Monday, November 05, 2007

Have you seen?

There are many many bloggers who do give aways on their blogs. Well, just lately I've had a few visit me and let me know the new contests etc.etc.
Well, tonight as I was reading comments, Patriot told me of the new give away on his/her page. So I went over to his site: and checked out the new give away. I went to the page and whoo-hoo I was in 7th heaven! You see it's american made stuff and it's for babies. And OMGosh I seen the cutes outfit for Lj. It's a christmas one and you better believe I just got to get me one! And I'm going to check out other stuff they have as well. Their web page is:
So go ahead check out the site. I'm just hoping we get some extra money soon so I can buy a couple of items for little man! Even though they grow very fast I know I can then pass it on to someone else,because its organic made and it's safe for all little ones!


barman said...

Good luck on the contest. That would be so great if you won. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Mary said...


Thank you for reading my post The Old Pump. Please keep in touch. I'm keeping you in my prayers.


lime said...

i saw that place too. good luck. cheap is good, free is better.

Walker said...

Thanks for reminding me Xmas is on the horizon"sigh"

Good luck on the contest.