Thursday, November 01, 2007


Well I made it past Halloween.......except there is still plenty of chocolate candy left. And Yes I admit it I ate one piece. And tonight I finally opened a Pepsi to realise it didn't taste all that great. So after only 3 sips its sits here in my bedroom getting warm. So far I have managed to pretty much stay on this "you can't eat this" list of foods. And I am getting used to taking a pill at night 1/2 hour before dinner. See all my meds have always been take 1st thing in the morning after I eat. Which was great because I didn't have to worry about missing any. Once taken DONE ya know what I mean?

Well this month is a sad month for me. My mom passed 11 years ago on the 16th. Her birthday is (was) the 7th. 3 good things about this month is my oldest grandson TJ has his 12th birthday on the 10th. And then of course thanksgiving. My brothers birthday is this month also the 27th. I have been planning a post for my mom's birthday so I wont go any more into that. I will say I still miss her daily.

My decorations for this month fall short of last month and next month. But that's ok. Mr. Gab was talking about taking down Halloween decorations today but he got called for a trucking job. He did that came home slept for awhile then went to his other job which he works until 6am tomorrow. But back to his talking about taking decos down. He was laughing and saying oh now I can put up the Christmas decorations and the grandkids were like "yeah lets get busy"!
Ummm not so much. I think we will wait until our usual time of either the last week of November or the day after Thanksgiving.

So I guess that pretty much wraps it up. So Far I am doing well. OH OH WAIT.......
I want to share this with you...Maybe not


Ok so at the doctors office their scale said I weighed a whopping 233. My scale here at home said 245.
So today I got on our scale and it said....are you ready? it said 225! So I'm hoping that means that I am really and truly losing weight. I wish I had the money because I'd go buy a health scale like in the doctors office and see if I am for sure But I just don't have extra money right now so I gotta use this home scale and just hope its telling me the truth! So for now I'm just going to say yea I have lost some! Let's hope I'm right. Have a good Friday.


Manny said...

Hi Gabby Gab.

I can't wait to see how you decorate for Christmas.

I used to worry about what the scales said. Now I stick with how my clothes fit.

Example; I know I'm losing weight when I can dry my jeans in the dryer and they still feel loose. LOL I hadn't been able to completely dry a pair of pants in the dryer for a few years now.

Little Wing said...

Gabby, your Halloween decorations were fun!
I also look forward to the Christmas decorations!

SignGurl said...

Gab, try and weigh yourself at home before you go to the doc's. Then you know how close your scales are.

That is awesome if you've lost weight. I'm sure you have with your new restrictions.

Manny said...

Just visiting