Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Here is a skull that blows fog. I will try to get a pic tonight when its actually running. sitting on my tv stand doesn't do it.
here is my "graveyard"... I have a mummy and a skelton kinda buried on the ground in front of the headstones. 1 headstone is suppose to light up and flash but one of the kids broke it.

meet "Frank" he is friendly and waves hi to all who drops by.

next we have our ghosts and our pumpkin tower. they all light up again I will see if I can capture them tonight.

Pumpkin 1 for 1 of grandkids

pumpkin 2 for 1 of grandkids

pumpkin 3 is suppose to be for me but actaully one of grandkids

pumpkin 4 for 1 of grandkids. I dont remember whose is whose because the writing has been rubbed off.
and last but not least our full bodied skelton. Hanging by our front door on the left side. All of this actually goes left to right facing the house right to left when looking out towards street. And there ya have it our Halloween decorations. Actually.......we have more but Mr Gab refused to do any more after working two 16 hour shifts at work! I really dont blame him,if I knew where the rest were I'd hang them up they are mainly lights and some window decorations. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Hope you dont get to make tricks played on you tonight!

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robinslife said...

Way to cool! Happy Halloween!!!!!!


Little Wing said...

Well Gab, you are in the spirit of Halloween, I must say!!!!!
Good stuff you have there!

robinslife said...

I just had to leave another comment! I just love the Halloween spirit you have.

I can't decorate my yard at all as the last time I did it was all destroyed by the the ghoulies in our neighborhood!

(yes smashed my pumpkin two years ago, I had a little fence that I would spray the spiderweb stuff into- and had my ghosties in)again egged. I wish I still lived in mounds view to enjoy it more, I hate living in the city)

My pumpkin is intact as we put out this evening..

Gabby I wish I had your house.:-(

Love ya


robinslife said...


I can wish into a well, for $280,000- Guess what comes up???/

Thanks for the mention

Love ya


Manny said...

Wow Gab! You sure did an excellent job at decorating.

It's scary over here.

BTExpress said...

Great stuff. Just can't get into this stuff anymore.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Gab, Thanks for your visit to my place.Halloween comes and goes as quickly as Christmas....I have never carved out a pumpkin in my life....Some people put up too many lights and it looks like Xmas...Have a great week=end. Baba

SignGurl said...

Very cool, Gab!