Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Meet my mom and dad.
Happy birthday mom I love you and miss you very much!
This post is early, mom's birthday is tomorrow the 7th of Nov. She would have been 75 years old.
She has been gone 11 years now.
You don't know how many times I have picked up the phone to start dialing and then remember that she wont be there to answer.
I could call her any time I was upset and after I blew all my frustrations out she would make a simple comment and I'd be calm again. Like for example,
Mr Gab and I finally got the car of my "dreams" well sorta. It was a car I wanted and I didn't want to settle for anything else. What was it? A Mercury Topaz. I really really wanted one. I don't know why I just did. So we had gone out to check out some. We got to this Ford dealership and drove the Topaz. Then we went in to discuss price. Well it was way out of what we could afford. So the guy say well, lets go look at the Ford Tempo it's the same car but cheaper. So we drove it. I didn't like it. I told Mr Gab ok lets go check out the other two Topaz's that were at another dealer. So we told this to the guy. And he said what can I do to get you to stay here and buy a car from me? And Mr Gab said sell us the Topaz for the price of the Tempo. The guy ran up to the main office and was gone for almost 45 mins. Mr. Gab wanted to leave and so did I but another guy said "oh don't rush off he's on his way back should be just 5 mins.
When he finally got back, he said Ok the Topaz is yours for the price of the Tempo. I was in 7th heaven!!!!
SO Ok we now have the car I wanted. And 3 months later Mr Gab and I drove out to Wisconsin for a job Mr Gab had to do. We didnt stop to eat. When we got there I read a book while he worked. When he was done we started for home. He said there is a Hardee's just ahead want something? I said sure. So we stopped and ordered. We Had just gotten back on the road and we were opening our sandwhiches when outta the ditch came a deer. We hit it. And there went my car in a flash!
But Oh wait I forgot Before we had actually got to Wisconsin we had stopped to buy a fan belt for the car.
So Ok I now no longer have my dream car. We get to a gas station(it ran that far before totally giving out.) And I'm crying and I call my mom and all I'm blubbering about is we just bought the fan belt and now my car is wreaked!
And what did my mom say? Well its better that the car is wrecked but you are alive.
Ummmmm DUH. But I wasnt thinking straight I just thought about the money we just wasted on the fan belt. Oh and not to mention that I just lost my car. The officer who came to the station took a look at where the deer had hit and said Wow I'm surprised your alive. I said why. Well where the deer's hoofs had come through the side passenger window should have hit me in the temple and killed me. I said all I remember before we hit was I covered my head with my arm and ducked.
So Mom I miss you alot. I dont know for sure if you hear me when I talk to you each day but just in case you are Happy Birthday. I love you and miss you lots.


robinslife said...


Thanks for the post and pic of your wonderful mother.. Truelly loved my aunt immensely! I have directed everyone to go see..

God I miss her...

Love you always also.


Manny said...

What a sweet tribute to your mom. I'm sorry for your loss and happy you have suck great memories.

My mom use to call me every night after work just to tell me what was on tv. I would have my key in the door and the phone would be steady ringing.

I'd be like mom, why don't you give me time to get home from work before you call? She'd tell me I just lived down the street from work and how it should only take me 5 minutes to get home. LOL It took me that long to get out of the parking lot.

I also have her voice on an answerined machine I used 15 years ago. I sure do miss her.

lime said...

hoping the happy memeories outweigh the sadness of missing one so dear.

Walker said...

Great post

I think your mother is and always will be with you.

I used to have a Mercury Topaz, a white one and the first week I had it I crashed into a construction barrier than I didnt see because of a fog.

Hmmm do you think they are accident prone?

SignGurl said...

I can't imagine how much you miss your mom. I talk to my mother every day as she has that same calming effect on me.

Manny said...

I meant such great memories. Sorry Gab, I'm not a typist nor do I edit my own work.

gab said...

Dont worry Manny, I make lots of mistakes. And for the record I knew what you meant! HUGS

G-Man said...

They are like rats!!
Happy Birthday Mom...
(She CAN hear You..)
Thanks Gale..xoxoxox

barman said...

You know I have to believe when you talk to your Mom every day she hears you. I would guess that she continues to bring calm to you even though you can not reach her by telephone now. What lovely little post. Happy Birthday to your Mom even if it is a little late. Sorry.

You know I did the same thing before with a car. I was in what could have been a fatel accident and all that happened was a bunch of cars were mashed and one person hit a windshield and was bleeding a little. For some reason I started to look at life from a whole different direction.

You know one of my favorite sayings from one show I used to watch goes something like this.

"Death is that state where one lives only in the memory of others, which is why it is not an end. No goodbyes--just good memories."

Your Mom will always be with you.

Anonymous said...

gab..that was beautiful!