santa cap.


PowersTwinB said...

That is a beautiful plate! I would be hard pressed to give it up too...I just read your story of Longings...took me back to my childhood, but we didnt "own" a place to go, and once in a while a crazy aunt or uncle would invite us to their summer cabin (my mom was a widow with 6 young children) who in their right mind would take on 6 extra children??? But your post brought back memories...settle in for a snowfall! thanks for visiting me tonight! I always appreciate your visits

SabineM said...

Love this time of year. Though I have yet to get ready for Christmas!
Nice photo!

on the Rock said...

That's a really lovely plate:)

Dan said...

I like you in the hat much better. :)

Dragonheart said...

That is a beautiful plate! Just lovely. :) I can see why you don't want to sell it!

Walker said...

That's a veru nice plate and I wouldn;t sell it either.
I have the same problem letting things go. You figure you got it for a reasdon and thats usually because you liked it so I can see how it could be hard to get rid of an item